• Healthy Super Bowl? It's possible….

    Since my team, the NY Giant's sucked this year... I'll be cheering for the best Manning.... Peyton!

    Since my team, the NY Giant’s sucked this year… I’ll be cheering for the best Manning…. Peyton!

    So for me, Sunday is going to SUCK. For one, my team is not in it, so I just have to resort to the commercials and the puppy bowl, and TWO I’m doing this stupid cleanse thing that my aunt recommended and I can’t eat SHIT…. so instead of going to super bowl parties with my friends, I will probably curl up in bed with my shake and cry while thinking about all the goodies my friends are eating ūüėČ BUT, if you are going to a party, and trying to stay on track… how about some of these quick tricks I learned from the awesome world wide webs this week….





    From the Huffington Post:

    slide_335173_3369316_free1. Bake your wings instead of frying them.

    The worst part of a wing, when it comes to calories, is actually the skin. While baking or broiling can certainly cut down on calories (but still keep ’em crispy), says Ginn-Meadow, you could even take it a step further and opt for a homemade chicken tender or nugget instead, says Ward. She opts for a flavorful, breaded chicken finger like her Coconut Chicken Tenders with Apricot Dijon Mustard sauce. Keep in mind, she says, that when you’re making a food swap, make it a really flavorful one, so you’ll be more satisfied.

    2. Trade sour cream for Greek yogurt in dips.

    A flavorful dip will easily mask a Greek yogurt swap for full-fat sour cream, says Ward. Cottage cheese can work, too, just put it in the food processor to refine the texture a bit, she says.

    From Fitbie!

    3. Diversify Dips, Limit Chips

    Variety may be the spice of life, but it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to party¬†foods.¬†Instead of setting out bowls of potato chips, tortilla chips, and pretzels all with accompanying dips, Moore recommends picking one healthy chip (a baked one like Pop Chips or pretzels) and a variety of dips. “Try peach, mango or pineapple salsa, hummus, and salsa fresca,” she suggests.¬†(Great salsa recipes right here).¬†Reinagel suggests making homemade, baked tortilla chips for guests. “Get soft corn tortillas from your grocery’s Latino section, brush them with oil, quarter and add salt. Then bake them in a hot oven until golden brown, she says. Whatever chips-and-dip combination you come up with, keep it simple. Too much selection leads to¬†overeating¬†as we succumb to mindless feeding frenzy and have difficulty realize when our bodies are full.

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    I hope this isn't your "really a price increase??" face!!!!!

    I hope this isn’t your “really a price increase??” face!!!!!

    Ok so some changes have finally come around. Some awesome changes I might add. But one little change I don’t think people are going to love but I’ll explain why and hopefully you’ll hate me a little less and still want to order from me once you hear my explanation!

    So, as most of you know, some of the new people might not, but, up till this point every time you place an order I send it up to my printer in Ny and he prints and sends to me. Anyways that’s why it takes 2 weeks to get your awesome goods. Well, I did that because I couldn’t afford inventory because this was a hobby for me…. But now since I’ve realized that this is a big legit business, I’ve quit my job and put all my money into buying INVENTORY! Yep that’s right. I have a nifty little office and warehouse space and NOW when you place your orders, I will send them out the same day!!! (Except things like create-a-hoodie, and custom orders) But now that I am investing all this money and making this more legit, I have to change more. To be honest when I started this, I just threw it all up and online and fast and didn’t think of pricing. Well these Bella tanks are expensive and before, I had a full time job so I didn’t care about what our prices were, I just threw up whatever number looked good (bad business if you ask me… haha). Now, this is going to be my job so I had to look at things like cost vs pricing and I needed to up my prices. I never looked at things before like, 2 color print jobs, they were more expensive (before, I had increased 2 color tanks, but now they are all the same), and things like custom orders or rush orders… so, yes, pricing has gone up, honestly, to what they should be in this type of market right now, and for what my cost of good are, I think this is a fair and reasonable increase… trust me, there will still be plenty of sales (and hey, now I can even give BIGGER discounts if I want!), and the quality of the product will not go down, hopefully it will go up actually with this first huge order, but most of all, YOU WILL GET YOUR STUFF SOOOOO MUCH FASTER.

    The turn around time thing has been so hard for me… I hated that it took so long, and even sometimes, even longer because my printer and I would mess up in communication, or something would go wrong… doing it the way I had done it before, was just horrible… and I am just so excited to be able to pour my heart and soul into this more (and my bank account) to be able to just give you everything you want, and in a WAY quicker manner.

