• Weekly Things We've Found Amazeballs!

    Well hello friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. That’s because 2 things. I’ve been depressed, I don’t feel I have anything to share lately because I’m just a depressed bump on a log and 3, work has been killing me. (yes it’s no secret I also have a full-time job). SO I guess that’s actually 3 things.

    BUT I am getting better, out of the depression, I’ve actually lost 10lbs since I’ve decided to also get off my ASS and treat myself better…. so I’ve been doing Weight Watchers anddddd it’s been great. 10lbs in 2 weeks. Not bad, but the better part is that I finally HAVE MY ENERGY BACK. Thank the lord hallelujah! I will post about that later, but for NOW, here are 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO HAVE ON YOUR RADAR:

    hibt_podcast_tile_sq-8d9498b292dc7a759bf4b7fc776dfe0e4c09da68-s700-c85LISTEN: Listen, frankly, I cannot hear ONE MORE THING about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. This election has just become an utter shit show and my iPhone battery can’t HANDLE the alerts anymore… but what you CAN listen to is this AWESOME podcast I found thanks to my friend Kristen, on NPR, called How I Built This – Guy Raz has been interviewing some badass people doing badass things and how they got there. It’s a great quick 30 min podcast, so if you have time and you’re interested in that kind of stuff it’s great. Right now they’ve done Spanx, Instagram, Radio One, Cliff Bar and Vice. He always promotes writing in if you’ve got a movement or starting something awesome, hint hint, maybe we will be on NPR one day! ūüėČ

    WATCH:¬†HOW ABOUT NOTHING ON THE PRESIDENTIAL¬†CAMPAIGN?!?!?! lol No but for real, I actually came across this video called MAKE IT COUNT from vlogger Casey Neistat, and actually I FOUND IT FROM A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN VIDEO hahaahah. This video is awesome, it’s just a great like pump you up, SHOOT for the stars, fulfill your bucket kind of video – so watch. WATCH NOW!

    slack_for_ios_uploadREAD: So this is awesome. Refinery29 in collaboration with Aerie and Lane Bryant started the #seethe67 campaign, all about getting society to start showing ALL women of ALL sizes in the media. This is near and dear to our hearts because while we are trying to get athletic apparel companies to become all-inclusive, and sell ALL sizes in their stores because we ARE ALL ATHLETES, we need society to change in general. I love what Aeries been doing with their no photoshop and just showing women and¬†their amazing natural beautiful faces and bodies, this movement is catching on and the more REAL we are in the media the more women won’t feel so ashamed and try to be something they’re not. AND on TOP of that, we will teach young girls that who they are, who they are becoming is AMAZING and they don’t have to conform to society norms and what social media tells them is “cool” to love themselves. LADIES WE HAVE TO BAND TOGETHER and make a difference and make a change.

    saint-arnold-pump-releaseSIP: ARE YOU READY for the best EFFING pumpkin beer you’ve EVER tasted?? And NO not because it’s got 10% abv but because it’s just legit awesome. Thats right, it’s FRIYAY, it’s time to hang up your work hat and run to the store and get yourself dinner, PUMKINATOR to be exact….. and by dinner I mean yes, beer. hahaha. This beer is a meal in and of itself. Have TWO and put your phone away because you’ll be drunk texting people you shouldn’t in an instant! YOU’RE WELCOME ūüôā

    unnamedSNACK:¬†¬†I know I’ve talked about this before but ladies, get out and make this damn cucumber salsa. Get yourself some sweet potato tortilla chips and call it a day. This salsa is AMAZEBALLS. So refreshing and awesome, I just can’t get enough of it. Funny story, I took it to my grandmothers house last weekend to get her to try it, and I MAYYYYY have left the jalepeno seeds and membrane in there when cutting it up, and let’s just say, it was SPICYYYYYY. Haha “Andrea, god damn, this is spicy, my mouth’s on FIRE, omg WHAT did you put in this!!!!!” Yes, she said that.

