• Something weird, but amazing happened this morning…

    243f02a4be8efe62fbd98f6f28005725Well, I had one awesome morning so far… and no, I didn’t do anything special, I literally just got out of bed, showered and got dressed… and it’s been the best day ever… Why do you ask? Because, clearly, that sounds crazy hahaha. Well friends, let me tell you… I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF TODAY hahahahaha…

    Instead of the usual, yelling, screaming, getting pissed that I can’t find anything in my damn closet that makes me look like a hot sexy BEAST, I woke up, threw on a pair of jeans, and… wait for it… wait for it… a TIGHT SHIRT (yes yes, I know, tight, it’s crazy.. I’m still in shock), and I looked in the mirror and I was like… “HOLY SHIT ANDREA, LOOK AT YOU GO GIRL!” yep, I said that to myself.. just like that. Happy and proud. HAHAHA.. Standing in the mirror, this rockstar (yes, I’m calling myself a rockstar) had a moment of happiness, proudness, and like badassness… OH, and don’t forget, a confidence booster haha… This feeling, this feeling of, holy shit I’m getting hotter, has really made me feel like a million bucks today!!!!! But, as I write this, it’s only 9am and I know something will go wrong and that feeling will go away haha but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

    This is me feeling awesome today HAHAHA – and I know, the faces, I just can’t make normal faces guys!!


    I mean how perfect is this… personality is everything! 🙂

    Now, this confidence isn’t going to make me run out to the nearest bikini shop and get a two piece and call myself a super model, but it def makes me realize that all the self hate, needs to go out the door… that maybe the way I look at myself is something I need to asses, and maybe this was the morning that finally got me thinking in the right frame of mind again… Sure, I can take a banging #SELFIE, but to actually look in the mirror and say hey, that selfie is actually me, and I’m actually banging today, is the best feeling ever… BEST. FEELING. EVER…

    One last thing… this has been the best and worst month ever… we have grown tremendously over this past month with the T2T shop, and I can’t thank you guys enough for sticking with us, however, I know that mistakes have been made, backorders are out of control, but I want you to know, I’m getting help, and we are working on it… A lot of people thing we are this big company with lots of awesome employees, but in reality, it’s just me (and now a few helpers)…. so, I swear, we are trying to fix and grow at the same time, and just know, I’m doing the best I can, trying the best I can, and hope you guys can be patient and still love us for our imperfections…. Because, I’m totally obsessed with all you guys! haha!!

    And I’ll share some yummy treats I’ve been eye’ing lately!!!!!!!


    Ingredients for the Jalapeño-Lime Chicken Wings:

    • 2 pounds (1000 grams) chicken wings
    • 2 jalapeño peppers, deseeded and cut into chunks
    • 1/4 cup coconut oil
    • 2 Tablespoons coconut aminos
    • 4 cloves garlic, peeled
    • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
    • Juice of 1 lime
    • 1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves

    Directions for the Jalapeño-Lime Chicken Wings:

    1. Add all of the marinade ingredients (not the chicken!) to a blender. Process until smooth. If the marinade is a little thick, add a splash of water and re-process.
    2. Put the chicken wings into a container or large freezer bag. Pour over the marinade and toss the wings through it so that they are evenly coated.
    3. Marinate for at least 30 minutes, up to overnight.
    4. When you are ready to cook, preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Line a baking tray with foil and place a cooling rack onto the foil-lined tray.
    5. Place the wings onto the metal rack, and bake for 15 minutes.
    6. Turn the oven up to 425°F (210°C). Turn the chicken wings over and return them to the oven for another 15 minutes, or until browned.
    7. While the chicken is cooking, make the Ranch Dressing Dip!

    Ingredients for the Paleo Ranch Dressing Dip:

    Directions for the Paleo Ranch Dressing Dip:

    1. In a mini food processor or blender, process the soaked and drained cashews until you have a paste. You may need to scrape down the sides of your processor or blender a few times to do this.
    2. Once your cashews are a spreadable texture, add the coconut milk a little at a time and process until smooth.
    3. Add the lemon juice, the rest of the coconut milk, the seasonings and herbs. Process until combined and the dressing is smooth. If it is still a little thick, add a splash of water and re-process.
    4. Once the Jalapeño-Lime Chicken Wings are cooked, serve with the Paleo Ranch Dressing Dip.



