• Back on the horse & top 10 WORST energy bars!

    1900031_10201663656133044_1583340125_nSo, I have been slacking like a mofo – but, we signed up for a CrossFit competition for the weekend of April 12th soooooo, that really gave me the kick I needed, I think to get back into the swing of things… Yes, I’ve been working out, but not hard enough, and my eating habits haven’t been the best… and for some reason, I just didn’t care. I felt like crap, I was performing like crap, and I was just miserable…. but something in side of me, the competitor in me, said, YOU’RE GOING TO COMPETE AND NOT COME IN LAST. Which meansssss… I MUST eat clean, and I MUST workout hard and smart so that we aren’t the laughing stock of The Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge. haha

    Anyways, as you all know, A) eating healthy and clean is tough, B) it’s expensive and C) it’s a 100% mind game… My mind is telling me eat that donut when my body is saying, pick the carrots and hummus please… Not sure why my inner fat-kid won’t get rid of my love for delicious, soft, warm, sweet, yummy DONUTS (ok now I want one), but it can’t and it never will… so instead, I have to tell my brain, hey, look at those amazingly hard, cold, stiff, orange delicious tasteless CARROTS! They are WAYYY better then the donuts hahaha. No one ever won crossfit competitions eating donuts, right? Bacon, YES. Donuts, NO. Bacon donuts???? That could be figured out I’m sure hahaha…

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  • The Most Epic Workout Playlist

    I asked YOU what your favorite workout songs were… and we made a PLAYLIST… (it’s currently not done, we have 100 of the 400 entries, but you get it! Follow this playlist and get some awesome jams!

  • Episode 4… Nutrition and "Clean Eating"

    Alright, we finally got to talking about what I think is one of the most talked about topics in weight loss… Unfortunately we could have probably talked for hours upon hours about this, but we had to cut it short to an hour, so if some of the questions/topics weren’t talked about enough, let me know, and I will try to get your questions answered!

    photo 1 (26)

    this is the world that was falling behind me… i need to stick that thing on the wall with all my pins of people in the world that have bought my shirts!

    I think the hardest part about nutrition is the fact that everyone is different and foods affect everyones bodies differently… Personally, I know for me, the best way to lose weight is to eat clean… And I think after chatting with Anya about all of the stuff we talked about, that might be one of the ways that people could potentially lose the weight they are trying to lose and keep it off… I mean there are always cheat meals, for SURE… CHEAT DAY is my FAVORITE DAY 🙂 but getting all the processed foods, the sugars, and frankly, the SHIT you don’t need, is a really good way of doing it. And for me, the best part of doing it that way, is you really don’t have to track things, or measure things, you just EAT like we were made to do… EAT 🙂

    Here are some good website that help with clean eating recipes:


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  • Weight Loss Rehab?

    12177_677285358981002_751599458_nI think I need to enlist myself into weight loss rehab. Like ASAP. hahaha… I keep thinking, ok, let me start.. I’ll start, ok I’m starting.. (yes, all of those same thoughts..) I will start with working on cutting out gluten and dairy and booze, then after a while, I just won’t worry about what I’m eating period as long as my workouts are good… thennnn I’m noticing nothing is changing. Which, I mean, obviously… if my diet sucks, I’m not going to lose weight, DUH. I can hope and dream as much as I want, but this isn’t “The Secret” here… I’m not wishing away my extra flab!! I actually have to work for it.. haha…

    I will do well for a while, and I feel AMAZING, then i have a cheat day, and that cheat day turns into a cheat few days, and then a cheat week, and then the headaches come back, and I feel like crap again, and that’s when I start back up again, but it’s not enough, I can’t be good for a week, be bad for a week, hahaha that’s not going to work!

    work hard, work even HARDER

    work hard, work even HARDER

    I sent a dress of mine that I got back in the summer for my bachelorette party, over to Shannon today… since she’s doing amazing in her weight loss progression, she can fit in it and I can’t.. and I got jealous! I worked so freaking hard, and then LIFE, LIFE got in the way, and I fell off track. Why is it so hard to try to get back on track? Why is life and being healthy and being in shape not easier? Why is it that having this full time job, the everyday stress, a social life, gym life, AND making sure that we stay on track… I mean come on, why isn’t this easier??? I did it once, why can’t I do it again… The wedding was a big motivator, but I need something new, something that will make me want to keep going, and to work harder and to keep going… put all the stresses aside and tell myself that this will happen this time and that it’s possible.

