• Thick 2 Thin and Girls Gone Rx Team Up!

    T2T and Girls Gone RX team up!
    Image courtesy Girls Gone RX

    We’re excited to announce a new partnership: We recently became an official sponsor for the 2015 season of Girls Gone Rx, the badass international, female-only team competition series benefitting breast cancer research!

    We’ll be setting up shop at Girls Gone Rx DC on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at CrossFit Lorton in Lorton, Virginia.

    Grab your favorite T2T tank (or tee!) and show the world how YOU #weareallathletes by registering your team now, or mark your calendar to drop by to shop the T2T booth, watch the action and support all the strong women that will be “competing for a cure.” The day-long event runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and spectator admission is free. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Girls Gone Rx is a 3-woman team competition consisting of 3 workouts and one team skill event over the course of a single day. To learn more about GGRx, visit their website

    At 15,730 square feet, CrossFit Lorton – located in Lorton, Virginia – is the largest CrossFit facility in the DC Metro area. Founded in 2008, CrossFit Lorton is one of the first 500 CrossFit affiliates in the world (there are currently over 11,000) and one of the first 4 affiliates in Northern Virginia.

  • Customer of the Month! SARA!

    So this is the 2nd month of highlighting some of our awesome customers, because YOU guys are why we are here and successful… and your stories, no matter what they are, are important, and they should be shared with all of you because maybe they are going through something that relates to you!!! How do our customers of the month get picked??!?! Well, actually it’s random. We email you, say hey, want a free shirt, and do you want to talk on our blog, and that’s it!!! So, look out for an email from us, and now, check out this awesome story from Sara!!! 🙂

    before_afterMy Journey to Being Awesome:

    Through exercise, healthy eating, sheer determination, and a crap ton of motivation, I said goodbye to unwanted pounds and hello to a healthier, happier and fuller way of life!

    My name is Sara and there was a time when I gave myself every excuse in the book for being a overweight. I had always been active, playing many sports since I was a kid, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t in the best of shape. So, after over a year of a friend trying to convince me to try her cool crazy gym, I caved and went to a friends & family day. That day I fell in love…with CrossFit. I lost about 30 pounds over a 6 month period, but I soon plateaued. Makes sense since I ate whatever I freakin’ wanted. I convinced myself that since I work out…like hard core, so it’s ok…it kinda balances out, right?

    Well, I soon became discouraged and unmotivated. This isn’t working. I stepped on the scale and saw it teetering very close to the 250 mark and decided that’s enough. How did I let myself get to this point? I was so disappointed in myself. I needed to change what I was putting into my body. I needed to stop making excuses and start working on me!

    I went through my cupboards and fridge and began boxing up basically every bit of sugary and carb-loaded goodness I had. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I did not want to set myself up for failure. I knew my weaknesses. I also knew my strengths, so I set my goal weight: 150 pounds. I made a deal with myself that I would not give up and I would not make excuses. In addition, to motivate myself even more, I decided that when I reached my goal I would reward myself with a red velvet cupcake and personalized pair of CrossFit Nanos.

    The first week was the hardest, but I saw results! I was consistently losing about 1-3 pounds per week. There were temptations, I’m not going to lie, but I wanted so desperately to reach my goal and show the world how awesome I could be! No excuses, just be awesome!

    Fast forward to today: I am 99 pounds lighter! My outlook on life has completely changed! My attitude has greatly improved, my energy level has skyrocketed, and I am overall…just happier! I did it! I didn’t do it alone though. I had many people, near and far, in my corner backing me up. I relied on these people who cheered me on, lifted me up, held me accountable, didn’t let me down, and motivated the crap out of me. I wouldn’t be where I am or the person I am without them. They say you should live without regrets, but I will admit that I have one regret: I regret that I didn’t do this sooner. I wasted so many years not living them to their greatest potential! I don’t want others to do the same, so my new goal is to spread the motivation! I will be in your corner cheering you on and motivating the crap out of you!

    Believe in yourself! You can Be Awesome!

    No Excuses! Just Be Awesome!

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  • Day 6 of our Tribute to Mothers

    Ok back at the Tribute to Mothers since our website is finally working!!!! The facebook posts, and the actual blog posts for these women have been amazing, so let’s not forget to remind them one more time, how awesome of mothers they are!!!

    With it being Mothers Day week, we thought it would be amazing to highlight 7 Mothers that are not only staying healthy for themselves, but also teaching a healthy lifestyle to their children… Day 6 is Nicole Lewis, she’s been a fan of T2T for a long time, and hearing her story, is just awesome… You’re doing an amazing job staying positive and showing your kids what it means to be healthy, so for that, I thank you! 🙂

    Each of these mothers for are in the running to win a treatment at a spa by their homes, so let them know how inspirational they are!!!!