    This is my "omg we have inventory we are more legit now" face....

    This is my “omg we have inventory we are more legit now, AND YOU’LL GET YOUR STUFF SO MUCH FASTER” face….

    So this inventory thing you say? Well, yes… so everything is now updated, and we are currently in the middle of printing and receiving the inventory. Once I have all of it, in the shop, I am going to take that note at the top of the website off (stating that orders won’t be shipped till the 10th) and orders will start going out SAME DAY. If something is on backorder, that means I am in the middle of re-printing and that piece of clothing will take 2 weeks… but, if you order one thing that’s still in stock, and another that’s back ordered, the item in stock, will ship that day…. We are going to be able to keep the create-a-hoodies online, but THOSE will also take 2 weeks, because we will print them off as they come in…. other than that, everything will ship SAME DAY STARTING 2/10!!!!

    There’s one more thing I’m working on — it’s the pack of tanks… We’ve sold a ton of them and that’s great, but now we are working on issues like, picking colors, and inventory, so we are just working on that to make sure it ties in with everything and you have a better experience while purchasing the bundles!

    And last but not least, on 2/10, TANK OF THE MONTH CLUB will be launching… that’s going to be a fun way for you to get our newest tanks delivered to you without you even having to go online to buy!!! I will let you know more details about that as they come along…… AND I also hear we are in the works of getting some headbands, sweatpants, socks and water bottles in the store as well! SO BIG THINGS coming your way… I just hope you aren’t upset with me with the price increase, and also SUPER HAPPY that goods will now get to you in a timely manner!!!!!

    XOXOX Happy Tuesday!

  • Episode 1 Podcast…. Yeah, we need practice.


    your podcast host and co-host… andrea and sarah!

    So I wanted to try something new, mostly because I feel like I talk more than I write, so I figure, instead of blogging each week about how much of a pain in the ass it is to lose weight, that I would just talk about it with guests haha and questions from facebook! What I realized is that this whole podcast thing, is a LOT harder than I ever expected hahahahahaha —

    Here are a few things I’ve learned for the 2nd one (if you guys even WANT a 2nd one! haha)

    1. Just because you and your “co-host” friend think it’s funny, doesn’t mean the rest of the world does… so things like vod’s and wad’s? Not funny.. (what are vod’s and wad’s by the way? literally just vodka and water with like 4 limes to make it taste ok — listen, this is my drink of choice… I NEVER have a hangover because I’m always drinking water, and it’s fresh!!!!! I’m telling you, get one, squeeze those limes in, and thank me later! haha) also, birthday parties that only the 2 of us and maybe 4 other people that might listen to this attended… not so funny, so time shouldn’t be spent talking about it… for that, I’m sorry.

    vods-wads2. I can’t go back and take things out I didn’t want to say… I mean I can, but I don’t know how — and I hear its really hard… and since I’m a huge “speak before I think” type person, I might say something that might offend someone, but I want you to know, I’m not being a dick on purpose, and I’m not saying these things to be mean, I literally just didn’t think before I spoke and it probably came off wrong!!!!

    3. Just be real. Personally, I don’t think podcasts are fun when they are boring, and I’m not a boring person… so I’m going to be real.. I’m going to talk about issues that are bothering me, and issues YOU want me to talk about… so if I talk about crossfit for like 2 minutes and you don’t do crossfit or you don’t like it, I’m sorry!!! Don’t be mad, I promise to have a running guest on the show once and a while! ūüôā Maybe one day we will do a total crossfit episode and warn you guys before hand not to listen to it!

    Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.51.03 PM

    this is the wine we were drinking! it was delish! alta vista 2012 malbec!

    4. BE PREPARED! If you are going to take comments from facebook, have these comments already printed out so there isn’t 3 minutes of stupid talk trying to find the topics HAHAHA.

    5. In this podcast in particular, I want to expand on some of these things…. a) if you listen, we talk about goals, and i really think that being healthy is a good overall goal, but it’s not a goal that’s going to push you through the hard times – pick weekly, or monthly goals – something SOMETHING that will drive you to that next goal, something that will make you put down that cheesecake! b) the part where i talk about being totally against things like isagenix and shakeology and advocare… it’s not that I’m against it – it’s that I think it’s better to lose weight the natural way… the eat clean and workout way… I feel like when you use a weight loss type product or program you end up gaining it back – and that’s just MY feeling (like i disclaimer in the beginning of the podcast, these are my thoughts, I’m not a licensed ANYTHING so don’t take my word for it… but yes, I am going to do a cleanse only to get the toxins out of my body… but other than that, I don’t do the meal replacement shakes, i think eating real food is much MUCH BETTER….

