• Shipping Delays, why… and I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS!


    THIS IS ME - and this is my new motto - 71lbs down and counting... EYE OF THE TIGER BABY

    THIS IS ME – and this is my new motto – 71lbs down and counting… EYE OF THE TIGER BABY

    Why is there a delay you say????? For all of you new Thick2Thin’ers here’s a little bit about me, and the company….. Welp, I am getting married on October 12th, and since I am only one person… I can’t do it all.. I can’t get orders from my printer and ship them all out while I am gone. It’s just not possible. So bare with me… While I’m at the beach, we are going to do a pre-sale of the tanks that won from facebook, and I’m sure there will be a sale while I’m gone… so don’t be mad at me, I’ll be back, and we will be better then ever.

    Back to the company… I AM LARGE AND IN CHARGE and the reason i started selling tanks, that aren’t tight burnouts, is because anytime you are shopping online, or in the big sport stores, all you find are TIGHT tanks and tshirts…. why can’t we have some tank tops for women that don’t like their shirts sticking to them?!!??! RIGHT??? I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I decided, what the HECK, I’ll make my own… and yes, I know some of these sayings are all over the internet, but are they on loose fitting HELLA SOFT flowy tanks? Nope… are they on tight burnouts, yep……..

    I’m sorry if you are upset with me that I don’t sell something tight… but if you want this tank to be tighter, get a size down 🙂 I just need to stay true to who I am and why I started this company, and I started it because there wasn’t something out there for me… a big, athletic girl trying to lose weight… (and I am officially down 71lbs BOOYA!)

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  • Why do we care so much about the wedding?

    to care about what I looked like.

    to care about what I looked like.

    Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to look perfect for our wedding day? Just curious…. Not sure why, but SHIT am I stressed out…. Your wedding day is basically dubbed as the day you have to LITERALLY look the best you’ve ever looked in your whole FREAKING LIFE. Screw prom, screw your 21st birthday, screw your sweet 16, because none of that matters when it comes to your wedding day… and you looking AMAZEBALLS in that white (or whatever color you choose) dress, and the big poofy netting on your head… Like it LEGIT sends people into a tizzy, making sure they look perfect for that day… and WHY?????

    Honestly, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be that perfect bride? I mean, I get it… I GET IT. All the tanning, brazilian waxing (but I mean, REALLY who sees that besides what, ONE PERSON??) making sure every single piece of your body is spotless, all the hair trials… all that CRAP. And why??? It only matters to one person.. that person at the end of the aisle. That one person that is going to love you no matter what… through thick and thin, and no matter what you look like – and SHIT they already DO LOVE YOU for you and what you look like, or they wouldn’t be putting a ring on it… so why all the pressure? Pictures… sure, video…. sure, wanting to look great for everyone else… sure… I get that – that’s why I started all of this… but as I get down to the wire, does it really all matter? Does my toe nail color matter? Does it REALLY matter if I have every single piece of hair off my HAIRY BUTT?!?! (Yes, I really did just say that). I mean come on, all this stress could kill me.

    All these pictures of all these amazingly beautiful brides make it hard to not think about your eye shadow color and if it’s going to contrast with your lipstick, but at the same time, what should we really be focusing on? That one day, that you get to marry your best friend. And yeah, you want to look good, but is it worth all the money and stress? For me, I’m leaning towards one big fat no.

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  • 70 pounds down.. a lifetime to go.

    MjAxMy1jNTk0OTdiZWUzMmFiMTczIt’s funny the stuff that goes through my head on a day to day basis. Stuff like, do I look ok today? Am I eating healthy enough today? Make sure i get a workout in. Have I made enough people happy today? Did I just fart? And the one thing that goes through my head everyday…… Am I happy with myself yet. Am I the only one who thinks that? Am I the only one that’s so hard on themselves to look and feel better? Why is this the number one thing that goes through my head on a day to day basis???

    I hate that I never feel like no matter what I’ve done that its not enough, or there’s more I could lose, or I could have pushed harder in a workout, or I could have tried harder to eat better and be 80lbs lighter instead of 70. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why isn’t anything good enough?

    I came across this photo of me the other day.... i was at my heaviest... size 24, 260lbs probably, nothing ever fit... i was just miserable.. i never wanted to go out ---- this is when i realized something had to change.

    I came across this photo of me the other day…. i was at my heaviest… size 24, 260lbs probably, nothing ever fit… i was just miserable.. i never wanted to go out —- this is when i realized something had to change.

    With my wedding coming up, I’ve had a lot of emotions come up….. Some happy and some sad. Some of accomplishment but more thoughts of, it’s not enough. I have a big characteristic flaw, and that is, that I care wayyyyyy too much about others instead of putting myself first. And this character flaw has made it hard to be happy for myself and hitting some weight loss goals. I care more about if I’m hurting others along the way instead of knowing what I’m doing is helping me and making ME happy first. I also though, think what I’ve done is not enough. I think, oh, well guys still aren’t going to find me attractive, and Ill never be the “pretty girl” because even though I’m 70 pounds lighter, I can’t see the beauty in myself. (Insert daddy issues here). I just don’t understand why I can’t be happy with everything I’ve done. Someone kick me will ya?

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