  • Hump Day Happenings – Blue Apron with Ashley


    For this weeks Hump Day Happenings, I tried a Blue Apron meal. I received a free week of Blue Apron to try out. I was given a choice of five options, and as someone who doesn’t eat fish, that didn’t leave me with a lot of options. We were sent ingredients for three meals. Roasted Pork Steam Rolls, Baked Whole Wheat Rigatoni, and Spicy Chicken and Carrots.


    The ingredients were well labeled and looked fresh. I can honestly say they, there were items I’ve never tried before. It is nice that the ingredients were portioned perfectly so that were is no waste at the end of the week. Even when I¬†try my hardest, I always end up with failing produce by he end of the week. Which means the chickens get the leftovers or they go directly into the compost bin.

    img_3265 img_3266


    I chose the pork for the first meal. The Pork Steam Buns stated they took 55 minutes to make. It took me just over a hour. The directions were very clear and easy to follow. There was a lot of prep work because you are using whole foods, which isn’t a bad thing, but does take longer. Also, I did make a lot of dishes. I hate dishes. This was not a meal my kids would try, so I had to make them a separate dish which added to my dishes and work. My husband was not a fan of the salad, and drowned his in ranch dressing.

    Overall the meal was tasty and enjoyable. While I’m not sure I will continue my subscription, it is great option for people with an inquisitive palate and little time to shop. I’m excited to try my next two meals, and will make the decision at the end of the week.


    Serving size was two buns, this is my husband’s plate.

    This is an unpaid, honest post about healthy eating :).

  • Meatless Monday Recipe

    Welcome to the Meatless Monday recipe post! 

    Meatless Monday was created in 2003 to improve health of individuals, countries, and the planet. You can learn about the movement here. You do not have to give up your protein packed day for a meatless monday, and we are here to show you how! Every week we will share our favorite meatless recipes, give it a try!

    Ok, so I’m a day late posting this today. I had a house full of people and Columbus Day really threw me off. I love MM, and my kids are getting there too! The one problem we have, is my daughter has dance Monday nights. Any one with kids understands, when you have an extracurricular on a weeknight things get a bit crazy. One of my FAVORITE quick and easy ¬†MM recipes is a simple black bean taco.

    What you’ll need:

    1 can black beans, rinsed

    1 c. yellow corn

    Tortillas of your choice, we do corn


    Sour Cream




    Homemade taco seasoning


    Heat corn and black beans in a medium skillet. Add taco seasoning with 1/3c water. Let simmer until thickened.

    Apply to tortillas of your choice.

    Add toppings and Enjoy!

    So easy, so yummy, and as healthy as you’d like!