    I’m going to fix this, I am going to improve myself… I am going to get to my goal weight, stop slacking, get better in the gym, and kick some serious ass…. It’s so so SO hard to stay on track, but WE CAN DO IT… right?

  • Episode 3… Moms and CrossFit!

    photo 1 (5)Disclaimer! This week’s podcast was CrossFit heavy, and I’m sorry about that! haha! But we CrossFit and sometimes we have to talk about it 🙂 First off, I know the podcast is called, Wine and Weightloss but it was a Saturday and all we had was beer! So, that’s what this week’s podcast was called haha, Beer and Weight Loss (which doesn’t go hand in hand we know haha). Well this week, we got to have an awesome guest, a MOM! I know I’m not a mom (obviously) and I can talk for hours about my struggles but I have a lot of awesome mom’s on the page, going through similar issues, but THEY have more on their plate then I do, they have families and kids and jobs AND WEIGHT LOSS… so, it was great having Becca on the show. She talked about what it’s like to have a family and juggle that, and juggle her crazy work schedule, and how she MAKES IT A POINT to get to the gym every single day… because it’s important to her! Listen to the podcast, I promise you will like it! 🙂

    photo 3 (2)

    Our special guest, the amazing, BECCA!

    We talked about the open, and how that’s coming up, and if everyone SHOULD enter or not… I think we had some good points!!! We played a fun game with truths and myths about weight loss and working out. I posted them below as well!!! 🙂 Sarah was the winner, go figure… she probably cheated 😉 I posted all 12 below, we only got through 5, but the rest are good to!

    AND WE ALSO talked about the bottom five things to NOT say to a CrossFitter hahahaha… Well that pretty much sums last weeks podcast up, we found the soundboards, and that got kind of funny, but take a listen and enjoy!

    Neil losing horribly at Myth or Truth!

    Neil losing horribly at Myth or Truth!

    The Truth or Myth game!!!

    Myth: Sit Ups And Crunches Are Most Effective For Six-Pack Abs
    Truth: Moves like planks and push ups are much more effective at carving out your ab muscles than sit ups and crunches. These exercises target your whole core and, when combined with cardio and a healthy diet, are the way to strengthen your abs.

    Myth: Cardio Burns The Most Calories
    Truth: If you want to burn more fat overall — and keep burning it long after your workout is over — weight training is the way to go.

    Myth: Stretching Is Best Before Working Out
    Warming up with cardio before a workout is much more effective than stretching. It will get your blood flowing and warm up your muscles, preventing injury. Save the static stretching for after your workout.

    Myth: Weight Lifting Will Bulk You Up
    Truth: Women aren’t built to bulk up the same way men do; females don’t have the testosterone levels necessary. Choose heavy weights with less repetitions instead of light weights with higher reps.

    Myth: You Need Eight Glasses Of Water Daily
    Drink as much water as you need for clear urine. We get a great deal of water from food, and if you’re not thirsty, there’s no reason to force yourself to down another glass.

    Myth: Go Gluten-Free To Lose Weight
    Unless you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, there’s no need to go gluten-free. In fact, many gluten-free items have twice the carbs and much more sugar and fat than the regular versions.

    Myth: It’s Too Late To Get In Shape
    Truth: It’s never too late to begin a healthier routine. If you don’t exercise at all, start by walking 5 to 10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time and adding in strength training after 1 to 3 months.

    Myth: You Need A Long Workout
    Truth: Your body starts burning fat as soon as you start exercising.If you can’t exercise for the 30 minutes a day recommended for adults, a shorter, intense workout is better than no workout.

    Myth: You Need A Gym Membership To Get Results
    Truth: You don’t need a gym membership or major equipment to work out. A yoga mat, resistance band or even a chair are all you need to get a full-body workout at home.

    Myth: If You’re Not In Pain, You’re Not Working Hard Enough
    Truth: While muscle soreness is to be expected during a workout, especially if you’re trying a new exercise or lifting a heavier weight, but if you’re in serious pain, stop what you’re doing. It doesn’t mean you’re working harder — it means you’re probably injuring yourself.

