• January HashTag Movement – #IBEATGYMTIMIDATION

    2657535973bf851da2092e739ec55368First of all, what are these monthly hashtag movements/projects? Well, we wanted to find a way to really get involved with everyone in different ways each month, so this is our way of doing so. Having a topic makes it fun to interact with one another and spread the word on how we are bettering ourselves. So during each month we are going to have lots of awesome giveaways pertaining to that movement, videos from professionals giving you tips for free, etc etc. So just a fun way to stay engaged and give the community more of what it needs!



    I mean let’s face it, Gymtimidation apparently was SOOOOO last year… but really, it’s not. It’s a real thing, and we are bringing it back, but we are bringing it back because we are BEATING IT!

    This is me the first time I worked out at a new BOX - see, it wasn't that bad.

    This is me the first time I worked out at a new BOX – see, it wasn’t that bad.

    I remember the first time I ever stepped foot in a CrossFit gym, it’s funny because it’s the first time I stepped foot into a CrossFit gym but it’s also every time I step into a new one, I get so scared. Will people like me? Will I make a fool out of myself? These people are amazing, I’m new, I’m not good enough, just go home!!!! Those are the thoughts that go through my head. Same thing when I go for a swim. I’m broken, I need to swim, but for some reason, when there are people in the pool, I’m shy, I’m timid, I’ll be going too slow, I’ll be in there way, why am I here?!? GO HOME!!!

    Gymtimidation isn’t just a bazillion people in a gym, it’s anything. It’s the way you feel when you walk into a new activity. It’s the way you feel when you try something new, whether there’s 40 people in the room or 4, it’s the feeling that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t strong enough, you’re going to make a fool out of yourself, and you just want to hide.

    But WE HAVE TO BEAT IT. We have to show the gym, that we don’t care about our surroundings, we are MAKING OURSELVES HEALTHY, so LETS GO IN AND WORKOUT AND BE HEALTHY!!!

    bad workout 2I had a little bit of Gymtimidation tonight when I went to Hot Yoga for the first time in a long time. I was like….. “UGH these women are so good at yoga, I’m going to suck, I need to hide in the back, why me, why am I here?!?!” But everyone goes through that. It’s like your first day of a new school, will people like me? But again, it doesn’t matter because they are there for the same reason you are, to get better, and they don’t care about ME, they care about themselves… SO next time you walk into a gym, and you’re worried, FORGET ABOUT IT and REMIND YOURSELF #IBEATGYMTIMIDATION!!



  • Starting 2016 off horribly unhealthy.


    SCREW the unhealthy me – it’s time for a better, healthier ANDREA!

    Well, it’s 2016, we’ve let it settle in over the last few days, and let me tell you, these last few days the only thing that’s been settling in is the fact that I’m SUPER UNHEALTHY… How do I know? Well, the first glaring thing is that I wake up after 8 hours of sleep and I’m already tired! Or the fact that I get winded going up the stairs… yeah, that ones bad. (and as I sit here writing this, I’ve yawned about 10 times, and contemplated hoping in my bed for a nap)

    tumblr_nysx5dGJRe1re4hf4o1_500I’ve been so torn these last few months between working out and not working out, and it’s all because of my back. I workout, and then I will sit there and cry from the pain, but I’m not just crying from the pain, I’m crying from the fact that I can’t do something I loved so much anymore. And unfortunately the thing i loved so much, was also one of the big things keeping me healthy. I think it’s time to go see a surgeon, but again, I’m torn. Surgery might not be the way to go and I know if I go down that route I won’t be working out for a really long time, but the pain is so bad. Sure, I can’t get out of bed in the morning without feeling pain, I can’t put clothes on without feeling pain, I can’t sneeze without feeling pain, but I don’t care about that, I just want to WORKOUT!

    And of course, on top of that, the things going in my mouth have not been good enough… and when I can’t workout, I shouldn’t be eating what I’m eating.



    I miss being healthy, I miss that feeling of my body not wanting to just shut down all the time, and I can’t wait to fix that starting tomorrow. This is my vow that no matter what, working out or not, surgery or not, I will make myself healthy again, and I will make sure my body doesn’t hate me anymore, because right now, my body is saying, whyyyyyy are you doing this to me!

    SO I just got back from the grocery store, I’m getting ready to prep my food, and I am EFFING READY TO TAKE BACK MY LIFE AND BE EFFING HEALTHY!!!!!!! I’ll be blogging a lot more, and I’ll be making sure you’ve got me if you need me.. feel free to just email me if you need some help in 2016 getting back on track!!! (andrea@thick-to-thin.com)