• Today is Tuesday… Blah Blah BLAH

    To write or take a nap…. That is the question. I guess ill write till my eyes feel heavy and I fall asleep while writing haha. Am I the only one that falls asleep instantly in a moving vehicle? Haha

    Anyways…. I can’t believe it’s almost February. Why is it that when you have a goal of losing 50 pounds by October, the months fly by but the weight doesn’t fall off? Hahaha. I feel like my friends are getting pissed because all I talk about now, all I tweet about, all I Facebook about is working out, eating, and bitching about how hard all of this is hahaha. I mean seriously though, this has consumed me. This is now my life. Getting myself right and trying to hit this goal by October is now my freaking life. I don’t have time to go out, and I’ve been choosing the gym over free time. A lot of that though is due to my job and commute to work, but that’s going to be changed in a little while.

    You know I’ve really realized that losing weight is almost another full time job. You are ALWAYS thinking about what your eating, scheduling meetings with the gym haha, planning meals, prepping meals, all that crap. It’s a freaking full time job. How does anyone have time for this?!? Oh wait, just gotta be a millionaire and we are good to go…….. That’s all. Easy enough right?

    774468_249231958543711_1365733698_oI’m nervous about not hitting my goals too. I love food. And I’m working hard on making sure I’m not eating shit but at the end of the day my head just tells me as long as you got a workout in you are ok. But that’s not right. By the way, this dude got on the train and totally sat with me and stole the arm rest. Really dude?!? How rude! Maybe I should get close and smell him up with my gym stank and ill get my arm rest back!

    I will say though, this weekend when I was taking pics with my friends at the gyms bc they were wearing my shirts, I actually was happy about how I was looking and i wasn’t like, hey I need to crop out my chin, or put an Instagram filter on so I look better…. No I was actually like, hey, I’m gonna post this right now. And that was a great feeling, a feeling that made me want to not give up, to keep going on thru this misery hahaha.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.10.15 AM

    UMM HAVE YOU SEEN THIS APP BY THE WAY? This website… It’s called Model My Diet… It’s neat, it’s clearly not accurate, because I LOOK WAY WORSE at my current weight, there are rolls, I would NEVER wear a 2 piece, and I am not flat around my belly HAHAHA… So clearly, that’s not what I look like, but def on the right is what I want to look like??? Could it happen??? Who knows, but go there and check it out!

    Also, I have been working on going completely gluten free – so I found this article,

    8 Slimming Gluten-Free Comfort Foods – Click on the photo to go to the recipe!

    chocolate-chip-cookies-410x290_0 open-faced-beef-arugula-sandwich-410x290_0 chocolate-almond-biscotti-410x290_0 green-bean-casserole-410x290_0 mini-pizzas-410x290_0 breakfast-egg-biscuits-410x290_1 chicken-pot-pie-dumplings-410x290_0 chicken-nuggets-410x290_2



    SO GUESS WHAT… TODAY I’M PISSED….. Well, yesterday I was pissed to… but today I’m going to talk about it…

    Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.07.48 AMSOME asshole, or I’m sorry, a “prominent bioethicist” (I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS BUT I HOPE IT MEANS JACK ASS) decided to come out and say that basically calling out obese people in the public will help people not be overweight anymore…. Daniell Callaham, a senior research scholar and president emeritus of The Hasting Center, put out this paper where he “called for a renewed emphasis on social pressure against heavy people – what some may call fat-shaming — including public posters that would pose questions like this: “If you are overweight or obese, are you pleased with the way that you look?” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE, BECAUSE IM ABOUT TO FLIP OUT AND TELL YOU ALL HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Dude, guy, whoever the F’ you are with your fancy degree and smarty pants glasses… who the HELL do you think you are? Do you not realize that yeah, sure, this world might be a little obese, but we also have a fair amount of people who struggle with eating disorders BECAUSE of people telling them they aren’t good enough, or they are too fat, or they are being SHAMED by the way they look? Do you not GET THAT? Is your super smart brain UNABLE TO COMPREHEND THE FACT THAT REMINDING PEOPLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT THEY MIGHT BE OVER WEIGHT WILL DO NOTHING BUT CAUSE DEPRESSION AND DRINKING PROBLEMS??? You are an asshole.

    Should we go ahead and take anorexic people and shame them then?!?!!? It’s the same exact thing… we’ve got people sitting in centers getting help because they aren’t eating, or they are throwing it up, because they don’t feel like they look good enough, so what? Are you going to put up some posters saying, “Are you sticking your finger down your throat because you aren’t happy with your body? Good FOR YOU” LIKE WTF is this guy even talking about… Does he not realize that some people gain weight for reasons that go beyond just eating like shit??? Does he not realize that people know how they look, they know how they feel, and they are the only ones who can tell themselves that they want to make a change… If I saw a poster like that I would probably jump off a bridge, because NOT ONLY do I NOT HAVE MY OWN SELF ESTEEM and I HAVE PEOPLE AROUND ME TELLING ME IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOW SOCIETY IS DOING THE SAME THING??? Are you KIDDING ME AGAIN FOR THE 100th TIME!?!??! People struggle in their day to day life with things like weight, their life, depression, drugs… why would we sit there and put them on display and shame them instead of just helping them. Calling out their flaws for the world to see isn’t the right answer. COULD YOU IMAGINE… if you were on the subway, and there was a poster saying “if you are overweight or obese, are you pleased with the way that you look?” and you were a bigger person and you happened to be standing in front of  that poster and then you notice people staring at you… THATS NOT GOING TO MAKE ME GO HOME AND LOSE WEIGHT ITS GOING TO MAKE ME JUMP IN FRONT OF THAT TRAIN. PROBLEM SOLVED… RIGHT DANIEL??????


