But first, let me take a selfie! And, let's talk about that selfie.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.25.59 AMOk so, I started writing this post a few weeks ago, when I realized that not only did I get tons of props for taking awesome selfies, but everyone always wanted to know my tips. And I wrote this post, and I thought, this is going to be a hilarious post about selfies… THEN, Ashley posted this on FB (the post on the left) and I really started thinking (even though at the bottom of the post I had said, that no matter how improved the selfies are that you are perfect just the way you are) about how seriously, we do EVERYTHING to try to make our photos look better, and for what?? If we don’t look like that in real life, why do we feel the need to post fake photos of ourselves? Yes, do I think that a good selfie might make you feel better, might make you see something you’ve never noticed before… and yes, do I think that for me, personally, the improved selfie game has made ME feel like the “fake” photo I’m seeing in my enhanced selfies might not be the real me, but it makes me feel better about myself.. HOW WEIRD IS THAT… how weird is it that something that’s fixed and changed and enhanced could make us feel better about ourselves? It’s weird, and it’s not right, because the person in the “fixed” selfies isn’t who we see in real life, because the person we see in real life is actually better than the fake one. But we are OBSESSED with trying to make photos look better of ourselves, because that’s what’s out there, those are the memories we have for life, and those photos will be there forever. But they should be of US, not of the enhanced version of ourselves.

dont-let-the-bullshit-of-today-convince-you-that-are-not-beautiful10 years ago, ok maybe hmmm, 15 years ago, there wasn’t as much pressure to be who we should be instead of who we are, there wasn’t social media, and there wasn’t 2 cameras on our phones (one is OBVIOUSLY the selfie camera), there weren’t selfie sticks and surprisingly we were OK with who we are…. And we need to keep it that way! If we are HEALTHY and HAPPY and working on loving ourselves then we don’t need to enhance our selfies… So, as much as they might make us feel better about ourselves, we need to remember how awesome we are just the way we are.



Anyways, that’s my rant – but I’m still going to post the tricks of the trade for improving your selfie game, but at the end of all of this, just never ever forget, you are just perfect in your own skin! But before we get into the tips – here’s my SELFIE. The picture of me, without any filters, angels, nothing… just literally woke up and took a selfie. And BAM that’s me. (and as embarrassing as it is, as you go through these photos, you’ll see how “enhanced” I clearly am…) Just love me for me, and not my good selfie game.. ok!?!?!


Silly posts are fun, so, without further ado… 10 TIPS TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’VE GOT A BANGING SELFIE GAME!

1. really big sunglasses and or glasses – at any point in the day you’ll not only find me with my giant warby parker glasses, but you’ll also find me with about 10 pairs of sunglasses that are bigger than my head. we don’t want any small sun glasses here, the big ones make my face look smaller! haha


2. this is more of a photo tip in general, but if you are worried about group photos and where to stand to make you look the best, haha, the MIDDLE! Always the middle! For me, it’s the place where I look the best! Step aside ladies, I gotta get in that middle! Andrea sandwich!!!


3. blush – i can’t tell you how much I love me some blush – accentuate those cheek bones and call it a day – I’m telling you, your selfie will thank you! haha


4. ok so you’ll notice in pretty much all my selfies, I open my mouth like the “oh emmm gee I’m so surprised” face… when in actuality I’m opening the jaw line to make my face look skinnier hahaha – the fish face is bad, and this is just as bad! but…. it works. (the picture on the left is us practicing the OMG face haha)


5. up high angle, but make it SEEEEEEM like you are at a normal angle!! the higher the phone, the better your face looks lol – you would never guess but my camera in this picture is basically up in the ceiling hahahaha


6. the long arm. the longer, the better – whoever told you long arms weren’t awesome was WRONG… don’t you know that the long arm makes for seriously the best selifies EVER!!! I mean, literally everytime I take pictures with my friends they are like, Andrea, you do it, you’ve got the longest arms!


7. FILTERS, filters and more filters. Chrome is your new best friend. They instantly get rid of blemishes and make you look tan! hahahahha


8. accessories. I know, it sounds weird, but hats, hoods, glasses, sunglasses, headbands, etc. stuff always adds to a good selfie!!! even in this picture I am looking like a lunatic, but hey, the hood makes it look like I’ve got some awesome hair going on under there!!!!!


9. always pick your good side… especially with friends. i don’t know how many times i take one freaking picture before it’s just right – sometimes your good side doesn’t work, but most of the time, it works for everyone!


10. and last but not least, the bigger the hair, the better… see, I was even having stellar selfie game back in the day, circa 1989! the bigger the hair, the better the picture… hahaha I’m pretty sure not only is my hair just as big these days, but so are my eyebrows!!!!!!!!! (and man oh man, those puffy shoulders are making a comeback!)


Ok so that was fun, but always remember that no matter how improved the selfies are that your face is perfect just the way it is…. so never forget that!!!!!! 

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