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  • Thick 2 Thin and Girls Gone Rx Team Up!

    T2T and Girls Gone RX team up!
    Image courtesy Girls Gone RX

    We’re excited to announce a new partnership: We recently became an official sponsor for the 2015 season of Girls Gone Rx, the badass international, female-only team competition series benefitting breast cancer research!

    We’ll be setting up shop at Girls Gone Rx DC on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at CrossFit Lorton in Lorton, Virginia.

    Grab your favorite T2T tank (or tee!) and show the world how YOU #weareallathletes by registering your team now, or mark your calendar to drop by to shop the T2T booth, watch the action and support all the strong women that will be “competing for a cure.” The day-long event runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and spectator admission is free. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Girls Gone Rx is a 3-woman team competition consisting of 3 workouts and one team skill event over the course of a single day. To learn more about GGRx, visit their website

    At 15,730 square feet, CrossFit Lorton – located in Lorton, Virginia – is the largest CrossFit facility in the DC Metro area. Founded in 2008, CrossFit Lorton is one of the first 500 CrossFit affiliates in the world (there are currently over 11,000) and one of the first 4 affiliates in Northern Virginia.

  • I blame it on my relationship……

    0744d729a1f98d05473e92bd6afea08fFace it – when you start dating someone, everything goes out the door – you work SOOOOOOO hard when you are single, to get in shape, get fit, look good, all that stuff, and then when you are in a relationship it’s all like…. “honey, what do you want for dinner tonight?” “I don’t know, I’m too lazy to cook let’s just grab something” “ok, Big Macs, Chicken Nuggets and French Fries it is…….” YEP THAT WAS ME! Always in my head I thought, pssshhhh I’ve got a boyfriend, who needs to look good anymore hahaha – the easy part is done, and I can go back to eating like shit, not working out, blah blah blah…. then you start getting bigger and you’re like, WHOOPS, maybe I should lose some of this weight… so for me, that meant, joining about 8 gyms, seeing which one had “the best class schedule” and then ultimately paying for something you never go to. FOR 7 YEARS STRAIGHT…. hahahaha… It’s funny that for me, it wasn’t till we got engaged and I was like, well, I think I am WAY overweight and I need to really fix this shit because A) I probably don’t look good for my significant other anymore B) I want to look good for everyone else on our wedding day or C) I feel like crap and the McDonalds runs and Dominoes deliveries need to stop. HAHAHA….

    But I mean, come on – I’m not the only one who knows what this feels like…… I talk to my friends ALLLL the time and they are like, yeah I haven’t been working out lately… hmmm I wonder why. It’s true, you think that person loves you, so why do you have to look amazing everyday? HAHAHA… Its WAY easier to not have to look like a super model everyday when you think someone “loves you for you” haha.. So yeah, I want to blame me getting into a relationship for me getting to the size I was when I started this whole thing! SO damn you relationship hahaha you’re the reason I’m all up in this mess! (jk jk jk love you juan! haha)

    yummy pasteles

    yummy pasteles

    Oh so this weekend sucked! This whole “lifestyle change” although for the better, is TOUGH! Like for instance… this weekend I had a brunch on Saturday where everyone got to eat yummy goodies, we had a dinner date on Saturday night where everyone got to drink some wine and vodka, and yesterday it was my future sister-in-laws birthday so we were at my in-laws all day and my future mother-in-law made these yummy bolivian pasteles, which is basically just fried dough with cheese in the middle, and powdered sugar on top- THEY ARE MY FAVORITE but I couldn’t eat any of them 🙁 wahhhhh… while everyone was chowing down, I was like ugh just one, just one.. then i thought about how horrible i felt trying to get through my body withdrawing from the gluten and dairy and I was like, nope, that’s ok – On top of that, for dessert his sister made coconut kahlua cream pie, and strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits and fresh whipped cream… UGHHHHH FAT KID WAS SCREAMING NOOO WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME!!!! hahahaha…. it SUCKED… I hated it.. all that yummy good food – and I couldn’t eat any of it! I brought my own snacks, like my rice cake and peanut butter, talk about DELICIOUS people… (NOT).. boo, anyways… I mean I’m getting through it, and this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change that will help me be at the weight I need to be at, and then eventually I can add things like that back into my life, but not very often, and not a lot of them – so next time, instead of having 6 pasteles, maybe I should just have 1? HAHAHA