    Myth: You Can Spot Reduce Fat
    Truth: The areas your body stores fat in are genetic. In order to lose weight in one area, you have to lose weight all over. Calories in vs. calories out, in combination with exercise and strength training, are the only ways to “spot reduce” fat.

    Myth: More Exercise Is Always Better
    Truth: Intense exercising every single day will burn you out, making you less likely to maintain a routine. Your muscles need time to recover. You also might not be keeping your form as well during frequent, extra-long workouts. Focusing on a few days of quality exercise a week instead of 7 days of mediocre effort will earn you better results.

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  • What numbers matter?

    3d7e609822b8933799636d3a1393a4f5So today in chatting with Shannon about her numbers, and when I say chatted, I mean heated passionate debate, we realized we had different views on what numbers matter to us… To me, I can’t do the numbers… you know that pic (that is now to the left of the text), of the scale with the saying, “this number does not define you, your effort does”… to me, that’s true. I hardly get on the scale, because the minute I do, I get depressed. I gauge my weight loss on the way my clothes fit, the way I feel, and how hard I’m working… I know that’s not the best way, but it’s the only way I can stay sane. My measurements are also something I do rarely, but more often then weighing myself… it’s nice knowing I’m shrinking in different places, and since the scale doesn’t measure how much muscle you are gaining (that will ALSO bring me down, stepping on the scale when I know my muscles are growing). She believes her BMI matters and yes to a point it does, but for me, and again this is just my opinion, but in the beginning and until you lose the gut and know you’re getting more in shape, BMI shouldn’t matter. You’ve got to shed that unwanted poundage first, then really worry about your numbers… right? Or maybe I’m wrong…

    So, what do all the numbers mean? What are the most important numbers to be keeping track of?

    I found this article on Ladies Home Journal that goes into depth on our “numbers”:

    The Scale

    woman in white sports bra and shorts with tape measure around her thighYou’ve been sticking to your new eating plan and exercising regularly, and you’ve improved your overall attitude about staying healthy. You’re feeling great; that is, until you step onto the scale and find your motivation deflating quicker than a balloon left in the sun too long. You can’t believe it; after all your hard work you’ve gained two pounds! What’s that all about?

    Now before you go reaching for the Haagen-Dazs or sleep in through your morning cardio class, consider this: Stepping on the scale may not be the best way for you to assess your progress.

    WHY SCALES SOMETIMES LIE The scale measures weight — not overall fitness– and it doesn’t differentiate between fat and muscle. Muscle is denser than fat and tends to weigh more.

    Try to visualize this: Which weighs more, five pounds of feathers or five pounds of lead? Neither — they both weigh five pounds — but you’re going to be looking at a whole lot of feathers. The same holds true for fat and muscle.

    When exercise is a significant part of a weight-loss program, the scale can feel less like a friend and more like a foe, because it often reflects small gains (in muscle mass) before showing substantial losses (in fat). Exercise helps you to burn off plump, fluffy fat cells, while building dense, compact muscle tissue, and you may seem to gain before you lose. But don’t despair: Over time, the scale will become a more faithful indicator of actual weight loss.

    As rational as this explanation is, it doesn’t lessen the impact of seeing that number on the scale, because a lot of emotions come into play each time we step onto it. “For most women who have dealt with [weight] issues, the scale just isn’t a very supportive tool.” says Marsha Hudnall, Director of Nutrition at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a weight-loss retreat for women in the mountains of Vermont where the philosophy is less about “How much do I weigh?” and more about “Why do I weigh what I do?”

    Muscle-Fat Ratio

    If you are building muscle and burning fat, you’d get a much better indicator of your progress if you track your fat-muscle ratio. There are three basic techniques for measuring the ratio of muscle to fat.

    • Hydrostatic Weighing. Of all the techniques, this is the most scientific, the most accurate, and the most expensive. Under supervision of an expert, you expel all the air from your lungs and submerge yourself in a tank of water. Because fat is more buoyant than muscle tissue, the weight that is recorded during this process is of the denser body tissue. Your “wet” weight is then compared to your “dry” weight to determine what percentage of the overall weight is fat.

    While this is a very accurate means for measuring body fat, the results can be affected by fluid intake or the consumption of foods high in water content (like fruits and certain vegetables) prior to the weighing, or by the patient’s comfort with holding her breath for 20 seconds or more. Finally, this is a very expensive test and is usually conducted only at university-based weight management centers.

    • Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This is the next best means for measuring fat after hydrostatic weighing. In this procedure, a low-level electrical current is run through the body. Water is a conductor of electricity and the more water in the body, the quicker the current will travel through. Since muscle is composed mostly of water, this reading gives a fairly accurate measure of fat-to-muscle ratio.

    The best place to have this test taken is in a doctor’s office. You can also get this done at your local gym by a personal trainer. However, the accuracy of this test can be affected by the skills of the person giving it, and by the amount of water retained by the body, which can fluctuate monthly for women, or even throughout the day.

    • Caliper Pinch Test. This is also known as the skin-fold pinch test, and it involves using a caliper to measure body fat by pinching the skin at various areas on the body. People store fat in different places, so multiple pinches are needed to get an accurate reading.

    This is the least accurate of the three methods, but it can be good way to track month-to-month changes in body composition. Again, you can get this done at your local gym or fitness center.

    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    The body mass index, or BMI, is another means for measuring body fat by calculating a ratio of height to weight. The basic formula is calculated by dividing your height in meters squared into your weight in kilograms.

    Basic BMI guidelines are as follows:

    • You are underweight if your percentage of body fat is less than 18.5
    • Your weight is normal if your percentage of body fat is 18.5 – 24.9
    • You’re overweight if your percentage of body fat is 25 – 29.9
    • You’re obese if your percentage of body fat is 30 or greater

    While this is a neat little system, it does have its limitations. For example, a person who has a lot of muscle mass or water volume (such as an athlete) will appear to be overweight, while a person who has a small frame and lean muscle may appear to be underweight. Pregnant woman and the elderly will also get inaccurate readings using the standard BMI.

    As with any test, it’s important to consult with your doctor to find the technique that is right for your body type.

    Measuring Change

    TAKING YOUR MEASUREMENTS This is as simple as breaking out the old measuring tape and measuring your bust, waist, hips, upper arm, thigh, calf, and ankle. These are the areas where the body tends to store fat. You’ll probably see more encouraging changes in these measurements as you progress in your program than you will by standing on a scale. One really important measurement is the hip-to-waist ratio, taken by dividing your hip measurement into your waist measurement. Studies have shown that people with a higher percentage of fat in their waists than their hips are at a higher risk for developing heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

    CHANGES IN CLOTHING SIZE AND FIT According to fitness expert and columnist Carol Krucoff, “Your clothes don’t lie!” Krucoff, an A.C.E. certified fitness instructor and author of the book Healing Moves, believes the best indicators for weight loss can be found right in your own closet. The “clothes test” is her personal choice for monitoring her weight. “I have a pair of old jeans from high school that I periodically try on,” she says. When the jeans feel a little snug in places they didn’t before, she knows that it’s time to put in a little extra time at the yoga studio. The satisfaction of seeing your clothes become less snug, or shopping for smaller sizes, is far more rewarding than any number on a scale.

    INCREASED STAMINA AND STRENGTH How do you feel? Chances are, if you’ve taken off weight and added muscle, you’ll have more energy for your daily activities. And you’ll definitely notice changes at the gym, where you’ll have more stamina and strength. If you’ve added another step in step class, can lift progressively more weight for more reps, or have doubled your walking mileage, take it as proof positive that you’re making progress.

    THE “SEE FAT” METHOD It’s as simple as it sounds. Take off all your clothes, stand in front of the mirror, jump up and down, see what jiggles. You might feel a little silly doing this, but the idea is to encourage familiarity with your body. As the weight comes off, you’ll see less jiggling in those places that shouldn’t. The point is not to fixate on what you don’t like (namely the fat), and to focus on the positive changes in your body (more muscle tone and definition). Krucoff believes it is “important for people to look in the mirror and see what’s right, [to] see the strong points and work away from only seeing the negative.”

  • I need your help.


    this is me asking for your help! EEEEEKS help me spread the message!

    Alright, now that we have finally been able to get inventory, and I can focus on building the brand that is, thick to thin, I need your help. I started this company because I was (and still am, hahaha from thick to a little less thick is what the company should be called) bigger and I couldn’t fit into workout clothes that big companies offered because 90% of the time, they were form fitting and I didn’t want something showing all my flaws while I was trying to work on them!

