• Listen, you're sexy, and you know it.

    perfection-quotesOk… ok ok ok. So, in one of my last blogs, I told everyone about how I am working towards my mental health by seeing a therapist…. Well, friends, I’ve done a lot of soul searching in the last few weeks, and I have something to proclaim… and, I will start with saying sorry for all the curse words, but it’s the only way to properly express my feelings… so here it goes… wait for it, wait for it…


    Yep. What’s the you said, Andrea? Did you really just say that? Really… Yes really. I said it. And this is why… Let’s face it there are so many blog post out there that tell you how you should feel about your body or how you shouldn’t feel about your body and I’m just here to tell you that it’s okay to feel what you feel you don’t need to read a blog post telling you it’s okay to feel sad, or it’s okay to love your body, or it’s okay to be big, or it’s okay to be small, or it’s okay to just be you and feel whatever the hell you feel if you’re feeling fucking sexy then you’re fucking sexy if you’re feeling not good and like a marshmallow then that’s what you’re feeling. It sucks but we all feel it even on our best days, we end up criticizing ourselves somehow it’s just who we are as humans it’s what we do. I mean amen for all of the bloggers and all of the posts about loving your body for what it is and all of that kind of stuff because those posts are very true but where are the posts that just sit there and tell you, it’s ok to feel this way. Sure, am I being hypercritical because I’ve written before that everyone should love themselves for who they are and not care about society… sure… But now, I’m sitting here saying, we shouldn’t be telling you how to feel, how to look, how to act, we should just be telling you that who you are, and WHAT YOU FEEL, is real, and it’s part of life.

    Right now, I’m feeling sexy, fucking sexy, and who knows how long that will last, because I’m sure I will look in the mirror and notice a hair coming out of the side of my face, or my double chin showing up too much, but IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! And guess what, it’s ok. You know, we can inspire, we can motivate, but we’re not inside your heads…. We aren’t the ones living inside your body every single day going through what you go through everyone is different and everyone goes through different things and how you look and how you feel is a big part of that.

    Whether you are big, small, tall, short, perfect bodied, fluffy, whatever you want to call it, everyone is fighting some sort of fight, and it’s not our job to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.. it’s our job to tell you that what you are feeling is REAL and it’s part of life… What I can tell you, is you shouldn’t forget, that no matter what, you TOO are a sexy beast, and you should 100% embrace that, WHEN YOU WANT TO. Try to be healthy, and try to maintain a good relationship with your mental health… but everything else, we can’t tell you what to do, how to feel, all we can do is be there for you…

    Maybe this was a totally weird post, but I just have been reading so much lately about people telling me how I should look at my body, how I should feel, how I should act, what’s going to happen if I don’t do this or that, and yes, that’s the nature of the internet…. but shit, you know what’s real? Our lives, our heads, our mentality…. so think about that.. think about HOW YOU feel, and then think about what YOU want, and don’t worry about what people say, YOU control your happiness and your life, and at the end of the day, YOU are sexy, and you need to remind yourselves of that!

    5. DO YOU GET UP EVERY MORNING….. Then you’re sexy.
    4. DO YOU BREATHE….. Then you’re sexy.
    3. DO YOU TALK…. Then you’re sexy.
    2. DO YOU GET SAD SOMETIMES… Then you’re sexy.
    1. DO YOU GET HAPPY SOMETIMES… Then you’re sexy.

    Oh, and I get it, that word sexy is also sometimes a negative word, but you know what, so is beautiful sometimes, so is every word… so yes, I’m using that word, because just like beautiful, i think it encompasses everything, and a strong sense of feeling badass about yourself… Ok I’m done I swear.


    This is my fucking sexy face.

    FullSizeRender (6)

    this is also my I’m sexy moment/face… all ready to go out, but yeah, that’s my sexy face. I’m feeling sexy!

    IMG_4264 (1)

    this is my ultimate sexy beast friend, looking sexy after being up since 4am, that is not ONLY super sexy all the time, but also reminds me im sexy! BAM everyone needs these friends.


  • 10 of the BEST gifts to give HER this Holiday…. or ME.. you know, whichever you prefer! HA!

    Oh my god if I get asked one more time “what do you want for christmas” or “give me your christmas list” or “stop buying shit you want so I can get you stuff for christmas” I’m going to pull my hair out… Yes, I love this time of the year, but I HATE pulling together my Christmas list. For some reason, and probably the very reason I’m BROKE, if I want something throughout the year, I just buy it then…. DUH….

    Obviously the GO-TO gift for me are clothes, but DUHHHHHHHHH, I want to pick them out myself, soooo, fail.. BUT, hey, I’m not as difficult as EVERYONE out there, and I WAS actually looking for some cool gifts this holiday, and I came up with a list of MUST-HAVES for me, and all my other healthy-living nuts out there…. (ok and I promise there’s only ONE shameless plug for my products in this list.. ONLY ONE I swear…) Oh, and before you ask, I did not get asked or whatever by these companies to make this list, lol, I know a lot of people get free product to do these types of things, but 1) I don’t think they even know who I am so they wouldn’t give me free shit and 2) I wouldn’t take it, this is stuff I really love!