    374434_760954823792_324164526_nOne last thing, my friends came and worked out with me this weekend, and you know what, I loved that – I know I don’t really get out much anymore because I’m working so hard and trying to get this damn weight down, but I love it when my friends come workout with me because it means they care and they want to be a part of my new favorite thing to do in the whole world… aka workout haha – i guess it helps that the friends that came, also like working out haha but I love them for coming, trying CrossFit and liking it! 🙂 I hope everyone had a good weekend, I had a good one, and it’s finally spring so bust out those shorts and flip flops baby, BECAUSE THE SUN IS FINALLY SHINING!

  • Jessica Simpson Ranting again.. and I pushed myself to hit another goal, and am proud of myself :)

    A long time ago…. (sorry about this Brianna, I know how much you love JSimp)… I talked, rather, got quite agressive about the way I feel about Jessica Simpson’s getting paid to lose weight for weight watchers and not being able to do it – read the full post here. In that post I basically talked about how I think it’s a cop out that you can’t even lose weight when you are getting a couple millie to do so… Shit, weight watchers, give me a call, you want me to lose weight fo a few million, I will do whatever you want, short of sticking a needle in my butt!

    So then…. after this article, a few months later we find out, oh Jessica, she’s PREGNANT again! Hahahaha how convenient right? First, couldn’t lose the weight quick enough to fulfill her contract with weight watchers (unlike missss jhud) so hey, I’m going to get knocked up again. It’s so absolutely hilarious to me that that happened…. I was watching some commercials maybe it was during the superbowl, but you’ve got JHud and JSimp walking down the street and JSimp has this black outfit where the waist area sticks out (i don’t know what that fashion is called haha), and you can tell, she’s hiding something… (probably her baby bump yes)…. Where am I going with all this? CELEBRITIES THAT GET PAID TO LOSE WEIGHT AND CAN’T DO IT AND THEN THERE ARE COVERS WRITTEN ABOUT THEM SHOULD GET KICKED! Oh hey, pay me a million dollars, how about give a normal person that money… how about that?

    Anyways, this blog came up in my feed the other day, where she goes “For the better part of a year now, since Weight Watchers decided to pay her millions of dollars to become their spokesperson, Jessica Simpson has been telling us that she doesn’t have that body. That she doesn’t look like a model. That she has curves. And, most importantly, that she’s not only ok with her meat, she also has no desire to mold her meat to fit someone else’s standard.” SO THEN WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO BE A SPOKES PERSON FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS… JUST FREAKING BE HAPPY ABOUT YOUR BODY AND QUIT COMPLAINING WHEN PEOPLE SAY STUFF TO YOU ABOUT IT.. JUST BE YOU LADY, JUST BE YOU! The article was talking about how there were photos taken of here that was definitely misrepresented (aka photoshop killers) making her skinnier than she really is, and yeah of course, people want you to look your best, but don’t sell a clothing line for a size 0 when you are rocking size 16……. also in the photos you can tell her legs are like completely toned and perfect haha – it’s hilarious the link to the article is here.. the blogger continues to go on to say: “None of it is her own. Those legs are definitely not her own. Which means she’s telling us that her own legs are INFERIOR to the legs that you see in the ad. Because…they’re thicker? Thicker = Inferior? F-ck you. F-ck you to all the assholes who retouch that which is perfectly fine but an even bigger f-ck you to Jessica Simpson for suggesting that the kind of body that sells weight loss plans is not the kind of body that can sell clothing…” honestly, it’s true. Don’t make a statement saying you are ok with who you are and then get completely retouched and be ok with it! COME ON JESSICA, BE OK WITH THE JIGGLE! EMBRACE THE JIGGLE! I DO! (well for now… but I’m not taking photos pretending to be super skinny hahahaha).