  • Weekly Things We Found Amazeballs

    Fall is officially here and there is so much about fall that I think is amazeballs!!!!!  Check out my top 5!!!
    5. ¬†Trying new fitness classes……..I know most people wait until January to hit a new gym but once school starts again it’s game on for me and my gym partner. ¬†We love trying new things and it’s so much easier with out the kiddos in tow. ¬†So fat we have tried Surfset and Conbody, which were both amazeballs!!! ¬†Surfset is a surfboard resting on an uneven platform so it feels as if you are in the water (which was odd for me living outside NYC!) ¬†Holy hell that took a ton of balance and ab control to not fall on my face in front of everyone but it’s totally worth trying, if for nothing else a good laugh! ¬†Conbody is a gym here in the NYC that was started by a man who was overweight before he went to prison and using his own body weight got into shape, now he owns a gym, hires rehabilitated ex cons (how cool is that??) and whips people into shape. ¬†The gym is prison themed and uses body weight exercises in a prison cell, with a cell door and all!! ¬†Plus there is a mug shot wall so you can take your own mugshot before you leave…….so with the change of season I urge you to get out there and try something new!!!
    4. ¬†Fall FOOD!!!!! ¬†Who doesn’t love food? ¬†Fall foods have to be my favorites…..and not just the copious amounts of pumpkin everything but I’m talking fresh picked apples, squash soups, pumpkin seeds……..and of course ALL THE PUMPKIN!!!! ¬†I am totally a basic bitch…..as I write this I am wearing yoga pants, sitting on my yoga mat drinking my pumpkin latte! ¬†But seriously I LOVE going and picking apples with friends and family (makes a really fun girls day out especially if you finish with wine tasting)
    3. ¬† Running…….there is nothing like fall running, the weather has FINALLY cooled down so we don’t feel like we are dying but it’s not cold yet and there are a ton of great events. ¬†This weekend I have 2 half marathons and NYC is right around the corner…..if you are not a runner I recommend that you get out there and enjoy the cooler days, even if its going for a walk. ¬†Plus soon the leaves will start changing and that is a beautiful site! ¬†Get a friend and get outside ASAP, cause if you live in the northern part of the country the snow is coming, I’m sorry to break that to you but it is………
    2. ¬†Moto style leggings!!!! ¬†Have you all noticed that cool leggings this season? ¬†Everyone from Lole to Athleta is carrying leggings with leather, zippers, quilting…..I am in love! ¬†What better way to dress up and still be comfy that stylish workout pants! ¬†My current favorite are the Magical Pants from LOLE……super comfy and cute with ankle boots. ¬†You can totally rock these pants day to night.
    1. ¬†Decorating for Halloween!!!! ¬†I LOVE halloween!!!!!!! ¬†I am so pumped to start this weekend…….every time I go into a store I feel like I leave with something to add to my house…….I love love love it! ¬†And costumes, oh my…..every chance I get I try them on. ¬†Not sure what draws me to them but its so fun to get out there and dress up LOL (maybe I forget that I’m an adult or maybe I want to escape adulting for a few LOL)
  • Athlete Update – Kari Cudicio


    So much has been going on! I had a coach change so that set back my competition timeline. But I am going strong for 2017. New coach. New goals. New motivation. Can’t wait to share a win for next year with y’all!

    In the meantime, I have been certified in Zumba. I continue to teach spin, lifting and bootcamp classes. It’s been amazing to expand on my group exercise certification. I am also looking forward to getting certified in more fitness classes.


  • Hump Day Happenings – Dare to Bare with Kaseedee

    I had the privilege of attending Dare to Bare this weekend in NYC and to say it was life changing is an understatement!!!  Dare to Bare is the brainchild and main fundraising event for The Movemeant Foundation (created by Jenny Gaither).  Movemeant Foundation is a nonprofit that promotes body positivity, body confidence and provides opportunities for young girls/women to feel powerful and confident in their own skin and know that no matter what they look like, where they are from, etc we all have bodies and they are meant to move (see it MOVEMEANT??)
    Dare to Bare took place in the middle of NYC (Union Square Park) and there were so many amazing women (and some men) in attendance.  Classes varied from yoga, to bootcamp, spin, surfset and dance classes just to name a few, with trainers from Brett Hoebel (who is adorable, you must meet him) to Alex Silver-Fagan and even Jenny herself taught some classes!  BUT the thing that made this event was the fact that these thousands of attendees were baring it all to show how we as women can work together to overcome our insecurities, let go of our vulnerabilities and transform into our powerful, confident selves!!!  And by baring it all, I mean literally baring it all!!!!  We were given these cute little sports bras to wear for the event with the bottoms that made you most comfortable (the bras were not mandatory, they recommend you wore what made you feel powerful, but most wore some sort of sports bra).  There was no judging or body shaming, it was a huge group of women just empowering and supporting  each other while working out…….there was body diversity going on which I LOVED!!!!!  I would really LOVE LOVE LOVE to see even more diversity next year, come on ladies get out there and flaunt what you got!  This is probably one of the ONLY times I have been photographed at an event with just a sports bra!!!!!  OH BTW if you have a surf board workout by you it is a must do!!!  I am sooooo sore today but in a good way!!!!  I was so overcome with emotion as this event continued; I mean seriously where do you ever see such a thing?  I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Jenny for a few minutes after the event and I’m gonna be honest I had a fan girl moment…….she making strides for something that means sooooo much to me……..this group is totally everything that I live for!  It makes me so sad that we are so negative about our bodies and that we spend so much time ripping ourselves apart….why do we say these things to ourselves that we would never dare say to another human?  Why and how did we get to the point where what we are is not enough?  I struggle everyday with body dysmorphia and have to fight to keep that monster at bay, Dare to Bare was a huge step in the right direction in being comfortable with ones self and realizing that we ARE ALL DIFFERENT and different does not mean bad!  My body has gone through so much over the years, having a baby, gaining a TON of weight, losing that weight, losing too much weight, gaining it back…..I could go on and on and on LOL but in the end my body  has done some miraculous things!!!!!!!  We all need to stop punishing it and start celebrating it!  Scars, stretch marks, dimples, and all that good stuff is just the chapters of our lives!
    As I sit here looking back on the event I think back to the girl just a few years ago that would have NEVER been seen in public with her stomach showing……that insecure, afraid, self-loathing girl would have NEVER attempted this type of event.   That girl didn’t even like to leave the house and now I just did a workout in public w NO SHIRT ON!!!!!  How in the heck did my life change so much?  I learned to accept myself flaws and all……do I strive to better myself?  YES!  But do I hate myself? NO!!!!  I have put aside that mindset, but it was NOT easy and you need support and great people around you!  As I write I sit here going huh, if I could do that, why can’t I run my next race in a sports bra instead of sweating to death the whole time??  Why do we always second guess ourselves and what our amazing bodies have done and what they can do for us?  After this event I DARE you to BARE!  Whether it’s working out in shorts, a sports bra, trying something new (a new workout, etc), going for your first run……..be daring, be you and don’t every apologize for rocking who you are!!!  Now get off the computer and go move your body!
  • Athlete Update – Rachel Keele