    4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
    2 heaping TBS fresh chopped cilantro
    3 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
    ½ tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp chili powder
    ½ tsp cumin
    1 tsp oregano or 1 TBS fresh chopped oregano
    salt and pepper to taste
    2 TBS fresh lime juice

    Read more at http://cherishedbliss.com/cilantro-lime-grilled-chicken/#xE38xZeuHqEitA26.99

    Mix fresh cilantro, olive oil, seasonings, and lime juice.
    Next, hand rub the mixture over the chicken. Marinate the chicken for as long as it takes to heat your grill.
    Then grill on 400 degrees (adjusting the heat as needed) until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F, turning the chicken occasionally.
    If you enjoy this recipe, you might be interested in these!

    Read more at http://cherishedbliss.com/cilantro-lime-grilled-chicken/#xE38xZeuHqEitA26.99

  • To the guy at the bar who said I can't…….

    So, last night, I talked to a guy at the bar for about .2 seconds, he asked me what I did and I said I am about to open a crossfit gym (I was excited, I know)… today’s post, is my letter to him…

    20140427-122948.jpgDear Mr.Perfect Gym-Goer at the bar,

    So I have a question? What gives someone the right to tell someone they don’t know what they can or cannot do based on physical appearance? Do you even know me? Do you even know what’s inside this non-perfect exterior? Do you know I have one whole ab? Didn’t think so.

    So when I tell you that I want to open a CrossFit gym after talking to you for .2 seconds, I don’t think your first answer should be “you can’t, you don’t fit the part” because Mr.Perfect, what does that “part” look like? Sure, my arms aren’t toned and perfect, but I can probably bench more then you… Sure my thighs touch and my butt jiggles, but I can most likely pick you up and squat snatch you over this bar…. Sure, I might have a few extra pounds on me but inside, and in my heart, I’m happy and all I want to do is inspire, motivate and make everyone else happy…… So that “part” that you’re trying to get me to fit, I believe I don’t fit your part, but for the 95% of the rest of the crossfit community, I fit that damn part pretty well.

    People like you that tell people they can’t, make them want it even more, and make them even more determined to prove you wrong that people like us, “the norm”, can have everything and more that you have…. And I’m sick of you telling me I can’t based on my appearance.

    So, next time you’re at a bar, or a gym, or hell, the grocery store, and someone tells you something about them that you don’t think they can do, I would keep that to yourself, because unfortunately there’s a lot of stuff a lot of people can’t do, but that’s not going to stop them from trying, and trying really hard. And I’m not sure if you can tell by the tone of my blog-letter that you’ll never see, I was hurt by your comment, but it just made me realize how much more I want my CrossFit gym and how it’s going to be a place where every damn person feels welcome and accepted and where the elite athletes are amazing and help people that think they can’t, remember that they can…. Because we’ve all started somewhere.

    Love always,
    The imperfect crossfit gym owner.


    Love, the imperfect crossfit gym owner that doesn’t give a crap about you (and looks TOTALLY like the part of a gym owner!)

  • Day 1, Kick-Boxing… I mean Ass-Kicking

    This is Stacy, she's a badass, and could seriously kick some ass - i don't want to meet her in the ring ever! hahaha

    This is Stacy, she’s a badass, and could seriously kick some ass – i don’t want to meet her in the ring ever! hahaha

    Alright, well first of all, remember that time I said, oh yeah, sure, let’s do 30 different workouts in 30 days……………………….

    Exactly…. EFF THAT. (this is where I talked about it) So I tried to even start planning out all the workouts, and where I would go, and stuff, and it just got too hard, too quick… sure, if I didn’t have anything else to do during the day, like send you guys SHIRTS, I could do it, but ummm nope… not happening.. SO, instead of 30 workouts in 30 days, I’m just going to try to complete 30 different workouts before my 30th birthday HAHA… (granted I workout everyday now, but these will be NON-CROSSFIT workouts!)… And, I’m going to share my experiences with you because, hey, maybe you’ll want to try one of these crazy things too!!!!

