Houston we have a problem, I don't fit in my jeans.

IMG_0628Well, the final straw has landed on the camels back. Something happened yesterday when I was getting ready for an event. I had just taken a shower and I was getting ready to dry my hair, and I was looking in the mirror and my arms hurt, and my body didn’t feel good…. and what I was looking at was the body I wasn’t happy with 30-40lbs ago. I was happy then, and I was an athlete, and I was excited to eat healthy and go to the gym everyday and most of all, I felt AMAZING…..

Now…. now what… this is what. I have to get off my ass and get moving again… Healthy Strong ME. Healthy Strong Andrea needs to get back. Sure, I’m still broken, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start working towards getting strong again. I like to make the excuse that so much shit is going on in my life and that’s why I cant stay on track but guess what Andrea, there will ALWAYS be shit going on in your life, it’s just how you choose to deal with sed shit!! When I was looking at myself in the mirror, my arms, my strong happy arms were gone… If you’ve followed me for a while you know my arms are my biggest problem, I often talk about how much I hate my chicken wings (obviously now, I am working towards not putting my body down, but LET’S FACE IT, I have damn chicken wings).. And they are back. They were gone, and now they are back. And let’s not forget about these jeans. My jeans. My happy, I’m healthy jeans, don’t fit anymore, and that sucks because they are just so damn cute haha.

I miss my strong quads that can lift 230+ lbs on squat days, and I miss the soreness I felt and knowing I really am making myself better. SO, this is my intervention on myself. WHAT good am I if I’m not healthy… Courtney, my good friend was the first person I needed to complain to, and guess what, she’s right.. What are you going to do about it…

I’m going to STOP complaining, STOP making excuses, and GET myself healthy… Stop making excuses for not putting clean healthy food in my mouth, and stop making excuses for not making it to the pool to work on cardio. SURE, I used to be happy in a bathing suit and now I hate the way I look, but OH WELL, hating the way I look in a piece of athletic wear isn’t going to stop me anymore from bettering myself…

SO it’s time. It’s time to get back to being the best I can be.. And yes, I feel like CrossFit is amazing and maybe it’s just because the community at my box has kind of dissipated and it’s made me UN-motivated, but I don’t care anymore, that’s just another excuse. I used to blog all the time and share my story about how much it sucked and how hard it was getting back in shape, and I’m going to do that again, because it’s held me accountable. I need that again, I need you guys, I need to feel like I’m not alone! So, for whatever consolation it is, I’m back with you guys, and I want to help you as much as you guys can help me, so let’s make a pledge to get HEALTHY and say, see ya later excuses!!! Woot woot, it’s time for SHORTS me to be back!!!!! HEALTHY HAPPY ANDREA IS GETTING OFF HER HIGH HORSE AND GETTING HER SHIT TOGETHER!!!


Me when I was happy wearing shorts… I have a few months to get there, but I will 🙂



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