    People are going to make their own decisions to lose weight… Maybe they can’t lose weight, maybe they don’t want to, MAYBE THE LOVE THEMSELVES FOR WHO THEY ARE AND AT WHATEVER SIZE THEY ARE AT. WHY IS THAT A BAD THING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    He goes on to make this statement in the article:

    “Zinging the chubby does not require a shift in our daily conversation,” he said. “Plenty of Americans are already more than willing to chide their fellow fatties about their weight.”

     Oh right, I forgot – I walk up to my “FELLOW FATTIE” and am like “hey buddy, you are looking SOOO FAT TODAY, good job for you” because that happens, ALL THE TIME. I’m always walking up to my “chubby” friends and let them know, “hey bro, you should probably lose about 100lbs or else you are going to be A TOTAL LOSER in life.” yep… all the time, I mean, I’m a fatty, you know, it’s normal for me and my fellow fatties to have these conversations… WE NEVER have conversations like, HEY let’s MOTIVATE each other, let’s PUSH each other, let’s do this together… instead we are just like knocking each other for being fatties…

    OMG Anyways… I just wanted to kick his ASS. WOW. Ok I’m just so on fire I want to really punch this guy in the face. He even talks about how we should do it because of how well the campaign to get people to quit smoking went… YOU DO REALIZE quitting smoking, and being chubby are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS RIGHT??? You can’t just QUIT being overweight….. you have no clue how that person got to where they are, it could be for medical reasons… Hey, here’s an idea, maybe you QUIT BEING SUCH A JACK ASS? I might start a campaign that just says “IF you are an asshole – are you pleased with the way you act?” and put DANIEL CALLAHAN’S FUCKING FACE RIGHT THERE FRONT AND CENTER.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.08.57 AMOk wow.. anyways…….. I’m done being heated… it’s funny because apparently some people actually think this is a good idea – there was a survey on the article, and some people think it will work – well those people that voted must be some seriously hot dudes that are shallow and don’t want to look at us chubbies on the subway anymore because we get in the way of them staring at the hot blonde with double D boobs… Sorry guys… our bads… (coming from all the chubbies out there).

    This is going to make me make a shirt… It’s going to say, DONT FORGET TO BE AWESOME. DONE AND DONE. UGH IM GOING TO KICK THIS GUY.

  • Will I be confident enough by my bachelorette party? HAHA

    Priorities, priorities right? I mean come on, let’s be real for a minute…. I’m working out to look good for my wedding, of course… to remember that day where I looked amazing in my photos, I felt amazing, and I was at the happiest healthiest level I could be…. but deep down.. I’m also thinking, hey, wouldn’t be bad to look good for my bachelorette party too! HAHAHA… I’ve been to tons of bach parties in the past where I was the biggest girl, the fattest, not hot… I remember specifically my friend Erin’s bach party down on the Jersey Shore… Love her to pieces, but I was DEF that girl… check out the photo where EVERYONE, is in a cute tank top for erin’s bach, and I’m sitting there in a sweater… REALLY??? A sweater??? in the middle of summer on the shore??? Do you see the people in bathing suits??? Yeah… I am that girl. Summer for me sucks because I hate my chicken arms, I mean who wants to see that? Who wants to see my big flappy fatty wings flapping around when they can be nicely covered and tucked away for no one to see! Same thing at my other BF’s wedding shower… everyone in a cute dress, no sleeves, because it was HOT AS BALLS up in Boston that weekend, but nope, there I am, again, the one in the sweater.. but hey, at least it was 3/4 sleeves right? HAHA6480_842191713979_7620563_n 314603_600700115512_2895324_n
    So yeah, maybe I do… maybe for me, for a reward for all this hard work, maybe I want to be able to look semi-slutty for my bach party? Is that so wrong???? I’m not going to do anything, I love Juan, but whats wrong with a little attention

    from some dudes on my “last night out”?? What’s wrong with that? NOTHING… (at least I don’t think) haha… I want to walk into atlantic city and just be like BITCHES I’M HERE – and be wearing like a tight, short short dress HAHAHAH… I mean that’s really all I want. At my wedding, I will look beautiful and elegant, with a long white dress on, and that’s great, but for my bach, give me a makeover because skankstress Andrea is coming out!

    It’s funny… because I never ever cared really about that stuff… Yeah I mean I always had issues when I would be the one ignored at the bar when a group of guys came up to me and my friends, and it really REALLY sucked… It sucked being the ugly one, it sucked being the one that guys told each other they would talk to me because I was the ugly one and they could use me to get to my hot friends HAHA.. I mean it sucks, but it’s true. You can’t tell me it’s not. And sure, should I have tried to get into the best shape of my life when I was single? Maybe… but I’m happy with what happened, I’m happy I found Juan and he loves me for me… just sayin’, to not be the ugly/big chick anymore would be awesome! 🙂

    This crossfit stuff is going really well, I love the workouts and I’m starting to get super obsessed, but that’s a good thing — this way, being obsessed with something like this, might give me the BOD I want for my confidence. I found this article about the 6 rules of good nutrition – it’s great… then I also found another easy, yummy recipe from Dashing Dish I want to share! Enjoy!!!!

