This weeks Amazeballs post brought to you by: @elia_inspired_life

    So in the spirit of providing some type of meaningful contribution to things that are Amazeballs (I’m so excited that someone other than me uses this word) Here are my top 5 favorite things of the week!

    Number 5: Being that the kids back in school (here in the UK they’ve only been in school less than month) buying schools supplies means that I get to buy myself a brand new notebook and pen or pencil to jot down all my successes and not so successes. This means that in a few months I’ll have a snapshot of where I started in the fall and more importantly, some type of measurable progress for my motivation! YAY me!!

    Number 4: Whilst PSLs a ranking at mostly everyone’s numero uno, this doesn’t quite do it for me, but I would be lying through my straw if I didn’t say that sometimes I partake in the PSL rave and enjoy it (tall, soy, iced, half pumps on the syrup, very little whip).

    Number 3: Sticking with the B2S theme, this is a great time to buy new running shoes! Since you’re shopping for the kids, why not get yourself a little something too?! Nothing gets me more motivated than brand new trainers, just asking to be taken out for run on the trails!

    Number 2: My recent discovery of Flaxseed Milk (by Good Karma, i’m not paid to say that). Where has this been all my life!?!?! Seriously! I throw a little of this with my fruit and and protein powder and OMGOODNESS! Smoothie heaven! Seriously, check it out…it’s amazeballs!


    My Spotify account upgrade!!! I have seriously refreshed my workout play list for a very cheap-o price (14.99 american, for the whole fam to have their accounts). This has really renewed my motivation for working out since our days are getting shorter and colder now.

    Well, there you have it folks! My favorite things this week! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as i have loved sharing it! Sending y’all peace, love, and motivation for your workout today!




    Welcome BACK to WEEKLY THINGS WE FOUND AMAZEBALLS a new series on the T2T blog designed to inform, inspire, entertain and engage. Each week we’ll be sharing a list of our favorite finds from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy too, which means yeah, it’s the perfect way to get your weekend started! So BOOM, hope you enjoy, and as always, keep on being amazeballs!



    Your local radio station | I don’t know about you, but I listen to a lot of internet radio. I realized I’ve been missing out on a lot of local news and events. So turn off your favorite app or Sirius XM, and listen to a local radio station. You may be surprised what you learn!


    Ninja Warrior | This woman is amazing!! Watch this bad ass video of her completing Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior competition. First girl ever to complete Stage One in its entirety.


    Anything! | No, I’m not joking. Picking up a book is an amazing way to escape reality and ground yourself. Plus, you will expand your vocabulary and join in a global conversation. Pretty awesome!


    PUMPKIN DRINKS | OK, so we are totally PSL obsessed here at T2T, but here are some alternatives to a Starbucks or DD run. Don’t get me wrong, I will still be in line once a week for the PSL…


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