    Rachel Keele

    This has been a craaaazy six months for me! I found out I had been selected as a T2T athlete on March 25, three days after I experienced an ischemic stroke that put me in the hospital. The next month was filled with CT scans, neurology appointments, physical therapy, medications, crazy headaches, and lots of sleep. For a while, even sitting in front of the TV was exhausting.

    As my energy returned, I was able to get back to my CrossFit box (my second home). Prior to my stroke, I was coaching and working out 6 days a week. It was hard to watch other people progress while it often felt like I was moving backwards. There were many tears of frustration, but everyone was so supportive, and by June I was able to do light workouts two or three times a week.

    After an OK from my neurologist, I was able to start lifting light weights again. I put myself on a plan to increase my strength load by about 5% each week, and as I felt better, I increased my intensity as well. This process has felt painfully slow at times, but it paid off. Last week I was able to do a snatch (an Olympic weight lifting movement) at 105lbs. This isn’t a lot for many people, but it was my previous (before my stroke) 1-rep max, which was very exciting!

    I still have trouble with certain things: double vision in my left eye, some loss of balance, occasional vertigo, loss of feeling in the fingers on my left hand, dry eye, headaches, etc. Some things I’ve chosen not to do since my stroke, like being upside down (I used to love to do handstands, but falling out of a handstand pinched my artery shut, causing the stroke). And some things I will probably never do again, like ride a roller coaster or go snowboarding, as these could result in whip lash and trigger the same type of stroke I had.

    But I feel so good and so blessed! Besides my stroke recovery these last few months, I turned 30, started a new job, finished my master’s degree, got a new car and went to the CrossFit Games with my amazing husband. It’s been an incredible six months in many ways and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year holds!


  • Athlete Update – Jessica Maloy

    Jessica Maloy

    Sept 17 I competed at the XPC Powerlifting Pro/Elite semi-finals.  I qualified for the finals at The Arnold Sports Festival in March in Columbus, OH.  I had a total of 925 for my Elite, raw total.  370 squat, 165 bench, 390 deadlift
    I’m gonna be pretty quiet for a while cause my coach says no more meets until March.¬† 😕

    Check her out on Facebook

    Or on Instagram: thequadsquad1


  • Meatless Monday Recipe

    Welcome to the Meatless Monday recipe post!

    Meatless Monday was created in 2003 to improve health of individuals, countries, and the planet. You can learn about the movement here. You do not have to give up your protein packed day for a meatless monday, and we are here to show you how! Every week we will share our favorite meatless recipes, give it a try!