    I wanted myself and people like myself have the chance to get in shape and feel comfortable doing so…. That turned into this whole idea of a brand focused on inspiring other people… Letting them know that no matter what your size or athletic build, you’re amazing and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. While motivating them to get healthy! For themselves, their families, and the other important people in their lives. Kicking to the curb, the idea that small and thin is ideal, and instead, letting the world know that strong and athletic is sexy!

    This is more then just a company selling shirts to me, this is a community of amazing people who encourage each other and want to show the world how awesome they are. That means more to me then any monetary sale would! I try to be open, honest, and focus on YOU before anyone else. And I want the world to know about T2T.

    I’m not your typical athletic apparel CEO… I’m large, in charge, and could throw any normal size man across a room haha. And women like that can sell apparel too! When people ask me what I do, i tell them I sell workout gear and most of the time they look at me funny like, really? You? Well yes me! And it’s something I’m super proud about.

    This is me, helping for the community of t2t’s help. Help me spread the word… Throw me some ideas or some contacts that could help get T2T out in the world!!!! Comment here or shoot me an email. As always I appreciate you guys more than you know and am thankful for all ideas!

  • A 40$ brunch?

    photo (36)So I woke up this morning wanting to make the hubs brunch when he finally wakes up… well, you know what sucks? When you go to the store and you walk out with what, 6 things and it costs $40?! Gluten Free food is soooo expensive… So gluten free pancakes, gluten free brownies (I know, I know, not perfect, but I needed something to make quick to bring to a get together).. gluten free crackers, organic milk, NORMAL REGULAR ORANGE JUICE haha, all natural syrup and organic butter…. $40 freaking dollars… Why is it so expensive? Honestly, how do people afford to eat so clean and healthy? When I go to Wegmans to do my big weekly grocery shopping, that’s a little less expensive because I usually just buy veggies and proteins, but sheesh, all the special oils, and cooking ingredients, coconut flour etc, it will break the bank.

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  • Episode 2… We're getting better, and we talk about relationships!

    Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.28.09 AMSO, we learned a few things, and I think we got a little bit better with our podcasting skills, so you should check it out… But this last podcast, we talked about relationships – the ups and downs of relationships.. friendships, romantic relationships, marriages…. but first, SOUNDBOARDS??? I’m sorry, but in college, I thought these were the funniest things in the WORLD. I used to call people all the time and use these things… if you want a good giggle, go to this website, and play around haha.

    Anyways, let’s get back on point.. relationships, how are the effected when you decide to change the way you live? Well for me, it sucked.. when I first started working out and losing weight, my friend didn’t understand, and they wanted me to be the same person, same, fun, drinking, eating crap, don’t say no, Andrea…. it was really hard for me because instead of going to happy hour, I wanted to go to the gym, and people didn’t get that, they didn’t understand that, and they didn’t support that, and that’s the hardest thing out of all of this, is that your friends change the way they view you and the new things you do, aren’t accepted.

    I literally had a friend tell me I needed to stop working out and start hanging out more because my “friendships wouldn’t be around forever”…. seriously? haha… well if that’s the case, then this friendship isn’t going past this conversation and you can have a nice life! My gym family became my friends because those were all people who had the same ideals and goals as I did – and it made things much easier… instead of friday night happy hours, we had friday night workouts, and I felt just as good being there then I did at the bar… and to tell you the truth, now, now that I’m healthy, I can party harder then I ever could HAHA. So take that! BAM!

    This is Neil - he was a special guest on the show today.. he's awesome and I hope you like what he has to say!

    This is Neil – he was a special guest on the show today.. he’s awesome and I hope you like what he has to say!

    I think it’s also hard when you have people who see you’ve changed your lifestyle and now are focusing on working out, and they want to put their two cents into HOW you do it — I do crossfit, I get it, and not everyone does it, do I push it on people? No… Do I tell people about it when they asked me how I lost weight, yes…. but I don’t sit here and knock other ways of working out just because I don’t do them. I had someone tell me once that since I don’t spin, because spinning is the best and it’s the ONLY way to lose weight, that I’m not going to lose weight… umm well, actually, I lost more weight doing crossfit then spinning, so I think I will… Everyone and every BODY is different, what might work for you, might not work for the person sitting next to you and visa versa… so why not support each other in what you do, instead of getting all snippy because you don’t do the same types of workouts!

