Weekly Things We Found Amazeballs

Fall is officially here and there is so much about fall that I think is amazeballs!!!!!  Check out my top 5!!!
5.  Trying new fitness classes……..I know most people wait until January to hit a new gym but once school starts again it’s game on for me and my gym partner.  We love trying new things and it’s so much easier with out the kiddos in tow.  So fat we have tried Surfset and Conbody, which were both amazeballs!!!  Surfset is a surfboard resting on an uneven platform so it feels as if you are in the water (which was odd for me living outside NYC!)  Holy hell that took a ton of balance and ab control to not fall on my face in front of everyone but it’s totally worth trying, if for nothing else a good laugh!  Conbody is a gym here in the NYC that was started by a man who was overweight before he went to prison and using his own body weight got into shape, now he owns a gym, hires rehabilitated ex cons (how cool is that??) and whips people into shape.  The gym is prison themed and uses body weight exercises in a prison cell, with a cell door and all!!  Plus there is a mug shot wall so you can take your own mugshot before you leave…….so with the change of season I urge you to get out there and try something new!!!
4.  Fall FOOD!!!!!  Who doesn’t love food?  Fall foods have to be my favorites…..and not just the copious amounts of pumpkin everything but I’m talking fresh picked apples, squash soups, pumpkin seeds……..and of course ALL THE PUMPKIN!!!!  I am totally a basic bitch…..as I write this I am wearing yoga pants, sitting on my yoga mat drinking my pumpkin latte!  But seriously I LOVE going and picking apples with friends and family (makes a really fun girls day out especially if you finish with wine tasting)
3.   Running…….there is nothing like fall running, the weather has FINALLY cooled down so we don’t feel like we are dying but it’s not cold yet and there are a ton of great events.  This weekend I have 2 half marathons and NYC is right around the corner…..if you are not a runner I recommend that you get out there and enjoy the cooler days, even if its going for a walk.  Plus soon the leaves will start changing and that is a beautiful site!  Get a friend and get outside ASAP, cause if you live in the northern part of the country the snow is coming, I’m sorry to break that to you but it is………
2.  Moto style leggings!!!!  Have you all noticed that cool leggings this season?  Everyone from Lole to Athleta is carrying leggings with leather, zippers, quilting…..I am in love!  What better way to dress up and still be comfy that stylish workout pants!  My current favorite are the Magical Pants from LOLE……super comfy and cute with ankle boots.  You can totally rock these pants day to night.
1.  Decorating for Halloween!!!!  I LOVE halloween!!!!!!!  I am so pumped to start this weekend…….every time I go into a store I feel like I leave with something to add to my house…….I love love love it!  And costumes, oh my…..every chance I get I try them on.  Not sure what draws me to them but its so fun to get out there and dress up LOL (maybe I forget that I’m an adult or maybe I want to escape adulting for a few LOL)

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