    This is a great fall dish adapted from¬†The Sweet Twist of Blogging. It’s a crock meal so it’s easy and great for the day when you just don’t have time for a super time consuming meal. This has all of the comfort of chili, without the guilt. The best part? It’s packed with protein from both beans and quinoa. Add whatever toppings you want on the end to make it uniquely yours!

    Vegetarian Quinoa Chili


    • 1 – 14oz can Black Beans
    • 1 – 14oz can Dark Red Kidney Beans
    • 1 – 14oz can Light Red Kidney Beans
    • 1 – 14oz can Heinz Vegetarian Beans
    • 1 – 28oz can diced Tomatoes
    • 1/2 an onion chopped into small pieces
    • 2-3 cloves of garlic chopped
    • 1 small container of mushrooms
    • 1 Bell Peppers (whatever color you prefer) chopped into small pieces
    • 2 tbsp oil of your choice
    • 1c Quinoa
    • Chili Spices
      • 1/2tbs chili powder
      • 1/2tsp ground cumin
      • 1/8tsp cayenne pepper
      • 1/8tsp garlic powder
      • 1/4tsp garlic powder
      • 1/2 tsp salt
      • 1/8tsp fresh ground pepper
    1. Heat oil in saucepan. When oil is hot add onions, and cook until transparent.
    2. Add garlic and cook until fragrant. Remove from heat, and set aside.
    3. Drain and rinse kidney and black beans, add to crock.
    4. Add vegetarian beans, tomatoes, chili spices, mushrooms, garlic/onion mixture, peppers, and chili spices.
    5. Stir
    6. Set crock to low and cook for 4-6 hours. I’ve let this cook up to 8 hours and have had no issues.
    7. 1 hour before you’d like to serve the chili add rinsed quinoa to the crock and stir.
    8. Chili is ready to serve once quinoa is cooked through.
    9. Add whatever toppings you’d like and enjoy!

    This is so GOOD! Even my meat loving husband enjoys this recipe! Have a recipe you’d like to share? Send it our way!


  • I'm a Quitter – Week 2 Update

    Holy sh*t you guys, I did it!

    Five solid days of exercise, and five days of whole food meals. I slipped a little over the weekend, but overall I’m feeling great.

    One of my huge roadblocks is getting the kids to eat the meals I cooked because they’d rather eat “kid food”. With a little¬†ketchup and lies¬†they actually ate what I made. I made mashed cauliflower for the first time and it was delicious. To get the kids to eat it, we called them mashed potatoes. A little lie never hurt anyone right? The pickiest of the two said they were the best potatoes she ever tried (minus french fires I’m sure).


    So I originally wrote this on 8/22/16. Do you know what’s happened since then? I gained FIVE pounds. I’m not exactly sure what I can do to get my shit together, but I need to hurry up or I will be living in Lularoe and T2T leggings all winter long. Please tell me someone has the magic answer, because I need it!

    Last month I found out that my testosterone level was elevated. My endo didn’t seem to think anything of it, so I went to see a GYN who had more information on PCOS. She started me on a new medication from my PCOS, which is reeking havoc with my hormones. I’m ready to feel “normal” again. Google elevated testosterone and you can understand all of the symptoms I’m going through. I am not one to blame a disorder on weight gain, but it’s definitely a roadblock.

    In the meantime I really need to make an effort to get my shit together, put the wine down, and not eat an entire f*cking Pizza Hut pizza when I’m drinking. While I’d love to say my PCOS is making me gain weight (sound like anyone else), it’s not. My shitty choices and laziness are the reason why I’m sitting here in pants that are literally cutting off my circulation.

    So my goal for this week is to make dinner 6/7 nights this week and work out 5/7 days. It’s a lofty goal, but I need to get it together. Check out our Meatless Monday post for tonight’s meal, which is already in the crockpot!

    So for some much needed motivation we are going to check in with our Thick to Thin Athletes for the rest of the week! I’m so excited to share what these amazing women are up to!