    FullSizeRender (21)I feel weird entering this for myself. But, heck, who doesn’t NEED a Spa Day?? I grew up having no self confidence in myself due to a dad that always tore me down & compared me to my much skinner & smarter sister. I can not remember a time that I did not compare my body to every other girl/woman until I finally started to see just how much of an impact doing so has on our children. So, instead of trying to get skinny or starve myself to be a certain weight, I decided it was time to learn to accept my body as my own & learn to be healthy & strong. I want my daughter & my son to have a healthy image of their bodies & who they are. And to respect others for the same & not put anyone down! We all have struggled in this life & need support to get through, not to tear each other down for our body shapes & ‘imperfections’. I also want to inspire other women to stop giving themselves & other women such a hard time! Lift each other up & encourage one another to rock what we’ve got! I love fitness & mix it up a lot. I have found what works for MY body, not anyone else’s. It is amazing to feel healthy & fit. That’s how I want my kiddos to feel.

  • Day 2 of our Tribute to Mothers…

    Ok day 2 of our Tribute to Mothers — day one was amazing, and the things people were saying about Jeanie were just amazing.. you can read her post here.

    With it being Mothers Day week, we thought it would be amazing to highlight 7 Mothers that are not only staying healthy for themselves, but also teaching a healthy lifestyle to their children… Day 2 is Adrienne Brimmer, nominated by Amber Canady! Read her story below, it’s just great!

    Each of these mothers for the next 7 days are in the running to win a treatment at a spa by their homes, so let them know how inspirational they are!!!!

    PhotoGrid_1430166475210Hi Awesome Team,

    I want to tell you about my friend Adrienne Brimmer. I grew up with Adrienne. We played soccer together throughout our entire childhood. Two years ago, Adrienne welcomed her son Eli to the world.

    Adrienne has always been an athlete. I always admired her passion when we played soccer. After having Eli, Adrienne wanted to be healthy for not only  herself but her new son.  For the past year, Adrienne has once again committed to her healthy lifestyle. She joined me at Gymology Tulsa and has been doing great. I remember one time last year I didn’t think I could do any more sprints (because let’s face it…running sucks). Adrienne was right be my side counting each sprint to the finish. She pushes me everyday.

    Since January, Adrienne has lost 25 pounds, competed in her first Crossfit competition, and has inspired so many of us at the gym. When many of us are finishing a WOD and we can’t do much more it is so nice to hear Adrienne’s voice pushing us through the finish line.  I’m so proud to call her my sister and friend. I hope one day, when I’m a mom, I can stay as committed to living a healthy life as Adrienne has done. She’s definitely a Mom in Beast Mode!


    Amber D. Canady

    Adrienne, you really are amazing. Not only do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle for your sweet son, but you are motivating everyone around you… You ARE such an amazing person, and for that, thank you!

  • Day 1 of our Tribute to Mothers…..

    So, with it being Mothers Day week, we thought it would be amazing to highlight 7 Mothers that are not only staying healthy for themselves, but also teaching a healthy lifestyle to their children… Today is day 1, and we are highlighting Jeanie DeVincenzo! Each of these mothers for the next 7 days are in the running to win a treatment at a spa by their homes, so let them know how inspirational they are!!!!

    6tag_240415-205423From Jeanie: I have been on my recent and final fitness journey to become my best self for 18 months….But even before that at close to my highest weight I wanted to make a change and challenge myself…so I signed up for a sprint TRIathalon…..This August will mark my 6th year.

    Through all the races I have done, I have tried to lead by example for my Three children, 12, 11,9.  I teach them that no matter what your challenges…with #hardwork #dedication #determination ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE .

    My conversations never revolve around my weight loss, but about my fitness achievements…lifting more, running faster, challenging myself day in and day out at the gym.  I wake up ever morning at 4:45am to get my workouts in and will continue to show my family how clean eating and hard work can lead to becoming ones best self!

    My children are my biggest cheerleaders, aside from my husband. I am overjoyed they ask to do some workouts with mommy and want to enter local 5k’s  #leadingbyexample #changingourfamilies

    You rock Jeanie!! Anyone that is so dedicated to their own health along with the health of others is a rock star in my book!!! You’re doing an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see how you do this year in your 6th sprint tri!!! (and I probably should learn some tricks, I want to do a sprint tri too!!)