    BLT Chicken Salad

    1 In a small bowl, combine chicken and all of the remaining ingredients. Serve as is, or on a lettuce wrap or low carb wrap of choice!

    1/2 cup Chopped or shredded cooked chicken (about 2 oz cooked)
    1 tbs Plain low fat Greek yogurt
    1 tbs Low fat mayonaise (or an additional tbs Greek yogurt)
    1/4 cup Tomato, diced
    1 piece Center cut bacon (or turkey bacon), cooked and crumbled
    1/2 cup Shredded lettuce
    Pinch Salt, pepper and stevia to taste
    Optional: Low carb wrap, bread, or lettuce wrap to serve

    1 Serving
    130 Calories
    3 g Fat
    3 g Carbohydrate
    1 g Fiber
    4 g Sugar
    21 g Protein
    3 WWP+*
    *All calories are per serving

    6 Rules of Good Nutrition

    breakfast6. Never Skip Breakfast:
    Yes, mornings are crazy. But they’re also our best hope at regaining our nutritional sanity. A 2005 study synthesized the results of 47 other studies that examined the impact of starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Here’s what they found:

    People who skip breakfast are more likely to take up smoking or drinking, less likely to exercise, and more likely to follow fad diets or express concerns about body weight. Common reasons cited for skipping were lack of time, lack of hunger, or dieting.

    Bad news. Sure, it would seem to make sense that skipping breakfast means eating fewer calories, which means weighing less. But it doesn’t work that way. Consider:

    People who eat breakfast tend to have higher total calorie intakes throughout the day, but they also get significantly more fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients than skippers do. Breakfast eaters also tended to consume less soda and French fries and more fruits, vegetables, and milk.

    Breakfast eaters were approximately 30 percent less likely to be overweight or obese. (Think about that—people who eat breakfast eat more food, but weigh less!)

    snacks_05. Snack With Purpose:
    There’s a big difference between mindless munching and strategic snacking. Snacking with purpose means reinforcing good habits, keeping your metabolic rate high, and filling the gaps between meals with the nutrients your child’s body craves.

    Chew on this piece of trivia: In the 20 years leading up to the 21st century (1977 to 1996), salty snack portions increased by 93 calories, and soft drink portions increased by 49 calories.

    Combat portion distortion by eating healthy snacks: Triscuits and peanut butter; string cheese; a sandwich bag filled with homemade popcorn; or that classic of kid’s snacktime nourishment, ants on a log.

    servings4. Beware of Portion Distortion:
    Snack portions aren’t the only things that have increased wildly in size. Since 1977, hamburgers have increased by 97 calories, French fries by 68 calories, and Mexican foods by 133 calories, according to analysis of the Nationwide Food Consumption Survey.

    A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at 63,380 individuals’ drinking habits over a span of 19 years. The results show that for children ages 2 to 18, portions of sweetened beverages increased from 13.1 ounces in 1977 to 18.9 ounces in 1996.

    One easy way to short-circuit this growing trend? Buy smaller bowls and cups. A recent study at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Texas, shows that 5- and 6-year-old children will consume a third more calories when presented with a larger portion. The findings are based on a sample of 53 children who were served either 1- or 2-cup portions of macaroni and cheese.

    cups3. Drink Responsibly:
    Too many of us keep in mind the adage “watch what you eat,” and we forget another serious threat to our health: We don’t watch what we drink. In fact, according to research from the University of North Carolina, Americans now slurp up nearly 25 percent of their calories in liquid form—nearly double the rate we used to drink just 20 years ago. One study found that sweetened beverages constituted more than half (51 percent) of all beverages consumed by fourth- through sixth-grade students. The students who consumed the most sweetened beverages took in approximately 330 extra calories per day, and on average they ate less than half the amount of real fruit than did their peers who drank unsweetened or lightly sweetened beverages.

    One important strategy is to keep cold, filtered water in a pitcher in the fridge. You might even want to keep some cut-up limes, oranges, or lemons nearby for kids to flavor their own water with. A UK study showed that in classrooms with limited access to water, only 29 percent of students met their daily needs; free access to water led to higher intake.

    Another important strategy: Be extra careful about the juice you purchase. Too many “juices” are little more than sugar water masquerading as the real thing. Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry, for instance, has just 15 percent real fruit juice. The other 85 percent? High-fructose corn syrup and water. Make sure the juice you buy says “100 percent Fruit Juice” on the label, and try to choose one made from a single fruit, not a mix of high-sugar fruits like white grapes, which are commonly used in fruit juice blends.

    Lose weight by watching what you drink: Get Drink This, Not That!

    veggies2. Eat More Whole Foods and Fewer Science Experiments:
    Here’s a rule of healthy eating that will serve you well when picking out foods for your family: The shorter the ingredients list, the healthier the food. (One of the worst foods we’ve ever found, the Baskin-Robbins Heath Shake, has 73 ingredients—and, by the way, a whopping 2,310 calories and more than 3 days’ worth of saturated fat! What happened to the idea that a milk shake was, um, milk and ice cream? Let’s be grateful that Baskin-Robbins finally pulled this monstrosity from their menus.) The FDA maintains a list of more than 3,000 ingredients that are considered safe to eat, but we’ve found reasons for concern for a number of the additives on that long list, and any one of them could wind up in your next box of mac ’n’ cheese.