    SO, last night, I got the pleasure of taking a Kick-boxing class at Title Boxing in Springfield, VA. I had met a trainer at an event, Stacy Nixon (she’s AMAZEBALLS by the way), and said, hey, come try it out………………….. again with the dots, I know…. because… HOLY…. SHIT…. really? Kick-boxing is no joke. Yes, did I walk in there thinking, oh hey, big dick swinging, I do CrossFit, I’m tough, nothing will phase me.. Hahaha just the WARM-UP phased me… probably because it’s all cardio, and it’s for 15 minutes straight (it’s like a quick metcon on crack).. but man, was I dead, AFTER THE DAMN WARM-UP. I remember looking at my friend Darcy who came with me, and just be like OMG what did we get ourselves into… I was drowning in sweat haha, I mean to the point where it was literally just rolling into my eyes I could barely see HAHA.

    Once we got into the actual boxing part with our bags, it got better, and I kicked that bags ass, but it’s so fast paced, that I was like shit, I can’t keep up… 1,3,4 kick, punch, elbow, something something something… at one point I was just punching the bag because I was like EFF it I can’t keep up anymore haha. I probably looked like such an idiot, but man, I have a new respect for kick-boxing, because it was def an ass-kicking for me! You should all try it.. go prepared to sweat, and get some killer punching in, and get some killer abs too! I think it’s def something anyone can do, at your own speed, so go out and try it. I’m def glad I did… and I’ll most likely end up getting a membership there too – haha..

    On to the next adventure….. Aerial Yoga!



  • Why everyone should compete.

    my back was killing me, but I knew, if I didn't get through these squat cleans, I was going to let me team down... you can see it on my face, i was in pain.

    my back was killing me, but I knew, if I didn’t get through these squat cleans, I was going to let me team down… you can see it on my face, i was in pain.

    So, I have no clue why I was so scared… well, I do a little bit, considering I got the most ridiculous butterflies before every WOD this weekend, but holy cow, I competed this weekend and I couldn’t have had a better time. Let me tell you why with a handy little list.


    1. No matter what you look like, your size, small or big, you are going to be looked at as a COMPETITOR. 

    This was one of my biggest worries, especially since I’m still so self conscious about everything I do, and what I look like, too worried that I won’t look good enough, or I’m not hot enough, or people can see my chub, but holy CRAP, can I tell you? I didn’t feel discouraged about how I looked at all? I just felt like such a badass, I couldn’t even worry about how I looked, and I think that was the straw that broke the camels back that finally made me realize, screw it, stop caring so much about what others think, if you’re a badass, then BE A BADASS and don’t care about everyone else… it was such a confidence booster, that everyone needs to do it.


    The feeling of being on a team again, again, best feeling ever. I haven’t felt that in a long time, but the other 3 people that were dying with me, were the best people I could have ever asked to be with… we all pushed each other, we all cheered each other on, and even when we couldn’t breathe, we were making sure that we used every last breath to remind our teammates that we aren’t going to let you fail. There were so many times that I was like, I won’t be able to do this, or I actually messed up my back and I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to hold my weight, but we changed things, and we made sure that we could still rock out knowing we had issues. That feeling of being part of a team again, makes me want to find the next competition and enter, right away. haha.

    3. People helping strangers. 

    See that super hot dude over there?? The one you never thought would even look at you? Well, he’s the one giving you tips and helping you through your workouts, because people that do crossfit only care about one thing, doing crossfit, and they don’t care what you look like, or if you are a newbie or a veteran, we are all there to do the same thing, kick our own asses for 5 workouts in 2 days and enjoy every second of it. Not for one freaking second did I ever feel uncomfortable… not one.

    danielle wouldn't let me drop her, and she told me the whole way, don't stop, keep going, keep GOING.

    danielle wouldn’t let me drop her, and she told me the whole way, don’t stop, keep going, keep GOING.

    4. All those people screaming your name, making sure you don’t stop. Yeah, that.

    It didn’t matter if you were first, or last, someone, was screaming for you to keep moving… You might not even know that person, but that person is yelling as hard as they can to make sure you don’t stop and you just keep going. Even if you were in last place, the whole stadium was screaming at that person or team to never give up… can I tell you how loud it was in that place? SUPER LOUD.

