• Our own clothing line, say WHATTTT?

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    my face when we realized the meeting was happening! (i know, it’s like all my other faces, but this is my excited face HAHA)

    So, as many of you know, or maybe don’t know, a huge goal of mine is for T2T to one day, be making its own clothing…. We have found a lot of issues with the tanks we currently use, being super inconsistent in length, size, softness, stuff like that, and on TOP of that, when someone points out a flaw, I can’t even take credit for it! I want to be able to say, yes, that is our fault, let me fix it for you or let me tell our manufacturers that there’s an issue, and I will make it right. Because right now, all I can do is say, eeeks, we are working on it? There’s nothing I can do, they aren’t our tanks?

    Tanks are one thing, but a whole clothing line committed to make women feel better about themselves when they are working out is another. The motivational sayings on the shirts is something that will never go away, but I want to be able to CREATE workout compression pants that are MEANT to not give you a muffin-top, and WON’T be see through when you’re squatting. I want to be able to take the fabric we have on the tanks and create fun flowy long sleeve shirts for yoga… I want SHORTS, shorts that FIT, and are cute no matter what your athletic ability is!!! These other companies are great, but you have to remember that so many of us want to see ourselves in the clothing that’s advertised, and thats what I WANT! I want, comfortable, affordable, flattering clothing for women of all sizes because we have all types of athletes, because we ARE the company that reminds you that, you, you over there, the girl who just started going to the gym again, or the girl who busts her ass 6 times a week in the gym but still has things she is insecure about, or the girl who wants to GAIN 20lbs in muscle but is having a hard time doing so, or that girl that just wants to make it past regionals this year in the CrossFit games, YOU, ALL OF YOU, ALL OF US, are athletes. And not only are WE athletes, but by representing this brand, we are inspiring others to remember that they are too…

    10626616_516112178522353_2697858580791956926_nSO ANYWAYS, we are PROUD to be able to announce that this dream has, since yesterday, became a reality… that our OWN LINE will start being produced over the next few months… This has been a dream come true, and it wouldn’t have been able to happen without YOU!!! BUT, that being said, it means we can have AWESOME stuff that you guys can’t find anywhere else… So, I want to hear about that stuff you want… and I want to hear why you like our brand… because I want to MAKE SURE this brand stays as is, and we keep being badass for YOU, our friends, who are BADASSES!!! So, please, TAKE OUR SURVEY HERE, (you might get a coupon at the end, just saying!)