T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-SHIRTS!

Why do I see t-shirts, Andrea? Well, I’ve decided to start a line of inspirational, funny, motivational t’s and tanks along with writing my horrible blog… I started getting sick of the usual ‘Just Do It’ Nike shirts at Dicks, so I decided to find some inspirational saying and get them on some shirts so that when you are wearing them you really feel like you can REALLY DO IT! This is a new thing for me, so be patient. I am going to get every order out as fast as possible, answer questions, and make sure that I’m doing everything the right way. Also, right now, since I don’t have all of them in stock, you will see that they are all on the models that these shirts come on, once I get orders going, I am going to photograph them on REAL people, so you can see what they REALLY look like (esp on me, a size L-XL!)

Other than that, I hope you enjoy my horrible blog, and really like my shirts, and I hope that in everything I post, or sell, I can inspire someone to get up and get going so that we can all be around forever!!!

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