    5. Doing this will give you that feeling of accomplishment, and pride. 

    Never did I ever, EVER, think that I would have ever walked into that damn arena, and competed in front of thousands of screaming strangers and not cared how many people were staring at me… A year and a half ago, 250lbs, starting this whole thing, I just wanted a change, and now, I’m a totally different person that could kick your ass, and that feeling, is the best feeling in the world. To me, changing my mindset, changing my eating habits, and working out every, damn, day, has turned me into a competitor again, and that makes me so freaking proud of myself… and at the same time, I really REALLY hope, that me doing this, shows YOU, and the crossfit community, that you don’t have to be the perfect vision of fitness to compete again, you just need to try your hardest… that alone, can turn you into a competitor, and that alone, should make you want to do one.. that feeling of accomplishment, is something I will remember forever…

    Overall it was such a fun weekend, I got to meet some awesome people that knew about T2T, I got to feel like a serious badass, and I got to have the time of my life. To my team, you’ll never quite know what this meant to me, and I just hope you want me on your team again… because, I need you guys HAHA.

    I think from here on out my thoughts have changed about the person I am, and the person I am becoming… who cares about the size, the number, the look, what matters are the accomplishments, the strength, and the willingness to go outside of your comfort zone and do something that you would have never done before… be amazing, be proud and most of all feel accomplished.

    the most amazing team and people i've ever known... my fitness for these people runs deep (it's a inside joke ya'll!)

    the most amazing team and people i’ve ever known… my fitness for these people runs deep (it’s a inside joke ya’ll!)

  • My first CrossFit competition.. 3 days away… I'm scared. HA

    unnamed (5)So, T-Minus 4 days till my first CrossFit competition!!!! (this is the comp we are doing!!! http://www.maachallenge.com/) and actually after looking at the site again, it’s actually in THREE DAYS hahaha…. Am I nervous? HELL YES I’M NERVOUS. Not only am I going to be competing in front of hundreds of people, most of them are SUPER HOT! hahahaha. And if you’ve ever had image issues, you know what I’m talking about when you have to go in front of a ton of HOT strangers and TRY TO kick their asses. A few months ago, a few AWESOME people at my gym and I decided, what the heck… let’s compete. For fun, but at the same time, all of us are super competitive, so we want to do well…. (although, I know I’m putting myself down, but I don’t know how well we can do with me on the team HAHAHA). Anyways, this team formed, and it feels amazing! It’s like I’m back in high school or college again, I have teammates, who have the same mindset as me… get ready for this competition and kick some ass… The feeling is something I can’t explain, and I have to say that I’m so pumped that I have CrossFit to have those feelings again.

    I have an individual competition the weekend after, and I’m not as excited. After doing the CrossFIt Games Open this year, I’m not as excited competing by myself, as I am with a team. That feeling of team pride and pushing your teammates is something you don’t get doing an individual competition, but THE FACT that I am actually competing again, is something I couldn’t have even imagined at the beginning of this whole weight loss journey. I don’t even care about the weight I’ve lost, I don’t care about how my body has changed, the coolest thing to me is that I’m part of a team again.

    This is going to be my face when I walk into that arena on Saturday.

    This is going to be my face when I walk into that arena on Saturday.

    Now, we could do really well, or we could do really shitty haha but, only 95% of CrossFitters are elite anyways, and the rest are normal awesome people who come together to share their love for the sport of fitness. (not that the elite aren’t awesome people either, I just can’t relate to their awesomeness haha) And walking into that arena for the first time on Saturday, I will be one of those official competitors, going for the prize, and having the team to back me up. I always have these super deep convo’s with my friend Dave, and yesterday we were talking about what T2T is really about, and one of these things really stuck out:

    think about you and your brand… it offer’s something for the others. The weekend warriors, the people grinding after, or before work. Working hard to shape themselves into the person they want to be, regardless of size. Not just physically, but mentally as well and to no longer procrastinate, to stop saying i will do this later, and to finally get off your ass and do it…. it doesn’t matter if they’re thick or thin, everyone has something they’re fighting to overcome

    and with that, with me walking into an arena with hundreds of people that I think, think that I CAN’T DO IT, makes me way more motivated then anything else… It’s going to help me get through this competition without beating myself up about it, and just knowing that I wouldn’t have been able to do this months ago, and that I stopped procrastinating and I got off my ass finally, and that’s why I’m here today.

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  • Why 40% off? Because, we messed up, and want to make it right.