    5. Yes, this one sucks… and the next few ones might suck too but I know I am going to try to make them better… we are going to have guests, better topics to talk about, and most of all, GIVING STUFF AWAY… i mean, we have to bribe you guys to listen anyways right?!??!

    So, if you want, listen to this first episode, you might want to fast forward to about minute 15 when we get to talking about the intense things, haha, but hey, we tried, we don’t think it’s super bad, and I hope you kind of enjoy it too…..



    One last thing…. I said to make your own pico de gallo for superbowl, and here’s the BEST RECIPE EVER!

    Basic Information
    Prep Time: 30 min to 1 hour
    Serves: 2 people
    Yield: Makes about 4 cups
      • About 4 cups of diced tomatoes (ripe yet firm)
      • 1 jalapeno chilli, chopped finely (remove the seeds if you can’t take the heat)
      • 1 small red onion,chopped finely (about 3/4 cup)
      • 1-2 small garlic cloves, minced
      • 1 lime (as per taste)
      • Few sprigs of cilantro
      • Salt to taste
      • Few pinches of sugar to taste
    1. Place the chopped tomatoes in a colander.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
    2. Now place the colander on top of a bowl and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
    3. Half way through, add the onions, jalapeno, garlic and cilantro and give it a light toss. This to let the flavors mingle.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
    4. After 45 minutes, shake the colander to drain off the excess tomato juice.  You will see the drained juice in the bowl below the colander. Discard it.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
    5. Take the same bowl, wipe it dry and toss the contents of the colander to the bowl.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
    6. Add salt, lime juice and sugar.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
    7. Give it a toss and taste. You can add more lime juice if needed.
    Pico De Gallo recipe (Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, salsa bandera,salsa mexicana ,salsa picada )
  • The Underdogs. We are ALL fighters.

    photo 1 (3)I have a few things to talk about today…. one is how I have been eating clean for about 10 days now and can I tell you, I feel amazing lol. I had ate SO POORLY over the holidays… I mean let’s face it, actually since my wedding, that I was determined to get my shit together on January 1 like most of you… and especially thanks to the #workingonmyselfie group, I have really stayed on track… it’s getting through those first 2 weeks that are the worst. The cravings finally go away, the migraines that put you in bed for a day, go away, and the hunger pains go away… ¬†and on top of all of it, I feel like a million bucks now. I have the hardest time controlling myself, but I was able to say NO to junk food while snowboarding, and NO to eating crap food during a baby shower I HOSTED over the weekend… I was proud of myself. lol. ¬†It makes me feel like I actually can get back on track to losing some more weight, and then being a BAMF ATHLETE like I want to be ūüôā

    But here’s the thing….¬†have you ever felt like an underdog? Are you the underdog? I think this pertains to anything in life, not just losing weight… For me I always feel like I’m the underdog in work, in weight loss, in a lot of things… The person that people don’t think will ever succeed. The person that society doesn’t think is an acceptable weight. The person that society thinks is ugly because I’m not small and thin and from time to time I’m known to let my eyebrows get a little out of control… Why do we feel like this? Why do we HAVE TO FEEL LIKE THIS.

    I think we¬†need to be able to feel like we are worth something right? No matter what, no matter who, everyone is fighting some sort of fight… whether you are big or small, fit or not, someone’s trying to push themselves to make themselves better, and make themselves WORTH SOMETHING. I was talking to a friend yesterday and that’s where this whole thing spiked… he said “I think T2T represents a voice of a very large community, an under represented one… everyone who dedicates a portion of their lives to getting or staying healthy is fighting a battle… We’re all fighters… even the ones in shape are still fighters or else they wouldn’t be going through all the pain and effort to better themselves.” And personally I think he’s right. I think especially for myself, I am an underdog not only with weight loss but even in business… I’m the underdog.. I’m a one women team that only wants what’s best for everyone coming onto the T2T website.. I want people who are fighting whatever fight they are fighting, to know they are accepted and they will win in this battle… and I don’t think a lot of companies really care about their customers like that!

