• I probably shouldn't be a hater towards Lululemon…. but this is why I am.

    9851692905539378_A8yDztr0_cAlright, I am about to go off on a tangent that may or may not really piss people off, including some of my friends….

    There are very few apparel companies I dislike as much as this one I am writing about in this post. Like, I really like Nike and UA and their workout stuff, and it actually fits me, and true to size, but it’s super expensive…. so I try not to buy it (all the time…. unless it’s on sale), but I don’t dislike them…. They are big companies and CAN charge 70$ for a zip-up because people WILL pay it. But this company….. ugh this company…. my dislike of them runs deep and it just got even deeper with the most recent article that was released.

    So Lululemon you’re all over the news this morning…. you aren’t my favorite… Don’t you think, if you have a workout apparel company, that your apparel should try to accommodate all sizes? Not just small sizes, and also – not charging 98$ for pants??? That’s one of the biggest reasons why I don’t like this company, but to have the owner go off and say that the reason the new pants that they just released aren’t working are actually because, “Frankly some women’s bodies just don’t actually work for it,” and  “They don’t work for some women’s bodies,” he continued. “It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how they much they use it.” so basically saying anyone with a strong, athletic ass, will NOT fit into these pants and that it’s OUR fault for having strong, big, asses…. not theirs for creating a product that only fits perfectly on 5% of the female population…. So folks, it’s not the pants, it’s your ass. Stop working out, stop having thighs that touch, or just stop working out in general, because their pants aren’t for people who ACTUALLY workout…. right?

    Like how do I even know what my actual size is these days???? If I wear a size L in Nike pants, I would need a size XXXXL in lululemon pants, and oh,  by the way, they def don’t carry anything over a size 12 and their pants are 100$ anyways, so I would have to take a loan and probably lose another 80lbs to get fully dressed in Lululemon athletic apparel anyways….

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  • Weight loss isn't for you

    1381615_544091882345242_1688726095_nSo I’m sure you guys have all seen this blog post going around, called “Marriage isn’t for you” (if you haven’t, you should read it haha)…. well I did, and it was a really great article. But it got me thinking.. about weight loss and about why we do what we do, and why we put ourselves through what we put ourselves through just to either A) look a certain way society wants us to look B) feel a certain way, or C) feel more comfortable in our own skin because society has always told bigger women that we are not accepted.

    So I read that article again for a second time, all while thinking about weight loss instead of marriage, and it just clicked… You don’t try to lose weight and be healthy to make yourself happy, you try to lose weight and be healthy to make someone else happy…. whether it’s a significant other, a parent, a friend, a family member, when you get started, I think (and I could be wrong and you can tell me if I’m wrong) you are usually starting because of something or SOMEONE else… like for me, why did I start? Well, I was getting married, and I wanted to look good not only for myself, but for my future husband, and for everyone at the wedding… I didn’t want people staring at me thinking “wow, she could afford to loose a bunch of weight don’t you think?” or “wow, that dress just doesn’t look good on her because of how big she is”. So I started my journey because of someone else. But then you keep going in the article, and it talks about how marriage isn’t for yourself, it’s for a family, it’s for your future children…. and I think same goes for weight loss… If you are overweight, unhealthy, and unable to do everyday activities, then you, at least I think, won’t be able to be the best parent, or family member, because let’s face it…. once you bring children into this world, those children NEED YOU and they need you around and you need to be healthy.. you need to be able to take them to the park, play with them, coach their sports, teach them how to play sports on your own, a whole BUNCH of things… and you can’t do that if you are unhealthy… so I think a big reason too why I finally FINALLY GOT OFF MY FREAKING ASS was because I was thinking about these things… I want to live a long healthy happy life, and I wasn’t going to do that at the weight and physical shape I was in, and if I stayed that way, how would I even bend over to teach my children how to tie their shoes you know?

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