    This is me asking you for your forgiveness…

    Like any small business, we have ups and downs…. It seems like recently, we’ve had a lot of downs… but they are because of up’s!!!?? (it doesn’t make sense, I know)… Let me explain.

    April, has been a RECORD breaking month for T2T, I don’t know what’s happened, but the words out about this company, and you guys have been buying up shirts like it’s nobody’s business… Now, I have an odd way of running things… I like transparency, a lot of it. Because honestly, yeah, sure, this is my company, but this company is for YOU, and YOU are spending the money… so why not know when things are good, and when they are bad? I’m sure the sharks at Shark Tank wouldn’t agree on that philosophy, but I do. The more you trust me, the better… So, it’s almost like you guys are all my board of trustees, and I need to inform you of issues we’ve had…

    Some of you don’t know, that we are still a little baby company. There’s literally 2 employees hahaha, I know, it’s weird, people don’t believe it because of our awesome website HAHA, but no, it’s true. Now, we are expanding, and more people will be working here within the month, but, up till now, just 2 of us… We are based down in Washington, DC, and our printer is in NY. That’s the other thing… my printer is small, and growing as we grow. That’s good and it’s bad. As we grow, he grows, but at the same time, he has to keep up… and right now, we are not caught up. That’s the reason behind this sale… I have a ton of stuff sitting here in the warehouse, but I also have a bunch of stuff on backorder, I have orders that are still sitting here from April, and I feel horrible about that… There’s only so much, us little people can do. We’ve had this issue in the past, and we have fixed it… and we are doing the same thing this time. We’ve had inventory issues (our website being wrong) shipping issues and issues trying to find the best customer service software, so literally, everything that could go wrong this month, has.

    The fact that we have grown so much over the last month (over 300%) is awesome, but it makes for unhappy customers, and slow printing on backorders, and I hate that… It was a hard decision to make, but we wanted to reward everyone for sticking with us with a 40% off coupon FOR TODAY ONLY, because starting tomorrow, we will be shut down for a week till we can get caught up. We need to focus on printing backorders, and old missing items, so that when we re-open next Monday, we will be fully stocked, and we won’t have the issues we’ve had.

    I hate disappointing people, it’s actually something I really can’t stand… The feeling of making someone unhappy with something that happened with my company, is probably the worst feeling in the world… If I had all the money in the world, I would fix that problem, but we don’t – and since we are growing, we just need to ask that you guys can stick with us through this crappy time, and accept our apology and also believe we are doing everything to fix it… This 40% off is my gift to you… THIS will probably never happen again, so take advantage of it today haha.

    LAST THING… we are NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS hahaha… we are just simply, trying to catch up… 🙂 NOW GO SHOP!!!!!!


  • 30 different workouts, 30 days for my 30th birthday.

    A friend sent this to me, it was a post by Shaun T on facebook a few weeks ago:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ- it's about accepting who you are! So last night I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman at the restaurant. She was a server and she was so happy and excited when she saw me. Which I loved because I love seeing people smile. Before I left I wanted to say goodbye and and when I did she introduced me to her roommate. Her roommate said, "I don't do your videos because I'm a thick girl!" I kind of joked around with her and said "The more you can shake, the more you can make" and then we laughed and danced. But that got me thinking. Why do we let what we look like stop us from being healthiER? The ER is a big deal. No one said we have to be model thin. No one said we have to win a fitness competition. We just need to be healthiER. So, I woke up at 4:45am thinking about this very pretty and fun lady and compelled me to write the little poem below. ------------ Some people LIKE thick Some people LIKE thin But It's bout how much you move That makes your heart win We constantly strive for what we see But far too often it's outside of we We meaning I I meaning Me Don't be halted by what you'll never be YOU ARE YOU that's a beautiful thing Make a healthiER YOU I promise you will WIN! -Don't let your shape discourage you from being healthy. If we all looked alike life would be boring. Some people want a thin spouse and some people like a little extra thickness. Not everyone is attracted to the SAME thing. As long as YOU accept who YOU are...that's who someone will love. Happy Sunday and gosh darn it...workout to look good in YOUR BODY!

