• A video from me to YOU about our new adventure!

    Friends!!!! Good Morning everyone – I will make this quick.

    We’ve been working hard on the next chapter in our companies life… We’ve had some amazing opportunities possibly arise that have really made us feel like our message is finally getting across (cough cough, fingers crossed that ______ calls us soon, cough cough) but we’ve got to keep moving, and keep spreading the word. Thankfully there’s an amazing platform like Kickstarter that can help small businesses bring the ability for YOU to get involved with us. We’ve been working really hard on expanding this brand, based off of feedback from YOU GUYS, our customers, because you are the ones that matter. That and reminding this awesome athletic apparel industry that they need to stop excluding people and start making people feel good about themselves.

    Up till this point, we’ve only been printing on clothes we could find that would work for you guys, but I knew that one day, that wouldn’t be enough. I knew that there was a void in this industry and our voices need to be heard. That in a world where being healthy and loving your body is important, big major companies don’t include everyone, and they don’t show everyone so that people can feel good about seeing themselves in the clothes… and on top of that, it’s so over priced it’s not funny. So a year ago we set out to start creating and developing our OWN clothes based on YOUR feedback and what’s missing in this industry. Because we are ALL ATHLETES and we are ALL worth being included. So that time has come, we’ve gotten to the point where we need some help…

    I never ask for anything, but I am asking this. Maybe instead of that $5.39 triple venti non-fat no whip latte you’re about to go get at starbucks, you visit our campaign and donate that cash money to us BUT not because I ask you to, BUT because you believe in us and our company. And share this with your friends, because how ELSE are we going to get ELLEN to see our awesome movement and what we are doing!

    Thank you for reading this long blog, and thank you for following our blog so I could remind you that we are trying to do good things over here, not just make a buck. We want to change the world and do something that matters….

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and we hope you take the minute to check out our Kickstarter Project link!

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  • The Weekly Wrap-Up | 02

    Welcome to THE WEEKLY WRAP-UP, a new series on the T2T blog designed to inform, inspire, entertain, and engage. Each week we’ll be sharing a list of our favorite finds from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy too, which means yeah, it’s the perfect way to get your weekend started.


    Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer | Have you guys seen this video? Absolutely adorable, especially the couples that have been married 30+ years!


    Choices: Who Will You Be?” by DICK’s Sporting Goods | This Dick’s commercial is amazing. While Dick’s has a way to go in woman’s apparel, I have a soft spot for them because they started in my “home town.” This video reminds me of why I started and why I continue.


    Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty | This book is a perfect poolside read and is being made into a limited HBO series starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.


    My favorite milkshake alternative | Blend until smooth: ¾ Frozen Cherries, ¾ Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Arbonne), 2 tsp. PB2. (Nutrition Info: 222 calories, 5.5g of fat, 6g of fiber, 19g of sugar, 16.5g of protein.)


    Bare Crunchy Apple Chips | These are AMAZING. Such an easy, healthy snack. It completely fulfills my sweet tooth and it has that satisfying crunch.

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  • Foodie Friday | Spinach Pesto

    Welcome to another round of T2T’s Foodie Friday! Did you get your chance to try out the Avocado Deviled Eggs we shared last time? They didn’t last an hour at my house. I also might have been the only one home at the time. Oops!

    So, yeah…this week has been a crazy one in my world. Not to mention the weather has finally caught on to the fact that it is officially summer, so we are “enjoying” some very warm days. That translates to being hot, sweaty, and really, REALLY wanting to default to the easy options of ordering a pizza or driving through somewhere for something that, let’s face it, is good but not necessarily good for you. Not gonna lie, I had the internal struggle. In the end, I fought the urge and decided on a nice al fresco dinner with some grilled pesto shrimp skewers. Of course, I had shrimp and no premade pesto. Ugh. But I had spinach. And so the magic began.

    Morpheus Says
    Backstory: I had “made up” this pesto recipe a while ago when my husband started on the green smoothie train and we always had an abundance of fresh spinach in the house. It’s nothing revolutionary or fancy, but a great way to get veggies in. Knowing how especially awesome spinach is, I try to add more of it into my diet any way I can.

    5 Health Benefits of Spinach

    See! Look at all that awesomeness!

    I’ve never been a player in the green smoothie game or was able to just sit down and gnaw on some leaves Popeye style, so this Spinach Pesto is my way of going green:



    • 2 cups fresh spinach leaves, washed (stems on or off – I leave them on because, well, I don’t want dirty a knife. I feel like I can be honest.)
    • ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese (nothing against Kraft, but you need the real thing.)
    • 3 cloves garlic, minced
    • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    • lemon juice to taste
    • salt and pepper to taste

    Step 1:

    Throw it all in a food processor and process on whatever setting you need to turn it into a fine paste.

    Step 2:

    No, not even a step two. That’s it. That really is how easy this recipe is! Spoon it out into a bowl or directly onto whatever you are making because you are done.

    Here’s the best part – you can put it on pretty much anything: Shrimp, pizza, chicken, salmon, pasta, bread…and so much more!

