• A Christmas Thank-You!

  • Who feels like me right now?

    On Tuesday I’m going to post all about how I don’t care anymore and how I love my body. Well…. That’s Tuesday and today is Saturday and I’m about to contradict everything I was going to say Tuesday. I’m miserable. I have fallen off track so hard that I’m getting that damn tired sluggish feeling I used to ALWAYS feel like back when I was not athletic and eating like crap on a daily basis…. And this feeling SUCKS. Do you know the feeling? The feeling where you wake up and you’re already tired and YOU JUST WOKE UP FROM SLEEPING 8 hours?!? That feeling where your back hurts because you’re SUCKING IN YOUR GUT. That feeling…. The feeling you get when you’re walking around and your arms feel super heavy and uncomfortable?! Ugh every feeling in the book, that’s what I feel and instead of remedying that feeling I just stuff my face even more!!! Wrong! That’s not going to solve SHIT…. But why do I keep making excuses for myself? Oh, only a few days left of December, I’ll cut the shit in a few days…. WHY NOT NOW ANDREA?! Oh maybe because I am stressed and I eat my emotions and I’m literally sitting in the lobby of a god damn Cheesecake Factory NOT CARING what goes into this mouth over the next hour. (That sounded bad I know haha). Talk about not being an inspiration to anyone right now….. Losing weight and maintaining it when it’s not easy to do, is the worst part of being a human lol. Why wasn’t I blessed with an awesome metabolism and the willpower to not chomp on greasy fried food instead of yummy healthy salad. (Well who really wants salad over fried food anyways???! Honestly, me right now actually haha).

    I have this whole plan I want to roll out with all you guys for our New Years resolutions and I’m totally going to talk about that on Tuesday but right now I want you to know how I’m feeling because I’m hoping I’m not the only one over this holiday season that feels this way. I CAN HOWEVER tell you I hate this feeling and I want it to go away…. So after I scarf down this overly large meal and probably dessert, I’m going to start my meal planning for next week. It’s time to seriously get my shit together people. I’m done.


  • I've fallen off track… and I'm WAY too critical on myself.

    So it’s been a while since I’ve written – mostly because these shirts have taken up a lot of my time, and I’ve been super stressed haha and down on myself, and I’m like, why would anyone want to hear from ME in this last month of 2013! So what’s been up, right?

    I was so excited going in to try something new - then, coming out looking like i was sweating like a pig to enter a wet tshirt contest, i was not so happy! haha

    I was so excited going in to try something new – then, coming out looking like i was sweating like a pig to enter a wet tshirt contest, i was not so happy! haha

    Well, let me tell you… I have been SO FREAKING critical on myself it’s not even funny… since the wedding, it’s been really hard to stay on track with what I’ve been eating. All I’ve wanted to do was eat eat eat and not the healthy food – it’s horrible. AND I keep either being sick or hurt, and it’s effected my performance at the gym. I swear I can’t catch a break… right now, my back, OMG my back, it’s in so much pain… I still workout, but packing up these shirts and sorting through them (I do it sitting on the floor) just KILLS me haha… so while I get that worked out, my DR’s and trainers suggested Bikram Yoga and swimming… did I listen? Well to half of it (I’m not good when it comes to someone telling me to not workout… that’s just not cool in my book since I love working out haha)… Can I tell you? Bikram yoga, is NO JOKE. I was always like, yeah right, how hard could it really be? Till I stepped into that room and it was so hot I could barely breathe… want a quick way to lose 1,000 calories? Want a place where you feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING wearing close to NO clothes no matter what size you are? Want to feel sweat dripping down you for an hour and a half straight?? Well, do bikram yoga then haha… I have never been so excited to sit in a class and wear less clothes then I wear on a beach and not even feel bad about myself because EVERYONE in the room is doing the same thing and no one is judging you! Its was great. hahaha…. BUT, I can only do it a few time because the heat, the same moves over and over again, and the lights (these people keep their lights on?!?!) get to me… haha…

    A little bit of a non-scale victory right here.. this time last year I couldn't even zip this coat, now I'm swimming in it!

    A little bit of a non-scale victory right here.. this time last year I couldn’t even zip this coat, now I’m swimming in it!

    Where was I going with this? Oh yes, staying on track and being critical… well, for the most part I’ve deemed December as “not caring what I put in my mouth” month… as long as I’m still working out as hard as possible 6 days a week… but, I can totally tell I’m gaining weight, and not the good weight like muscle weight… It’s funny, ok. It’s funny how when you are losing weight, you get so excited about each little scale and non-scale victory, and everything makes you so happy… the compliments, people noticing, it’s great…. but now, NOW, it’s like I am SOOOO critical on myself — to the point where it’s pathetic. I looked in the mirror today and was like OMG i used to be able to see my collar bone where did it GO?!?! (it’s still there, I guess I’m just paranoid about gaining weight so I couldn’t see it)… but for real ya’ll, WHO CARES? Why ARE we so DAMN CRITICAL. Like that video I posted on facebook by special K the other day (see below)… we say so much negative about ourselves, we think so much negative stuff, I still STILL don’t get why we can’t be happy in our own skin, and ESPECIALLY after accomplishing ANY type of weight loss. We work so hard to feel good about ourselves, and then when we DO finally feel good, we judge ourselves even harder… COME ON! This should NOT be happening (as I hit myself in the head haha). ((sidebar, I have a way we will ALL STICK to our 2014 goals, but I will let you all know later, when I’m done with my plan!!!!!))