    Well besides all this jessica simpson stuff, I have some exciting news… Yes, I might not have been losing a ton of weight recently, but you know what I have been gaining? MUSCLE??? MUSCLES!!!!!! WOOOHOOO.. Last night at crossfit, I deadlifted 300 pounds… now, you might not even think that this means anything… but when I lifted more weight than half of the guys in the gym that night, I was pretty excited… I might not be able to run a mile yet, or even do a pull up – but I’m growing, and I can deadlift….. My official weight was 255 in the 8 rounds, but then Brian just said, keep going, and I did 285 then I did 300… and BAM! I was just so excited I never thought in a MILLION YEARS i could ever be this strong.. I had my trainers there cheering me on, and I just felt great. For once I felt like I could do this, I can keep working hard, losing weight and getting strong… I was so excited!!! Check out the video HAHA of me doing it – I was kind of excited…. “SHIT BALLS” hahahaha… that’s apparently how I start to talk myself into lift that much weight… THE OTHER great thing, is I’m finally fitting into my hoodie from high school – I know it’s trivial, but I didn’t even notice the other day when I started wearing it again… hey, I fit into this from high school… I’m GETTING THERE…. Now if I can only get back to my birth weight HAHAHA 7lb’s 6ounces  HAHAHAHAH… Maybe I will be smaller by my wedding, I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO!!!!!

    photo (19)Alright, I need to really get some work done, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking lately, but working for myself now takes a lot of time and work and I feel like I don’t have time to blog anymore… but anyways…. I’m here, and I’m here for anyone that wants to chat about their struggles!



  • I completed my first goal! I made it through CROSSFIT!

    So, finally, 17 weeks into my journey from “thick-to-thin”…. I finally accomplished goal 1: to make it through a crossfit workout…. Let me tell you. I feel like they make it seem like just anyone can go in and do crossfit, but at some gyms, that’s not the case, and especially at mine. This shit is HARD. Ok… like bootcamp, yeah it’s hard, and you are working your ass off and you are doing burpee’s and moving and shaking and killing it in your workout, but in crossfit, you are doing things way out of your comfort level, WAY harder, and for time. So it’s not like, let’s do 30 seconds of this move, take a break and do another 30 seconds, it’s GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOO.

    All of yesterday, I was like shit – I’m so nervous, I can’t do this, I won’t be able to finish, I’m just going to have a goal to get it done no matter how long it takes, and through the day I got more and more excited… I felt like I was going to go compete in something, I felt like I was just about to do something badass and a shot of adrenaline went through my body and I was so pumped up…. thennnn I SAW THE WOD. The filthy FIFTY… FUCK the filthy fifty… This is what it is:

    photo 1 (9)

    Yeah so that’s the tits…. that’s the bee’s knee’s… that’s the bitch that took me out last night. You wouldn’t believe how hard that was. I was weezing, I was like I’m not going to make it through this.. and yeah, sure, some of these were easier than others… I’m pretty strong in my upper body, but things like burpees kill me…. Half way through, I didn’t think I would finish. The cool part, and probably the most amazing part, and probably the reason why I cried when I got done with my workout…. The people I was doing it with. Even if they are done in 26 minutes and you are still going, they come back to push you and motivate you. At Bull Run Crossfit thats what they do. Adam and Joel were doing burpees with me at the end, they wouldn’t let me quit… have you ever done 50 burpees? Sure, yeah, we have probably had to do them in boot camp but I probably half assed them or didn’t do as much as I was supposed to… but this time, I was like NOPE no cheating, I’m doing all 50 of all of these and I don’t care if it takes 3 hours…… I got done in 44 minutes and 41 seconds. Yeah, so what if I was the last person to finish, who cares, I did it, and I did it all under an hour with only 1 break for water (because I had to haha)…. I was so proud of myself.. I had this sense of, wow, you know what, I can really do this stuff, I can really push myself further and harder without giving up. I legit sat there and teared up. I did it. I know it sounds lame and sounds like anyone can do this.. but not anyone can, and I def couldn’t have when I was in the shape I was before…. I don’t know, but now I feel like I’ve joined this “elite group of athletes”Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.10.43 AM and I finally think I might actually be able to do the tough mudder in June. I know it’s lame, and I’ve still got a long way to go, but you need goals, and this was my goal, and I made it. My favorite quote is this “I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest”… and it’s true. I’m trying my hardest, and that’s all that matters…..

    In case you want to see the filthy fifty in action here you go:

    Ok enough for now, except this goal has made me want more shirts – so I added 2 new ones. Check them out.

    DontWishForIt WorkHard