    Ryan Gosling

    Because…Ryan Gosling

    Another life hack – if you omit the cheese, you can freeze the pesto. Ice cube trays work great for this. You can make a huge batch ahead of time and have it ready when you need it. Add the cheese after you defrost it and bam!

    I love this because not only is it tasty, but because it is SO EASY! I’ve even used it over zucchini noodles. Double the veggies, double the fun, and double the yum!

    Enjoy! Until next time…be excellent to each other!

  • The Weekly Wrap-Up | 01

    Welcome to THE WEEKLY WRAP-UP, a new series on the T2T blog designed to inform, inspire, entertain and engage. Each week we’ll be sharing a list of our favorite finds from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy too, which means yeah, it’s the perfect way to get your weekend started.

    matt crump // Thick 2 Thin Blog


    “The Sound of Sports,” episode 127, 99% Invisible podcast | A fascinating peek inside an oft forgotten corner of the world of sports broadcasting: Sound. When we think of the sound of sports on TV or radio, it’s generally commentary. But sports broadcasts would be nothing without all the sounds that are behind the commentary– the crowds, the kicks, the thwacks, and the grunts. Dennis Baxter has spent the last 20 years designing the sound of sport for the highest level of athleticism – the Olympics – and he guides listeners through his process in this hour-long podcast.


    “Grace & Frankie,” a new Netflix original series | A star-studded cast tackles some heavy life issues – sexuality, marriage, parenting, addiction, aging, death – with the perfect blend of honesty, heartache and humor. Starring Jane Fona, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.


    “The Body Post,” from blogger Kate Baer | A quick but totally worthwhile read from one of the funniest, realest bloggers I’ve come across. If you’re a female with a body, you should read this.


    Virgin strawberry lemonade mimosas from Mary Beth over at Casey Wiegand | swap out the club soda for champagne and you’ve got yourself a super yum adults-only summertime drink.


    Watermelon lime sorbet from Shaina over at Food For My Family | I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for at least two years now. It’s definitely happening this weekend.

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  • Foodie Friday | Avocado Deviled Eggs


    The struggle is real here!

    The struggle is real here!

    Welcome to the first-ever Foodie Friday post. Foodie Friday is a new series here on the T2T blog that will test out some of our favorite Pinterest-found recipes and see if they live up to the hype. I’m super excited to start this awesome series not only because I love food…okay, scratch that “not only because” part. We are going to stick with just because I love food. Our “I workout because I love food” tank? Yeah, that is my life motto.

    So I recently stumbled upon what I consider to be one of the greatest life hacks ever and consequently, I have had deviled eggs on the brain. Usually reserved for fancy parties and holidays celebrated with incessant gluttony and indulgence (basically the last quarter of the year), deviled eggs have never been a “sure, I’ll just whip this right up to snack on” kind of food.  But I recently emerged from the Dark Ages and life as I knew it has changed.

    I’ve had this awesome recipe for Avocado Deviled Eggs in my Pinterest arsenal for quite some time and thought what better time than this inaugural Foodie Friday to bust it out?! So let’s get at it and make some awesomeness happen in the kitchen!

    Let’s start by hard-boiling up some eggs. If you are like me and need a refresher, here’s a great one.

    While that’s going on, use the time to rep out some burpees, watch an awesome cat video, or get your ingredients prepped. The choice is yours. I don’t judge.


    But as far as ingredients, you’ll need:

    • 6 hard-boiled eggs – peeled and halved
    • 1 avocado – peeled, pitted and diced
    • 3 slices cooked bacon – chopped, divided (turkey bacon works as well, if you are into that sort of thing)
    • 2 1/2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    • 2 teaspoons lime juice
    • 1 clove garlic – crushed
    • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    • Sea salt to taste
    • 1 jalapeño pepper – sliced (optional, I vetoed this because I’m not a fan of spicy)
    • 1 dash hot sauce, or to taste (optional, see above)


    Step 1: We can have lots of fun. Yes, I am a serial New Kids On The Block fan. In fact, I’ve got some jams on right now!

    Okay, but for reals…

    Step 1:

    Scoop egg yolks into a bowl; add avocado, 2/3 of chopped bacon, mayonnaise, lime juice, garlic, cayenne pepper, and salt. Mash egg yolk mixture until filling is evenly combined. You can also forgo the mayo completely by simply adding more avocado. Total win/win.


    Step 2:

    Spoon filling into a piping bag or plastic bag with a snipped corner–another awesome life hack. Pipe filling into each egg white; top with a piece of bacon. (Here is where the optional jalapeño slice and dash of hot sauce fit in. If you are there, go for it.)

    Step 3:

    Eat because BOOM, there’s Avocado Deviled Egg awesomeness in front of you! You just did the work, now it’s time to reap the benefits.


    My personal vote? Delish and easy. The avocado added great texture and flavor, not to mention all of the BA nutritional benefits. The salty bacon topping is a great complement to the creaminess of the avo/egg mixture. But you can never go wrong with bacon because bacon goes with everything.


    If you test out this recipe yourself, let us know what you think. Did you make it as-is, or did you improv and come up with any twists you’d like to share? Comment below or on our Facebook page–we’d love to hear from you!