    A friend sent this to me, it was a post by Shaun T on facebook a few weeks ago:
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ- it’s about accepting who you are!
    So last night I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman at the restaurant. She was a server and she was so happy and excited when she saw me. Which I loved because I love seeing people smile. Before I left I wanted to say goodbye and and when I did she introduced me to her roommate. Her roommate said, “I don’t do your videos because I’m a thick girl!” I kind of joked around with her and said “The more you can shake, the more you can make” and then we laughed and danced. But that got me thinking. Why do we let what we look like stop us from being healthiER? The ER is a big deal. No one said we have to be model thin. No one said we have to win a fitness competition. We just need to be healthiER. So, I woke up at 4:45am thinking about this very pretty and fun lady and compelled me to write the little poem above.Some people want a thin spouse and some people like a little extra thickness. Not everyone is attracted to the SAME thing. As long as YOU accept who YOU are…that’s who someone will love.
    Happy Sunday and gosh darn it…workout to look good in YOUR BODY!

    So, on july 28th, I will be turning 30.. the dreaded 30. But I’m not scurrrrred. I am excited to start the next decade in my life! My 20’s were cool, but I think my 30’s will be pretty legit. I decided though, for my 30th birthday, I am going to do 30 NEW workouts in 30 days. (that might be a LITTLE tricky, so we might need to extend it to 40 days or at least 35, but never the less, I’m DOING IT).

    I asked everyone on facebook to give me ideas, and below, I’m going to list my schedule… I’m also going to blog about each experience, because you NEVER know what awesome new workout has come out that you might love. I will be honest and let you know what I think about each one, haha… some will be scary, I’m sure, but I’m looking forward to some awesome new things to check out!

    But quick sidebar… I was driving to my office last week and for some reason I remembered the saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”……… well, I think that’s bullshit, because food is AMAZING and being fit and not depriving yourself of a little bit of yummy delish, high-fat, high-calorie food, isn’t the end of the world… I often go back to thinking about when I started this blog/website/whole journey, and all ALL i wanted to do was be skinny, because that’s what I thought was the right thing to do, and now, I’m like, NOPE! I want to stay strong and happy… and not have to worry about every little thing I put in my body… and the weight will come off, because I’m eating better, I’m working out, and I’m pushing myself, but before, when getting skinny was my MAIN priority, it was also my biggest downfall and made me miserable. So now, I’m enjoying life, eating clean with cheat meals, and honestly, the things I put in my mouth (HAHAHAHA you dirty bird!) taste just as fine, thin or THICK! SO BAM! That’s my take on that, and sorry for the side rant, but wanted to say that quick.

    Alright… back to my 30 new different workouts in 30 days!!!!!! Since I only ever do crossfit, time to try something new!

    1. SurfSet FITNESS! 

    2. POUND! Don’t know what it is, but I’m doing it.

    3. Arial Yoga! There’s one close by, I’m DOING IT!

    4. SPARK Training!

    5. Rock Climbing

    6. Prancercise… YES, YES i will be participating in one of these workouts, I’m not even kidding you.

    7. Kickboxing!

    8. Adult Ballet!

    9. BARRE!

    10. MMA with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

    11. POLE.. yep… gonna go visit Lindsey Love down in DC and try one of these classes (this should be HILARIOUS)

    12. SoulCycle

    13. Les Mills Body Pump

    14. Zumba

    i-love-you-man-awkward15.  Dance until 4am at a bar with one of your best friends! (listen, this is a legit workout, you don’t understand how much it takes to dance in high heels from like 10pm to 4am!!!!, this is LEGIT added to the list)

    16. Circus Fitness

    17. Naked Yoga NO WAY IN HELL! hahahaha

    17. TRAMPOLINE WORKOUTS! Yes totally doing this.. TOTALLY!

    18. Paddle Board Yoga (going to try this, if I can find a warm body of water around here!)

    19. Capoeira

    20. Jukari Fit to Fly!

    21. R.I.P.P.E.D.

    22. Piloxing

    23. Boxing at Title Boxing Club

    24. SoulCycle for a second time. Because I’m going to love it.

    25. Def some sort of hip-hop dancing class! 

    26. AQUA SPIN! (I’m going to try to get up to NYC and do this with my friend GLIVE!)


    28. AQUA Zumba! 

    Tramping, this is actually a thing.

    Tramping, this is actually a thing.

    29. TRAMPING! (hahaha tramping, such a funny name!)

    30. How about just a plain, old, run………… (because we all know I don’t do that crap HAHAHA)

    Alright, who’s doing these with me!!!!!