    According to USDA reports, most of the sodium in the American diet comes from packaged and processed foods. Naturally occurring salt accounts for only 12 percent of total intake, while 77 percent is added by food manufacturers.

    Cut pounds by cooking at home. Order Cook This, Not That! today!

    family1. Set the Table:
    Children in families with more structured mealtimes exhibit healthier eating habits. Among middle- and high-school girls, those whose families ate together only once or twice per week were more than twice as likely to exhibit weight control issues, compared with those who ate together three or four times per week.

    Of course, the notion of a 6 p.m. dinnertime and then everyone into their pj’s is a quaint one, but it’s hardly realistic in a society where our kids have such highly scheduled social lives that the delineation between “parent” and “chauffeur” is sometimes difficult to parse. While we can’t always bring the family together like Ozzie Nelson’s (or, heck, even like Ozzy Osbourne’s), we can make some positive steps in that direction. One busy family I know keeps Sunday night dinner sacred—no social plans, no school projects, no extra work brought home from the office. Even keeping the family ritual just once a week gives parents the opportunity to point out what is and isn’t healthy at the dinner table.

  • Sweating for the wedding baby!!!!

    So, today, I released the SWEATING FOR THE WEDDING TANKS!!! I have seen them around, but I wanted to make my own! I think they are great, and you know what, that’s the first thing I thought of when I got engaged… get my ASS to the gym – and look at me today… 33 pounds down, 50 to go, but SHIT I am on my way! 🙂 I have 252 days… and I couldn’t be more excited!

    They come in these colors below, and METALLIC INK! They look so amazing, I couldn’t be more excited!!!! 🙂



    Yesterday, after my willpower post – my friend posted this on my facebook wall – and it’s totally true.. read this article!

    Prevent A Pig-Out: 6 Steps To Better Willpower
    Your best weight-loss intentions will inevitably come face-to-face with temptation. Learn to boost your willpower, and keep the pounds off.

    It was right there for the taking. After a 5-mile group run, I drove past my favorite takeout place. My stomach was craving—no, demanding—food. A lot of it. I had a recovery shake waiting for me at home, but this was so much faster. Besides, I deserved a reward for burning off almost 800 calories. What’s wrong with a tasty payoff for my commitment to health? I turned into the drive-thru lane.

    My willpower had failed me. Yes, it had gotten me to my run on time, but it vanished when I needed it most. Any gains I’d made I gave right back. Why couldn’t I say no?

    It turns out that willpower isn’t simply dense moral fiber. The latest science suggests it’s found in the soft gray matter of your frontal lobe, where good decisions are made and poor choices are rejected. Your willpower is tough. It helps you fight temptation, prevent binges, choose food wisely, and stay motivated. But it’s a finite resource. Nurture it, maintain it, and deploy it with this six-point plan.

    Step 1 /// Feed Your Willpower
    Here’s a surprise: Your willpower runs on sugar. Like your muscles, your brain needs glucose to function at an optimal level, says Roy Baumeister, Ph.D., social psychology area director at Florida State University and coauthor of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength.

    In a series of nine studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Baumeister discovered that people with steady glucose levels were more persistent at attempting to complete an unsolvable task than those whose glucose levels declined during the experiments. “Increase your blood glucose and you can fuel your willpower,” he says.

    Wait, put down the Skittles. Sure, glucose is easily available from straight sugar, but your body also creates it from fruit, many vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products. You can even build glucose by pumping up your protein, says Baumeister. “It takes your body longer to make glucose from protein, but the benefits can last longer,” he says.

    One problem is that weight-watching men often adopt extreme low-calorie diets. “If you starve yourself, you’ll have low glucose,” says Baumeister. And without sufficient glucose, your brain doesn’t have the fuel it needs to resist junk food. So if you feel your energy fading, don’t skip smart snacks, like nuts.

    Step 2 /// Celebrate Wisely
    Scientists have a name for my drive-thru cave-in: compensation. It’s the inclination to reward yourself for a job well done, and that feeling can fight with your weight-loss intentions. In fact, the harder your workout is, the bigger you may think your compensation should be, says Timothy Church, M.D., Ph.D., director of the laboratory of preventive medicine at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University.

    “When men endure a tough, hourlong workout or push through a 7-mile run, they feel a need to celebrate,” he says. “But a good workout is not carte blanche to eat whatever you want.”

    The solution: Don’t rely on your willpower to deny yourself a well-earned treat. Instead, use it to ensure that your reward doesn’t outweigh the workout (literally).

    “Do the math: If you burned off 700 calories, keep your food intake to less than that,” says Dr. Church. It’s a pat on the back that doesn’t wipe out your hard work. Or go with a nonfood reward: Buy yourself an iTunes download every time you work out, or treat yourself to basketball tickets when you rack up 10 training sessions.

    Step 3 /// Play Defense
    Even well-fed willpower won’t resist all temptation. You’ll need to conserve your supply so it’s always there for you. A recent study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology followed people’s reactions to enticements throughout the day. Oddly, people with the best self-control were the ones who used their willpower less often. Instead of fending off one temptation after another, they set up their daily lives to minimize them.