    Food is the hardest for me, and if I am going to meet my goals in 2014 (like competing in crossfit competitions) I am going to need to get my shit together and stop making excuses for myself… yes food is good, and food can still be good when you’re eating the right things, you just need to cut out the crap food and everything should be good to go!

    Last year at this time I was just starting out, and I was ALL GUNG-HO about eating healthy through the holidays, but EFFF THAT this year, I’m sorry, I think if we still watch what we eat (in the sense of don’t eat pizza and mcdonalds everyday) and still workout, and we’ve been doing so well all year, why not have a few weeks to satisfy the beast and cut the cravings!?

    GUESS WHAT though?? I am SOOOO EXCITED to finally snowboard being 70lbs lighter… I LOVE snowboarding, and I’m good at it and I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like having 1/3 of me gone…. I CAN’T WAIT… anyone want to go snowboarding???? haha…

    Hands down, we need to love ourselves, no matter what, let’s just try to do that… I know it’s a mind-game, but we can win that game… right?

    Alright, for now, I need to ice these NON-HEALTHY christmas cookies, and keep working on getting your tanktop orders out for CHRISTMAS!!!! In this last year not only have I gotten married, lost 70lbs, got some CRAZY PR’s at the gym, and sold like 7,000 tank tops (trying to get us all off our asses and into that gym RIGHT?!?!) but, I’ve INSPIRED PEOPLE??? I mean, I still am not sure I actually believe it (that stems back to my own issues in my head about not believing in myself, but that’s for a whole other blog) but apparently I do, and I want to keep doing so… so let me know ladies, HOW I CAN KEEP HELPING!

  • WE'RE BACK!!

    foreblastWell, what exactly happened these past few days? Where did the site go? What’s up with all the changes??? Let me start out by saying… when you are small, you experience these things, you learn that sometimes things aren’t set up properly… Our hosting provider messed up the whole site for us back in MAY, and we didn’t realize till now, that all the issues we were having with the site going down if there were a lot of people on it was because of this! SO….

    we spent LOTS of money and LOTS of time to re-build this damn thing and bring it back to you STRONGER AND BETTER THEN EVER. Hopefully, fingers CROSSED, nothing should be messed up HAHA…. that’s a big, hopefully 🙂 We did a ton of testing, so, yeah…. we should be good… but what does that mean to Saturday? BUT WAIT, BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER, IF YOU PLACED AN ORDER ON SATURDAY AND GOT A CONFIRMATION, THEN YES, YOUR ORDER WENT THROUGH!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Yeah, well, our big, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, was lost… we lost a great opportunity to let you guys shop our small business and support us… we lost the option to show you all our appreciation for the last year by giving you a discount… but guess what??? TODAY, Wednesday, YOU GET THAT CHANCE AGAIN…. it’s funny, because for the site actually NOT working on Saturday, you guys still got your orders in… BUT, more people want to get their orders in, and I want them to, especially for Christmas… so let’s try this again!!! This time there shouldn’t be any problems, and if there are PLEASE let me know!

    This is me HOPING and crossing my fingers that this damn site works, after 200+ hours between me and Jason, we NEED this site to work. HAHA

    This is me HOPING and crossing my fingers that this damn site works, after 200+ hours between me and Jason, we NEED this site to work. HAHA

    Now, why did we make all these changes? Well, it’s time for a revamp – I wanted to add new products, hoodies, stuff for the colder months, and get rid of some of the older selling stuff! We revamped some of the designs, but unfortunately there are still some things we are stuck with. We did that customer survey, and that was GREAT… it was great hearing from you guys – hearing what you wanted, hearing what you liked and didn’t like —- a lot of things like bigger sizes, more colors, those are all things we are working on. I am actually trying to re-create the tanks so that we don’t need to use Bella anymore. We have noticed that they are inconsistent with their colors, fabrics, and sizes, and I DONT LIKE THAT (but right now, they are the only brand that makes this type of top… TILL I GET MY HANDS ON IT!) which is totally something we are looking into. I want to be able to offer sizes to EVERYONE, and not stop at 2XL… and I want new products, and headbands and just FUN stuff for you guys… so that is ALL COMING. We are still working on the shipping time, but again, that’s going to be fixed and soon 🙂

    This is the 2nd time we have built this site, so I’m sure I’ve missed stuff, but there will be more blogging, more products, and just more overall goodness to come —- so thanks for sticking with us, thanks for being patient and most of all, THANKS FOR SHOPPING 🙂 Happy Holidays, and enjoy the new site!