    I think it’s time to try to prove society wrong and let them know that we are worth it and these underdogs are going to succeed… even if you don’t believe in us, WE believe in ourselves… right? (I know it’s easier said then done… I myself, don’t even believe in myself sometimes, but if we change the way we think, it will work). So, society, why don’t you take a step back and watch us prove you wrong… let us show you there’s more to us then what you see on the outside..

    OH AND BY THE WAY… people need to lay the EFF off of “Resolutioners” at the gym… ok. Enough with the jokes. I was there once, everyone was there once… everyone needs to start somewhere and sure, it might suck for people who have stuck to their routine year round, but you have to be patient and understand that these “resolutioners” are just trying to better themselves, and I can almost GUARANTEE you that they feel uncomfortable being around all these already-gym-goers.. so don’t make them feel worse by ranting about them on facebook, giving them the stink eye at the gym, and not pushing them during a WOD at a BOX… just give them a little “you’ve got this nod” and keep going on with your day. One day, if you fall off the wagon and decide to get back on it, on the first of the new year, you will want to feel comfortable doing it too, and these resolutioners will be your friends…

    ZanX4YzThe running line is selling great, I’m glad I can give you guys what you want, even if I don’t run – hahahaha – because I’m pretty sure the GIF to the left would TOTALLY be me running…..

    And last but not least, I read an article the other day…¬†18 Things Women Shouldn’t Have to Justify – and here’s some food for thought.

    3. Healthy eating as a means of actual health, not weight loss, because for some reason, people tend to be skeptical that a woman could actually just want to treat her body right and not be perpetually concerned with her size.

    10. Weight, because size actually does not determine what ‚Äúa real woman‚ÄĚ is or not.

    17.¬†Attractiveness¬†despite¬†something. You don‚Äôt have to justify your so-called-imperfections with that which you like about yourself‚Äď you aren‚Äôt attractive because you have great hair despite being a little overweight. You can be attractive without fitting into social conventions of it. The beauty continuum scale was constructed to make us all feel like shit and buy a lot of products to fix that. But beautiful is as beautiful does.


  • 2014… The year to cut the SHIT!

    943542_327454474054792_818490548_nSo, it’s officially 2014…. 2013 was a great year for many reasons… but I’m not going to sit here and name them all because the biggest reason is you guys…

    ANYWAYS, it’s time.. it’s time to cut the shit. Like I posted on Saturday as I was sitting in the lobby of the Cheesecake Factory (in which I was totally not healthy.. #sorrynotsorry) I am cutting all that stupid bullshit.. no more “oh it’s the holidays” “oh, january first is right around the corner you’ll be back on track then”.. well, it’s the 1st, and guess what, hahaha I’M NOT STARTING TILL THE SECOND. woops. No but for real… it’s time – I’m sick of feeling like shit and I’m totally realizing why I started all of this in the first place.. feeling this way, SUCKS. You know one of the funniest things? When I’m super not healthy or I haven’t been working out or anything, I can really tell, and you know how? Well, because I get hangovers HAHAHA. When I’m healthy and working out and being a good healthy person, my hangovers don’t exist, and I can drink like a fish and not feel a thing the next morning, but NOT now… so I’ve gotta get back to where I was on my wedding day. I haven’t weighed myself because to tell you the truth I’m scared to actually know how much I’ve gained since October, and I don’t want to fall into a deep dark spiral of depression thinking about how I messed up everything I worked so hard on, but shit, I’m human ok? It happens… ūüôā

    photo (75)This is how I’m starting 2014… in this body.. in this non-perfect, a little bigger than I want, skin, muscle, fat and bones… in this body… This body that I love but want to improve. This body that I want to be healthy. This body that I am comfortable in but want to be even more comfortable in… and I know that’s definatly easier said then done, but why can’t we love our bodies? Why can’t we just sit back and accept what’s been given to us?? I know its so much harder for most of us to do that especially if we don’t have the perfect body, but why dwell on it when we can just work to fix it… Do I want to be attractive? Yes. Do I want to feel good in my own skin? Yes. Do I want people to notice me as a pretty girl? Yes. Yes…. these are all things I want, but guess what, these are all things I already have or can be as long as I see myself that way… its time to take my own advice, start looking in the mirror and just be me and get back on track not to be the ideal women who has no body fat and is the picture of the perfect women made by society, but to be healthy and love my body more than I already do. Continue Reading