Weekly Things We've Found Amazeballs!

Well hello friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. That’s because 2 things. I’ve been depressed, I don’t feel I have anything to share lately because I’m just a depressed bump on a log and 3, work has been killing me. (yes it’s no secret I also have a full-time job). SO I guess that’s actually 3 things.

BUT I am getting better, out of the depression, I’ve actually lost 10lbs since I’ve decided to also get off my ASS and treat myself better…. so I’ve been doing Weight Watchers anddddd it’s been great. 10lbs in 2 weeks. Not bad, but the better part is that I finally HAVE MY ENERGY BACK. Thank the lord hallelujah! I will post about that later, but for NOW, here are 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO HAVE ON YOUR RADAR:

hibt_podcast_tile_sq-8d9498b292dc7a759bf4b7fc776dfe0e4c09da68-s700-c85LISTEN: Listen, frankly, I cannot hear ONE MORE THING about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. This election has just become an utter shit show and my iPhone battery can’t HANDLE the alerts anymore… but what you CAN listen to is this AWESOME podcast I found thanks to my friend Kristen, on NPR, called How I Built This – Guy Raz has been interviewing some badass people doing badass things and how they got there. It’s a great quick 30 min podcast, so if you have time and you’re interested in that kind of stuff it’s great. Right now they’ve done Spanx, Instagram, Radio One, Cliff Bar and Vice. He always promotes writing in if you’ve got a movement or starting something awesome, hint hint, maybe we will be on NPR one day! 😉

WATCH: HOW ABOUT NOTHING ON THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN?!?!?! lol No but for real, I actually came across this video called MAKE IT COUNT from vlogger Casey Neistat, and actually I FOUND IT FROM A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN VIDEO hahaahah. This video is awesome, it’s just a great like pump you up, SHOOT for the stars, fulfill your bucket kind of video – so watch. WATCH NOW!

slack_for_ios_uploadREAD: So this is awesome. Refinery29 in collaboration with Aerie and Lane Bryant started the #seethe67 campaign, all about getting society to start showing ALL women of ALL sizes in the media. This is near and dear to our hearts because while we are trying to get athletic apparel companies to become all-inclusive, and sell ALL sizes in their stores because we ARE ALL ATHLETES, we need society to change in general. I love what Aeries been doing with their no photoshop and just showing women and their amazing natural beautiful faces and bodies, this movement is catching on and the more REAL we are in the media the more women won’t feel so ashamed and try to be something they’re not. AND on TOP of that, we will teach young girls that who they are, who they are becoming is AMAZING and they don’t have to conform to society norms and what social media tells them is “cool” to love themselves. LADIES WE HAVE TO BAND TOGETHER and make a difference and make a change.

saint-arnold-pump-releaseSIP: ARE YOU READY for the best EFFING pumpkin beer you’ve EVER tasted?? And NO not because it’s got 10% abv but because it’s just legit awesome. Thats right, it’s FRIYAY, it’s time to hang up your work hat and run to the store and get yourself dinner, PUMKINATOR to be exact….. and by dinner I mean yes, beer. hahaha. This beer is a meal in and of itself. Have TWO and put your phone away because you’ll be drunk texting people you shouldn’t in an instant! YOU’RE WELCOME 🙂

unnamedSNACK:  I know I’ve talked about this before but ladies, get out and make this damn cucumber salsa. Get yourself some sweet potato tortilla chips and call it a day. This salsa is AMAZEBALLS. So refreshing and awesome, I just can’t get enough of it. Funny story, I took it to my grandmothers house last weekend to get her to try it, and I MAYYYYY have left the jalepeno seeds and membrane in there when cutting it up, and let’s just say, it was SPICYYYYYY. Haha “Andrea, god damn, this is spicy, my mouth’s on FIRE, omg WHAT did you put in this!!!!!” Yes, she said that.

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