    The last thing we really touched upon was relationships – do you know how hard it is to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t have the same ideas on fitness as you? HARD. It’s hard when someone is trying to eat healthy, and the other one doesn’t really want to… and I think that’s a fine line that we walk on because do we offend the other person when we tell them we are upset that they don’t want to eat the way we are eating, or workout the way we workout? Maybe… and we don’t want to do that… I’ll be honest.. I wish Juan did Crossfit… it’s sooooo cool at the gym seeing couples push each other and get excited for each other that they got a new PR or did really awesome on a workout.. that’s something I would love to share with Juan. It’s easy enough to go home and be like, BABE, I added 10lbs to my clean and jerk today I’m so excited, and him be like, yay, great… but it’s another thing if he’s actually there, and he knows what it takes to throw 150lbs over your head, you know?

    And you know what, this is all im saying on this topic, but when you lose weight, sex is better… you feel so much better about yourself, and you want to do it! hahaha.. sorry, but we bring it up in the podcast, and it’s true… it’s just true.

    Our last cool thing we talked about was one of my inspirations, and one of our customers here at T2T, Andrea Birmingham! She’s got a great story, that I will let you read below, and she’s just an amazing person.. she stopped in to weight in on the topic of relationships!!!!

    Anyways, I hope these podcasts are getting better, and we aren’t boring you, but I will say, we ARE going to give stuff away each podcast, so maybe just a little incentive to be a part of it! 🙂

    (ps. if you want to subscribe to the podcast, here’s the link! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/from-thick-to-thin-wine-weight/id815059283)



    I am Andrea; a USDA Rural Development Loan Specialist and Independent Beach Body Coach by day and a Fitness Instructor by night! I currently teach Zumba, TRX and Guts & Butts and will be getting certified in Pound in March!

    Throughout my childhood, I was always involved in sports to keep me very active. I was always a very skinny child until reaching high school. Those regular activities decreased, however my eating increased, causing me to gain a lot of weight. Throughout high school and college I was overweight but never took the time to focus on health and fitness. I moved to the DC area in 2010 and once I got here, I began working out. I began my fitness journey in September 2010, weighing in at 187 pounds, the biggest I had ever been in my life. Through a mixture of cardio and strength exercises, by June 2011, I hit my goal to lose 50 pounds, weighing in at 137 pounds. During that time, I did a variety of workouts but Zumba became my clear favorite group exercise class to take. Therefore in September 2011, I decided to become a Zumba Instructor!

    After I reached my initial weight loss goal, my eating habits reverted back to their old ways. Over that next several months, I ate whatever I wanted and of course I gained weight. I got back up to 155 pounds. In April 2012, I decided I wanted to get those extra pounds off again. This time I focused more on my diet, added more strength training and even more cardio and lost a total of 40 pounds by September 2012. I weighed in at 112 pounds, the smallest I had ever been in my adult life. I was more than happy to reach this goal as I felt the most fit and confident ever. Unfortunately, in February 2013, I suffered an ACL and lateral meniscus injury. These injuries set me back big time. Working out is my life. To cope, of course I turned to food. After surgery and during recovery, I gained 40 pounds, weighing in at 160 pounds. I am now healed and back to teaching and on a mission to get those extra pounds back off and get back to my comfortable weight! I am clean eating, including drinking Shakeology and working out 6 days a week!

    I currently own 29 of Andrea’s Thick 2 Thin products and will be getting more as soon as my pockets allow me to! Haha I’m literally an addict. I check the Facebook page or website every day to see if anything new has been added!

    I feel that I support her the most because I can really relate to her story because I’ve been through it and am still going through it. Losing weight is a bitch; it is HARD, no doubt! But with a great support system, you can achieve any goal you set out to do! I thank her for being real and open about her journey because I know from experience that every day isn’t peaches and cream. You’re going to go through your extra tough days but the important thing is that you keep on going! 

    I absolutely LOVE health and fitness. I feel the most confident when I’m in the gym going hard. There is a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry and I am an open book, ready to take it all in and be able to share it with others! As an Independent Beach Body Coach and Fitness Instructor, I want to motivate and help others to reach their goals, whatever they may be. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or whether you need a motivational word or 2 on Facebook to help you hit the gym that day, I want to be able to help people!