    Recipe credit: allrecipes.com

  • When I was…

    When I was a little girl I just wanted to be the best at gymnastics and look like Barbie.

    I physically wasn’t that.

    When I was in high school I wanted to be the prom queen and the most athletic girl in school.

    I physically wasn’t that.

    When I was in college I wanted to be the hot girl that guys picked up at the bar.

    I physically wasn’t that.

    When I was in my twenties I wanted to be skinny so I could be hot and accepted by society.

    I physically wasn’t that.

    When I was 28 I realized all of that was crap and how I looked didn’t matter. I also realized I wasted 28 years of my life worrying about what my outside appearance was instead of making sure I was the best possible person inside I could be.

    Today, me, at 30 and 198lbs, I did what society probably thought I couldn’t do, I got a PR of 165 for my overhead squat. And none of the feelings of “how do I look” “am I skinny enough” “am I pretty enough” run through my head…. What runs through my head is damn girl you’re a strong beast and you need to keep it up. Because I can. Because my body allows me. So, I know I say it all the time but I just hope that showing how I bust my ass will show someone that they can also do it.

    Because #weareallathletes

  • Inner monologue while trying on clothes…. Me or everyone?

    I-immediately-regret-this-decision-anchormanOk, here starts the guessing game of what looks good on the mannequins and what’s going to ACTUALLY look good on me. 

    Why do they always put the dressing room where it’s hardest to find it??? I really hope these clothes look good on me, they REALLY looked good in the posters… but yet, everything looks good on the posters. I need a cute dress for the summer, something white with maybe a chambray top over it when it gets chilly. I love summer… Dresses, dresses, dresses, cover up the fupa! hahaha.

    IMG_2330 (1)

    Here goes nothing!

    Ok, I finally get to the dressing room, shit, 8 piece minimum, what if I have 3 sizes of each piece? 24 goes down to 8! 

    14/16/18 for the bottoms and dresses, large/xl/xxl for the tops – I hate this guessing game of what is ACTUALLY going to fit… But I totally hate putting on the small stuff and having it not fit – let’s start with the big stuff, it will make me feel like I’m losing weight! haha! At least Old Navy carries all the sizes I might need. Thanks for that bros!

    Ugh, why do they have to have a mirror on EVERY damn wall inside this box of hell! Oh, I have hot legs. Damn girl, look at dem LEGS.

    And these fluorescent lights?!?!?! Did the creators of dressing rooms think “let’s make women feel at their WORST when trying on clothes”??? That CAN’T be good for business. Why did I decide to eat lunch before coming here?? Once I take off this shirt, you’re going to see it… Well, nothing’s going to fit right because I’m bloated and full…. right?


    IMG_2334 (1)Do they like you staring at the flaws that I work hard to not worry about on a DAILY BASIS? 

    I understand they want you to see the clothes from every angle, but DAMN! I don’t need to see myself in this light, I’m already self conscious enough, and I’m not supposed to. We are supposed to love our bodies, so get out of your head, Andrea, you look great, even with this wedgie! Do the designers of these clothes ever think about ME when they are designing these clothes? How come this shirt makes me look pregnant, the top is too big and the hem on it is too high. Maybe I got a maternity top on accident?!? I need to call my mom, she needs to know how upset I am, maybe she will calm me down.

    I would rather be in a hot bath of coals right now instead of trying on these clothes. 


    tumblr_inline_n9hlbsfCQl1qgt12iWHY DO PEOPLE KEEP KNOCKING ON THE DOOR. Can’t they see I’m STRUGGLING IN HERE?!?!

    OMG is my ass really that big? I guess I do squat. 

    Oooooo, but if I turn this way, my butt really does look good, hmmm. Maybe I could pull off a hot swimsuit this summer. Wait, turn, nope, nope, why can’t I just stand sideways and have my butt look perfect from one view ALL THE TIME. Just from the side. hahaha.

    I shouldn’t have worn my grannie panties today, didn’t I know that I would be trying on clothes today? 

    All my cute undies were in the wash, so now I have to try on all these clothes while wearing my awesome “wash day” underroos. I should have known better. They bunch. But they are so damn comfortable. Who cares. Shit, I just want to go pants-less for the rest of my life. Life is better without pants.

    tumblr_inline_ng0oaq3Xf91qb7awlBATHING SUITS?!?!? YEAH RIGHT. 

    Next please, why did I even pick this up.

    Ok, nothing works, it either looks like a sausage casing or an oversized poncho. I’m going home. Eff this!

    Why do I try on clothes, it never works out. Instead I am just going to do what I normally do, buy what I think will fit, take it home, try it on in the environment where I totally set it up so I look BANGING in the mirror, and then realize nothing fits, decide you’ll take it back, and then just add it to the pile of clothes you need to return in your trunk. At least this way will be less detrimental.

    (puts everything back on the rack, leaves empty handed) 


    I’ll just buy everything online and return it once I try it on. JK look at these tops – (grabs 5 tops takes them to register, checks out, calls it a day).

    Phew. That was horrible. I NEED A DRINK