• Lost 90, Gained 40? I can do math….

    tumblr_ni5j4nVoAX1ql5yr7o1_500It’s true, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained about 40 of the 90lbs I’ve lost back…. Hey, they said that you can’t out work a bad diet, and they are true hahaha… no matter how hard i worked out each day, what was going IN my mouth (dirty minds, really!!??! haha) was not good enough. I wonder what it was? Was it that I was SOOOOOO infatuated with making sure I looked good for my wedding, and now that that’s over, I didn’t care as much since I was working out, being a badass, and all that stuff, that whatever I was eating, didn’t matter??

    Dtumblr_inline_nhkc35BYn61qzt4akID YOU KNOW: IT’S SO MUCH EASIER TO GAIN WEIGHT THAN TO LOSE IT!?? Oh my god REALLY?!?! Well, let me put down the chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich, and tell you a little bit about how I feel.

    A few things have happened that have derailed me from my awesome bod I had a year ago…

    1) The first year of marriage is hard, enough said, there’s been a lot of stressful ice cream eating involved…

    2) a growing startup, also hard… late nights, pizza deliveries, the inability to just say NO to candy at 1am when you need SOMETHING to keep you awake.

    liquor-and-therapy3) well duhhhhhhhhh, the holidays, skipping the cookies and the BOOZE is not an option in my life.

    4) being hurt. this probably takes the cake, since I already talked about how my mental health has been off since getting hurt and being unable to crossfit, I won’t go there, but this is HUGE for me.

    5) to start a family or not… that is the question… weird that it’s in my list I know, but man this is one stressful thing that has made late night brownie cravings a regular (btw, just because you make gluten free, coconut oil brownies, DOES NOT MEAN they are still good for you HAHAA)

    6) I am actually happy with the way I look, so I haven’t been caring? It’s funny, I look back at old pictures of how I used to look before I lost all my weight, and even though I’ve gained so much of it back, I still look better and I’m happier, so I haven’t really cared! (sure I still avoid mirrors at all costs, but soon, SOON, I won’t have to do that lol)

    Ok so with all of that, yes, I have gained weight. And although I’m still healthy, and I’m still in shape (well maybe not so much anymore since I haven’t even been on a regimented workout schedule) I definitely still feel better about myself, to me, this is just a bump in the road….. and the scale! EEEKS!

    Time to get back to fitting in the box!!!! Although, now that I think about it, I don't even think those are the same boxes and I only fit in the box in 2013 because it's actually a bigger box. HAHAHA

    Time to get back to fitting in the box!!!! Although, now that I think about it, I don’t even think those are the same boxes and I only fit in the box in 2013 because it’s actually a bigger box. HAHAHA

    SO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!? WELL folks, I am going to get back on the wagon, I am going to get back to working out, by joining a few of my friends in this weight loss challenge to try to win 10k and I’m going to cut the shit and get myself back to where I want to be, and so when I can be completely back into crossfit, I am 100000% in shape and kicking ass and taking names. Am I the only one that’s dealt with this??? Maybe I am, but I am here to crush this issue and be the best self I can be… Motivation is hard, and it’s not a fuzzy feeling, because sometimes, you just don’t want to hear it, but right now, I need the motivation more than ever. MORE. THAN. EVER. For me, this will always be something I struggle with, being at a consistent healthy weight, but you know what, you learn to love being healthy, and the rest just comes…..


  • Top 10 reasons letting it go during the holidays sucks.. and 7 amazing links to help with those New Years Resolutions!

    let-it-go-memeLet it goooooo Let it gooooooo, and I’m not talking about Frozen, I’m talking about the cookies, and the cakes, and the fondue, and the beer (ohhhhh the beer, the winter lager, soooo good) the nice dinners, the fried foods… and the list goes on and on.. But like many others, January 1st came fast and quick, and I was left with pants that didn’t fit anymore, and the inability to walk up the stairs without getting winded…

    I wrote on facebook that I’m sure it seems super cliche to let it all go and tell yourself that January 1st is a new beginning, and you can start over, and most people use that as an excuse… but at the same time if that’s what you need to get moving, that’s what you need!

    Well, here’s the thing, January 1st comes along, and you get back into the gym, and you get back to clean eating, and damnnnn it’s a rough first couple of days. For me, I’ve been injured, so getting into the gym was very exciting to me, and my first workout back, actually wasn’t bad and my back doesn’t hurt (I’m sore as SHIT but that’s besides the point). But the eating, oh the eating. Totally clean eating is tricky because your body just wants the junk…. So on top of all of that, here’s my list of reasons why letting it go during the holiday season kind of sucks!

    10. Man, that junk food is GOOD, and the cookies are GOOD, but not everyday… because coming off the sugar high (detoxing your body) SUCKS. I would take less headaches over cookies any day.

    9. Remember those awesome fall/winter clothes you got when you started getting fall fever, cute boots, etc.. well THEY DON’T FIT ANYMORE and your back to yoga pants till the cute clothes come back!

    8. Your ability to workout because you’ve been on a steady workout regiment keeping yourself healthy everyday, drops and drops fast… making it basically impossible to run a mile again without feeling as if you are running a marathon only 1/4 of a mile in.

    7. The amount of money it seems like you are spending that first trip to the grocery store because you picked all organic, natural, non-processed healthy food to eat clean, amounts to basically your mortgage for that month… junk food is way cheaper!

    new-year-memes-lie6. Well, not only are we pretty pale come January that we look like we could be in the cast of Twilight, but that plus a little bit of added face fluff from all the beer, makes us feel like ripping down all of the mirrors in the house!!! (it’s just a feeling, it will go away, we are human and allowed to have these feelings)

    5. MY GYM CLOTHES DON’T FIT ANYMORE either… lol not only does your cute, SERIOUSLY PINABLE, fall wardrobe fit super snug, but those T2T tank tops aren’t as loose as they once were. lol

    4. Well, it’s true, the gyms are PACKED at the beginning of the year, so as much as you loved your usual routine, you might need to switch it up a little because you’re most likely going to get frustrated with the amount of people trying to get on your treadmill and rower… so before you get frustrated, remember, they are all trying to better themselves too, just think about changing up your routine!

    3. THE HEADACHES OH THE HEADACHES (as I write this my head is about to explode….)

    2. For me, it was, oh, it’s ok, I had a cheat meal today, I can have another, and another, and another, which literally turns into cheat meals everyday and 30lbs added that now need to come back off. NOW, it’s like doing all my workouts with a 30lb vest on…

    1. AS HAPPY AS YOU ARE with your family, and as fun as it is, nothing feels better than being healthy… I don’t know where I was going with this one, but yes, the holidays are awesome, but so is feeling amazing…

    Now, it’s time to get back to my lemon water, my headaches, and work, because as you see, I’m struggling haha… And don’t forget, if you want to join some fun ladies in helping each other with your goals because you might not have that support system, come on over to our #workingonmyselfie group on FB!!!! We are fun, and we talk about anything and everything!

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    CHEERS TO 2015!!!!