    So here we go!


    wodsnobnecklace10. WODSNOB – Strength Charm!
    This is the perfect little gift for her stocking. The chain in this picture isn’t included, but the charm is so simple and cute, you can easily get a chain or make it into a keychain for her… And it’s SUPER reasonably priced.


    page-what-makes-it-perfect-wood-image-19. PERFECT BAR!!!!!!
    Ok so, I am a super KIND bar snob, but I recently found these bad boys at whole foods and HOLY YUMMMY get in my belly… These are PERFECT for sticking in my purse/gym bag/pocket?!?! for pulling out when I need a snack. They are good for you and yummy, WHO KNEW?!?!? The only downfall is that they are hard to come by. Whole Foods, Fresh Market, those places will have them, and you can always buy them online, but I like getting one to try before buying a big box! 🙂


    Ok this is my shameless T2T Plug, and hey, it’s at the bottom of the list, so It’s really not that big of a deal right?? Anyways, right before Christmas, we will be launching our new “box” service, tank of the month club… where you will get a brand new design tank on the 10th of each month, before it even hits the shop (if it even hits the shop!) It’s going to be awesome, and if you sign up, it’s 20$ a month, which means, you basically get 2 free tanks by the end of the year… yeah, who doesn’t love free stuff? So, let her know that the gift of giving won’t stop on just Christmas, but will arrive on the 10th of every month! (or, here’s an idea, don’t even tell her you enrolled in this, get her a tank, make her think she only gets one, and then BAM on the 10th, a new one arrives… genius?!?! I THOUGHT SO 🙂

    headphones7. Earband with Headphones!
    When I snowboard, I have my helmet, but I would be so bored if my helmet didn’t have the headphone jack attached lol – so yes, if I’m not wearing my helmet, OR, if I decide to actually get off my ass and run outside this winter (highly unlikely I know) I would want to run with a pair of these. It’s perfect, and will help me rock out to some EYE OF THE TIGER as I run my 1/2 mile HAHA



    Ok, I know sometimes they are boring, but there have been some fun ones that have came out recently… like the gluten-free makeovers, all your favorite foods but without the gluten (for me, this is a plus!)… and then there’s this babycakes cookbook that gives you recipes on goodies made vegan or gluten-free!! Both are slam-dunks, and will help me with my chocolate cravings 😉






    Lovely-Long-Sleeves5. GapFit Motioned Long-Sleeve TShirt! 
    I tried this on at the store on black friday, and it’s AWESOME! It’s super comfy and great for runs, or really just to hang out around the house in – or to wear to the gym before you get all hot and sweaty!!! And THUMBHOLES, I mean, who doesn’t love thumbholes!!!!! 🙂







    Jawbone-Up4. UP by Jawbone! 
    Now, I know there are a lot of options out there, but I really researched them all to see which one was going to be the best, and I really did like all that Jawbone had to offer… The UP3, (which is the one I think I want) tracks it all, calories, sleep, goals, all the stuff you really want tracked. Sometimes I wonder if I really need one of these things, but I really DO want to know how much I move around during the day, and if I’m not moving around enough, I want to know… hey, getting healthy isn’t easy, but there are devices to help you, and this is one of them!


    Mr-Tea3. Fred and Friends MISTER TEA Tea Infuser…
    If you don’t know of the FRED company, now’s about time you do… they have some SERIOUSLY hilarious gifts.. last year I got ninja cookie cutters, they were a big hit! So, I love tea, but I hate the tea bag, this little guy is perfect to hang out on my tea mug to take care of the tea bag!! Haha.. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves tea and wants a little guy hanging out in my mug!




    FitDeck-Bodyweight-Exercise-Deck2. FIT DECK!!!!!
    Do you know how hard it is sometimes to make it to the gym, or you have to travel, or you need some swimming workouts, or you workout from HOME and you need some sort of something fun… well here you go.. On this website, they have decks for everything, swimming, basketball, golf, lacrosse, seriously, they have everything haha. So maybe even get a few decks. I know what I’m asking for this christmas, duh, the swimming one!



    bravo-package-side-rectangle-h1_11. AND NUMBER ONE!! BRAVO BAR & BUMPER PLATE SET UP!!!!!
    Ok ok ok ok ok I know, yes, this is like my MEGA gift…. but what’s christmas if you can’t ask santa for expensive things?!?! hahaha… I want nothing more than a rouge bella bar and plates so i can lift and practice form at home! So, santa…….. PLEASE???? But not only do I want it, it’s a good gift for that lady (and man!!!) lifter in the house… something that can be shared! I don’t know though, if you start lifting at home, and get stronger than your male counter part, he might get mad! hahaha… but hey, stronger than the boys right???

    So there you have it…. hopefully I gave you guys some good ideas, have fun, and happy holidays everyone!