    In other words, they played defense. “Look inside people’s fridges—they’re full of temptations,” says lead researcher Wilhelm Hofmann, Ph.D., assistant professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago. Leftover Chinese, Ben & Jerry’s, cans of Coke? Toss it all and don’t buy it again. There—now your willpower can get some rest at home.

    Step 4 /// Stay Alert
    Want to make smart choices? Go to bed early. “Willpower is lower when you’re sleepy,” says Kelly Glazer Baron, Ph.D., a clinical health psychologist at Northwestern University who specializes in behavioral sleep medicine.

    The average night owl consumes an additional 248 calories more each day than someone who goes to bed earlier, and most of those extra calories tend to be racked up after 8 p.m., according to 2011 research published in the journal Obesity.

    Short night of sleep? Pour a cup of coffee and add a packet of real sugar—not Splenda or some other artificial sweetener. A 2010 Spanish study revealed that the combination of caffeine and sugar increased cognitive performance in the bilateral parietal cortex and left prefrontal cortex regions. These are two areas of the brain that support your ability to stay focused and goal-oriented when confronted with tempting distractions.

    Step 5 /// Scare Yourself
    It’s easy to rationalize and convince yourself that one more plate of sliders won’t make a difference to your waistline. To fuel your resolve, try taking the opposite approach—tell yourself a tall tale. A University of Texas study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that exaggerating the number of calories in a favorite food—a tactic called “counteractive construal”—can help you override those temptations.

    That hot, slender girl who recoils from pizza? She’s onto something. Overestimating the impact of a gut bomb can help establish a clear, direct link between “bad food” and “being out of shape.” Imagining that a cheeseburger contains 2,000 calories can prompt you to start picturing yourself with an extra 20 pounds. And that will help you say no.

    Step 6 /// Delay, Don’t Deny

    When it comes to food lures, procrastination can be a good thing. Instead of simply saying no to that nacho platter, tell yourself you’ll eat it sometime in the future.

    A study presented at this year’s annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that people who decided to postpone eating a bag of potato chips were more capable of resisting the temptation than people who simply tried to refrain altogether from eating the crunchy, salty snack.

    While “no” only intensifies feelings of deprivation, “later” has a different effect: “Postponement weakens the desire at the precise time when peak desire overwhelms willpower,” says study author Nicole Mead, Ph.D., of the Rotterdam School of Management. It’s unrealistic to postpone all unhealthy foods and drinks, she says. Instead, pick one or two that tempt you the most and postpone those. Add more over time and you’ll reap even bigger results.

    Read the article with PHOTOS HERE


  • BEING SICK SUCKED! Back on track today…..

    So being laid up for like basically a whole week SUCKED. I couldn’t work out, I couldn’t relax because I felt like shit, I couldn’t do shit. It’s funny because I feel like everyone gets so excited when they are sick because they think they lose weight and that’s the best way to do it, is being sick HAHA… but not for me… I ate, and I ate a lot of soup HAHA… So as for losing the weight while you are down and out, I def did NOT…. oh well – the only thing I probably lost was muscle mass… DAMMIT! Hahaha. I was just getting into CrossFit too – and of course, I have to come down with the death plague that’s been going around. Now I have to start all over again….

    Look at that super hot face. I'm SUPER hot.

    Look at that super hot face. I’m SUPER hot.

    Listen…. Ladies….. can I be honest? I’m feeling great these days… I feel like I look better, I walk around with more confidence, and I feel like I actually am good looking… Should I feel bad about that? I mean… yeah, I’m engaged, and it’s not like I’m out there looking for a man, or walking around trying to act like I’m hot shit, but I think one of the best feelings in the world is feeling like you are attractive. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.. and I know I’m not some super model, or even close to being one, but I don’t think I’m THAT fugly…? But I don’t know… ever since I’ve been getting in shape, and working out, and feeling good, I’ve got this boost of confidence. I feel like nothing can stand in my way… I feel like I don’t have to walk into my closet and try to figure out what’s going to fit or what’s actually going to look good today…. I can walk into my closet and know that everything fits and looks good – No more not fitting into my jeans, no more having some serious rollage hanging out of my sweaters…. yeah I mean shit, I don’t look amazing in everything, but I just feel like, GOOD about how I look…. And HONESTLY, this feeling I have.. this feeling of confidence, and feeling like I’m strong, and yeah I still have A LOT OF WORK TO DO… this makes it easier for me to keep on moving. I’m getting rid of the FUGLY and getting cute… and you know what, it’s worth it… This whole thing has a lot to do with your self esteem and my self esteem is going up… I just feel great……. I’M GOING TO KEEP DOING THIS BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHO I AM AND WHAT I LOOK LIKE… can i shout that from the rooftops?!?! No? Ok, I’ll shut up now HAHA.

    There hasn’t been a summer in about 10 years that I can remember myself not wearing a sweater over my horribly fat, jiggly, arm wings, and this summer, that’s my goal – let’s LET THOSE THINGS OUT…. Let’s get cute dresses and NOT wear a damn sweater over it…. I CAN DO IT!!!!!!! Ok….

    I found this today… it’s GREAT. I love infographics because no only are they designed awesomely :), but they actually explain what they are trying to explain…. check it out! Happy FRIDAY PEOPLE. TIME TO GET BACK IN THE GYM!

