About Andrea

My goal…. To show you guys that no matter what your size or athletic ability may be, we are all athletes… and showing you that even me, one person in Northern Virginia can try to make a difference! To empower and humor and be real!!

My name is Andrea, and this is my website, From Thick to Thin, (obviously, duh) and I want to tell you my story, but I also want to hear yours. So, it’s a random Tuesday some years ago and I’m standing in the sporting goods store one with my best friend. We’re super excited to start a new workout routine together. After searching for something that doesn’t cling to my awesome rolls, I realized that at 250 lbs. I couldn’t wear anything in the women’s section comfortably. So I walk to the men’s section and grab yet another boring t-shirt. Nothing is more motivating than putting on a frumpy men’s t-shirt (read sarcastically). My thin friend comes over with a pile of the latest styles and I hold back the tears.  This, ladies, is why I had to start From Thick to Thin. I never want any woman to ever feel the way I did that day and I never want to feel that way again. Clothing can make the difference between feeling invisible or feeling confident. My goal is to show you that no matter what your size or athletic ability may be, we are all athletes… and showing you that even me, one woman in Virginia, can make a difference!

The Bloggity Blog

In the beginning, the blog was all about my journey in weight loss, from what I thought I wanted to happen, go from being big a overweight and “thick” to small, skinny, and “thin”… it’s funny, because I quickly realized that yes, I wanted to lose weight, but it was hard. Along the way, I learned that being thin isn’t the only thing I want. I want to be strong, inspiring and awesome! And most of all, I want to get down to a healthy weight, and be in the best health possible… but we all know I can’t cut out my wads, and my pizza delivery, so the blog is all about the struggles of a normal, middle-aged women, trying to get to that place in her life; The T-shirts are just added value! The blog is my journey to live an awesome healthy life!

A few things… my blog is super poorly written. I’m not trying to become some super distinguished writer here, I’m just writing how I talk, being me, and hopefully inspiring others to get off their butts and get into the gym to get HEALTHY!

The Business of Motivation

As far as the business is concerned…I started small. I was a graphic designer, so I designed a tank top. I just needed a manufacturer who sold size 2XL in a tank at a wholesale price and a printer who would print smaller quantities. I found it, and my first tank top was born. The top not only fit, but was motivating and got attention. NOW I HAVE inventory… you spoke, and I listened… you actually LIKED MY STUFF!!!! Which means this is more then just a hobby for me, this is my blood, sweat and tears. I started my business not to make money but to combat the way I was made to feel that day in a sporting goods store and to make clothes that actually fit American women. I want to have a place where women don’t feel excluded or charged more just so they can fit in and to remind everyone that we can all be athletes. When you choose to support From Thick to Thin, you’re not only supporting the business, you’re supporting a movement.

I’m also learning a lot about business – a lot of things like, my number one priority, is that I want to make YOU happy. If there’s something you want me to do better, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know… I’m literally ONE person, and I’m not a mind reader. The only way a business is successful is if the people running it, listen to their customers. If you want to see something new, tell me… I am open to all suggestions… if I make a mistake, I will fix it. That’s my idea of a good business, a good business that wants its customers to be happy. I want to motivate people to get them off their ass and into the gym, and that’s why I do what I do – so hopefully if you buy from my shop, you realize that you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also motivating the other people that see your shirt when you wear it out!

SO if you ever have any questions about your shirts, please feel free to email me at andrea@thick-to-thin.com I’m usually attached to my phone, so I will answer as fast at possible!  Other than that, I hope you enjoy my horrible blog, and really like my shirts, and I hope that in everything I post, or sell, I can inspire someone to get up and get going so that we can all be around forever!!!