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  • Kickstarter and Shorts?! What's this all about!

    Hi Friends!! I know you’ve seen us posting and talking about our Kickstarter, but I wanted to go into some more depth and have a place for updates and such! So, this is that place. We are SO EXCITED that a week in, we are half way there!! That means we are half way funded!!! That means half way to having tank tops and shorts in sizes XS-5XL, and half way to having a pair of shorts in the world that ACTUALLY fit everyone the right way, and don’t show too many of your goodies, and work for numerous types of workouts!!! YES, so we are so super excited. Thank you to everyone who’s already been involved, but I know there’s more people out there that can get involved! So pass it along to your friends, tell the news, tell everyONE that we are going to CHANGE the world. IF WE DON’T GET FUNDED we don’t get shorts 🙁 At least not now!

    We were also featured on Brit+Co last week, and the article was just written perfectly. Talking about everything we believe in and what we are trying to do, it’s just great, so check that out!

    Body acceptance and self love is a hot topic in today’s society, and when you’ve got companies who are promoting HEALTH and living happy healthy lives, but they don’t even offer apparel for women to do so, that’s just wrong. All we want, is for us to be able to sell the clothing to everyone, and NOT jack up prices for larger sizes, and we want others to start doing so too! We want everyone to be able to go to one place, and feel included!

    On top of that, we want real women being shown in the marketing, because I would much rather walk into Dicks and say, hey, that would look really good on me, over saying, ugh, I will never look good in that, and feel bad about myself! So that’s what we also do, we show real women, who are ALL athletes, and who are ALL working towards the same amazing goals, no matter their size or ability.

    The other thing I’m trying to show, is that we are breaking stereotypes! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve told people I have my own athletic apparel company, they say, no, no you don’t – what company do you rep, there’s no way. Well, yes, yes there is a way. I am just as capable of doing something I love even if I don’t fit society’s mold of someone who would own an apparel company, I DO! And so, to all the people who tell people they can’t do something, DON’T LISTEN, and just do it!



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    So what we did was we took feedback from our customers and make something that was going to be right for everyone, sizes XS-5XL. The feedback on these were that this one brand had a great waist band, so we replicated that, because we didn’t want the typical waist band that cut into our stomachs and gave people any sort of love handles! But a big thing here was people wanted them to be longer, so your butt doesn’t hang out and want them to not ride up when squatting or running, so we made the sides open with your legs, so all legs can fit, and will move WITH you instead of against you! Below are some photos of the shorts, I’m a size XL and we made them for me to try, but we’ve got more samples in the making and will show you photos of other sizes shortly! 🙂


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