    Get health and fitness tips at Greatist.com

  • Ahhhh FU Plateau's!

    54113632994332084_aifiBWni_cSo, you know that awesome thing where you start working out and eating right and you lose all this weight and you get SO EXCITED because you are working SO HARD and getting all these compliments and going down in sizes and then…….. it just creeps up on you like a bad STD. YOU STOP LOSING WIEGHT… you hit a mother F’ing plateau… Let me just tell you… do you know much that sucks? I mean sure, yeah, I’m gaining wayyyyy lots of muscles, I’m doing crossfit, pushing myself to the LIMITS like a mad women… but it’s that time… it’s plateau time… gotta get over the plateau… sure, I’m sure there are things that I can do to get out of this rut, BUT it still sucks… The number one thing, you just CAN’T GIVE UP…. I can’t give up, you can’t give up, WE CAN’T GIVE UP!!!!!

    Undressed Skeleton had a great article this weekend on plateu’s – read this… and take it all in…. I’m going to continue being sick, and trying to get over this stupid flu going around… PEOPLE BE SAFE!

    What is a Plateau?

    -A weight-loss plateau is when you are stuck at the same weight even though you are practicing a healthy diet and working out. Let’s just say you have been running two miles a day and eating the same diet. You lost fifteen pounds on that routine. This week you continued that routine, but the scale stayed the same. You did everything you were supposed to, but your weight hit a plateau. The more weight you lose, the higher chances are for hitting a plateau.

    Why Do Plateaus Happen?

    As you lose muscle from working out, your metabolism slows down. When you gain muscle your metabolism speeds up. As you lose weight, your body burns calories a lot slower, because it has less to feed. Your body is also smart, it knows when you are trying to take away from it. If you are constantly in fat burning mode it will fight against you making it more difficult for you to lose weight. You have to trick your body.

    Plateaus are frustrating. They happen to almost everyone who is on a weight-loss journey. When I was on my journey I hit one almost every month. I once hit a plateau that lasted 45 days. I can’t explain how frustrating that was. I felt like my hard work was for nothing.

    It is important not to get frustrated with plateaus. Finding motivation to push forward and not fall back into old habits is important. There are a bunch of different methods to escape them, but how do you know which one to choose?

    I have tried just about every method. Some worked and some…a disaster.

    1. Cut your calories and increase your workouts. 
    2. Increase your calories and increase your workouts.
    3. Cut your calories and decrease your workouts.
    4. Change your workout routine. Try new classes or focus on new muscles.
    5. Don’t eat the same thing over and over.
    6. Take a diet supplement. 
    7. Continue to eat healthy, but take a couple days off working out to allow your body to relax and your muscles to rebuild.
    8. Have a cheat meal to increase your leptin levels, shocking your metabolism, causing it to speed up.
    9. Give up.
    10. Relax. Find a way to relive your stress. Yoga a couple times a week can help relax your body and muscles.
    11. Treat yourself. Depriving can cause stress and binge eating.
    12. Cut out fruits.
    13. Add strength training and weight lifting into your work out routine to speed up metabolism.
    14. Calorie cycle. Don’t eat the same amount of calories everyday. Go up and down, but never under your recommended intake. If you go under, you will put your body in a starvation mode. That will seriously damage your body.
    15. Stop weighing yourself. Focus on the measuring tape. Your scale may not be changing, but you may be losing inches.
    16. Eat junk food after working out.
    17. Be patient. It didn’t take you overnight to gain the unwanted weight. It won’t come off overnight either.
    18. Eat three meals a day. Don’t snack.
    19. Increase your water intake to speed your metabolism.
    20. Eat more fiber.
    21. Increase your social life activities. Going out and clearing your mind from a weight-loss plateau can help you relax and push forward.

    These are some of my trial and errors when it comes to the weight loss plateau. It’s important to not give up. Try a couple different things. I’d love to hear your plateau tips too!


  • I can't walk.. but it's ok. And the damn CHICK-FIL-A lady was back on the train this morning! UGH


    This is my favorite thing in the world i need it.

    Listen lady. You are doing EVERYONE a disservice (and by everyone i probably mean just me haha) by bringing your stupid deliciously smelly breakfast sandwiches on the train. Didn’t you ever learn in kindergarten that if you don’t have enough to share don’t BRING IT ON THE VRE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SMELL AND DROOL WHILE IM DRINKING A PROTEIN SHAKE!!!!!!! And sure I might be staring at you but that’s because you are eating it right in front of me lady! Don’t you see that I’m a chubster, I’m WEARING WORKOUT CLOTHES, I just worked out and I’m drinking freaking post workout supplements?!? Haha I’m nuts. It sucks.

    INSTEAD of eating chick-fil-a – why not try one of these

    Easy, Healthy Breakfasts Under 300 Calories?!?!?!?!


    Anyways I don’t have much to report today. Except I’m still like unable to move from Wednesday night, my legs are killing me on the sides where I have my tendon issues but I still tried to make the best out of my workout today.  It’s a bitch when you are learning that your body just isn’t what you thought it was and you learn your limits.
    Do you know what sucks? Eating at a work lunch. Like for example, my friend had a work lunch meeting this week and her preggers boss decided to get a pre-made jimmy johns sandwich platter for everyone without asking what they wanted. Now I get it, you can’t accommodate everyone but why not ask around to see if some people might be dieting or watching what they eat or maybe some people can’t eat gluten, you aren’t even getting them a salad? These days with everyone trying to better themselves and companies putting in policies to workout or adding gym memberships to their benefits, why wouldn’t you watch what you are feeding people during a working lunch? How hard is it to just shoot out a quick email to say, “hey, ordering lunch, anyone have anything special they want?” And I feel like you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed or judged if you either don’t eat, or you maybe take off your bread or pick things off you don’t like. Lets face it, everyone has their own eating habits and I think you should do everything you can to accommodate those people.
    So, I’ve made some progress – so wanted to show you guys some before and after photos… blah, I’m getting there…. it takes work but I’m working.



  • I completed my first goal! I made it through CROSSFIT!

    So, finally, 17 weeks into my journey from “thick-to-thin”…. I finally accomplished goal 1: to make it through a crossfit workout…. Let me tell you. I feel like they make it seem like just anyone can go in and do crossfit, but at some gyms, that’s not the case, and especially at mine. This shit is HARD. Ok… like bootcamp, yeah it’s hard, and you are working your ass off and you are doing burpee’s and moving and shaking and killing it in your workout, but in crossfit, you are doing things way out of your comfort level, WAY harder, and for time. So it’s not like, let’s do 30 seconds of this move, take a break and do another 30 seconds, it’s GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOO.

    All of yesterday, I was like shit – I’m so nervous, I can’t do this, I won’t be able to finish, I’m just going to have a goal to get it done no matter how long it takes, and through the day I got more and more excited… I felt like I was going to go compete in something, I felt like I was just about to do something badass and a shot of adrenaline went through my body and I was so pumped up…. thennnn I SAW THE WOD. The filthy FIFTY… FUCK the filthy fifty… This is what it is:

    photo 1 (9)

    Yeah so that’s the tits…. that’s the bee’s knee’s… that’s the bitch that took me out last night. You wouldn’t believe how hard that was. I was weezing, I was like I’m not going to make it through this.. and yeah, sure, some of these were easier than others… I’m pretty strong in my upper body, but things like burpees kill me…. Half way through, I didn’t think I would finish. The cool part, and probably the most amazing part, and probably the reason why I cried when I got done with my workout…. The people I was doing it with. Even if they are done in 26 minutes and you are still going, they come back to push you and motivate you. At Bull Run Crossfit thats what they do. Adam and Joel were doing burpees with me at the end, they wouldn’t let me quit… have you ever done 50 burpees? Sure, yeah, we have probably had to do them in boot camp but I probably half assed them or didn’t do as much as I was supposed to… but this time, I was like NOPE no cheating, I’m doing all 50 of all of these and I don’t care if it takes 3 hours…… I got done in 44 minutes and 41 seconds. Yeah, so what if I was the last person to finish, who cares, I did it, and I did it all under an hour with only 1 break for water (because I had to haha)…. I was so proud of myself.. I had this sense of, wow, you know what, I can really do this stuff, I can really push myself further and harder without giving up. I legit sat there and teared up. I did it. I know it sounds lame and sounds like anyone can do this.. but not anyone can, and I def couldn’t have when I was in the shape I was before…. I don’t know, but now I feel like I’ve joined this “elite group of athletes”Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.10.43 AM and I finally think I might actually be able to do the tough mudder in June. I know it’s lame, and I’ve still got a long way to go, but you need goals, and this was my goal, and I made it. My favorite quote is this “I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest”… and it’s true. I’m trying my hardest, and that’s all that matters…..

    In case you want to see the filthy fifty in action here you go:

    Ok enough for now, except this goal has made me want more shirts – so I added 2 new ones. Check them out.

    DontWishForIt WorkHard

  • New Years Resolution-er's and a 7 day easy eating plan!

    Here’s the thing – I had a bunch of stuff to talk about today, but you know what, I’m fired up. Thanks Amy for getting me fired up… this is why –

    Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 11.29.03 AMListen, and I’m guilty of this too – All this stuff about New Years Resolutioners at the gym being annoying, it has to stop. I definitely agreed with a few people on Jan 1 when the posts started, but when I sat back and thought about it…. It’s kind of rude. My cousin posted this on her facebook yesterday and I immediately was like, she is right. What the hell are people saying, why not HELP people instead of tell them to get out of the gym because they won’t be able to accomplish their New years goals and will quit in 2 weeks, but guess what, DON’T QUIT… here’s the convo (to the left)…. Sure, it’s really annoying when you go from having 10 people in a bootcamp to 30, and you might not have the same amount of personal attention you used to, or sure it’s annoying when you go to the gym and you want to run and all the tread mills are taken and you can’t go on for a while…. but guess what, just like I said in my comment back to my cousin, whether it’s Jan 1 and you are trying to go with everyone else to be fit, or its a wedding, or you finally realized you need a change, people will always be “newbies” in the gym. Unfortunately, a lot of them happen to start on Jan 1 because people put it off, they say, tomorrow, they say, next week, next month, but people see Jan 1 as a fresh start… and good for them.

    It sucks that the people give up. They should keep going – some might not be as dedicated, or might not see the results they want to see in the first 2 weeks, but it’s not about that, it’s about keeping with it – that’s what I’ve learned….. every time I quit after 2 weeks it was because I didn’t see results, or I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere, and instead of slapping myself across the face, and saying, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER NOTHING HAPPENS OVER NIGHT, I just stopped. And next week a lot of people are going to be in the same position, and your gyms are going to slow down, and yeah, you might have been going to the gym all year long, and good for you, you might be in perfect shape, or in good enough shape where you don’t have to be at the gym everyday, but most people aren’t, and they need help, and they need the motivation.

    So I’m saying to you…. next time you go to the gym (whether it’s tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend) and you see someone new, someone who needs some help – maybe say, hey – you’re here, that’s the first step, don’t give up. Some people might slap you and say “stay out of my business” but some people will appreciate it and think, you know what, I can do it. I would at least…….

    Today I felt really good by the way…. You know what’s awesome? This girl on my VRE train (she’s skinny, doesn’t need to work out) she comes on the train EVERY morning with a greasy yummy breakfast from Chick-fil-A, with a super large soda…. Well, it SUCKS that she does that, but guess what, my skinny jeans are bigger and baggier then her’s – so I feel good about that. You keep drinking that over sized liter of cola lady, see where that gets you in 10 years… HAHA – anyways, that’s not what I was going to say actually, I was going to say, you know whats awesome? Having your skinny jeans falling off you! And THOSE THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE TIGHT AND FIT ANYONE. But not me 🙂 they are getting bigger, and I love it – the other cool thing…. is when people say “hey, are you losing weight” my response would love to be “WELL DAMN FUCKING RIGHT I AM THANKS FOR NOTICING BECAUSE I LOVE YOU NOW” but instead I just say, “oh yeah, haha I work hard, thanks”… but either way, it’s awesome, and it makes me want to go to the gym even more. Ahhhh I love it, today is a good day.

    I have had problems with my diet, and I found this online through Men’s Health – (it’s for women though) it’s a great easy 7 day eating plan — I’m so picky, that everything on this plan makes sense and works – Try it out.

    Fit back into your jeans faster: Trainer Jay Cardiello created this seven-day eating plan to help his celeb clients achieve their lean Hollywood looks. The idea is to switch up your carb intake throughout the week—alternating low-carb days with moderate days—to keep your metabolism humming and lose weight fast. Plus, you’ll always feel full and have energy to spare.

    Easy 7-Day
    Eating Plan

    Days 1 and 2!

    Omelet with 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/4 c minced broccoli or asparagus, 1 tsp shredded low-fat cheese
    1 c plain coffee or green tea
    12 oz water

    1/4 c plain nonfat yogurt and 6 cherries
    12 oz protein shake with 1 scoop protein powder (low-carb, low-sugar, less than 115 calories)
    20 oz water

    6 oz grilled chicken breast
    3 c lettuce with 2 tbsp light or low-fat dressing
    1/2 c steamed broccoli, asparagus, green beans, peas, or carrots
    20 oz water

    8 almonds
    12 oz protein shake
    apple or banana with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter
    20 oz water

    8 oz grilled chicken, beef, turkey, or Boca burger (no bread/bun)
    1/2 c steamed broccoli or asparagus
    3 c plain lettuce with 2 tbsp fat-free dressing, lemon juice, or balsamic vinegar
    20 oz water

    1/4 c cottage cheese with 1/2 c mixed berries or 6 cherries

    Day 3-7

    Omelet with 4 egg whites and minced asparagus and 1 slice plain whole-wheat toast
    12 oz protein shake and 1 apple with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter
    1 c green tea
    12 oz water

    1/4 c plain nonfat yogurt with 1/2 c mixed berries or 6 cherries
    8 almonds
    20 oz water

    Pick one: small sweet potato, small baked potato, 1/4 c brown rice, 1 slice  whole-wheat pita or bread
    Pick one: 6 oz tuna in water; grilled chicken, tuna or turkey; turkey or Boca burger (no bread or bun)
    2 c plain lettuce with 2 tbsp lemon juice or low-fat balsamic vinaigrette
    1 c broccoli with 2 tbsp honey mustard
    20 oz water

    8 almonds
    6 cherries
    apple with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter
    20 oz water

    Pick one: 6 oz sirloin steak, beef burger, grilled chicken or turkey; 8 oz tuna, salmon, or freshwater fish
    1/4 c steamed brown rice
    3 c lettuce with 2 tbsp fat-free dressing
    1/2 c mixed vegetables or 1 c broccoli
    2 tbsp honey mustard
    20 oz water

    1/4 c plain nonfat yogurt with 1/2 c berries
    1/4 c cottage cheese with 1/2 c berries

  • My Keg o' Fat.

    20130108-075855.jpgWelllllllllllll, today I’m not quite myself, but that’s besides the point haha. You know what super sucks?!? When you don’t have a 6 pack, and instead you just have a big old keg on your stomach hahahaha that would be me. And you know what sucks about that keg? Having to do exercises that involve touching your toes, or having your knees come all the way up to your elbows while you are in the plank position…… Basically anything that involves flexibility, because yeah, I’m flexible but SHIT my stupid keg gets in the way and its sooooo super annoying. Like today, we were doing bicycles, and for a normal person, that’s easy, but for someone with a keg, that thing gets in the way! It’s like being skinny and having an eight pack, but while you’re doing the bicycle kicks, you have a huge 40 pound sand bad on your stomach. Try that one out for size and see how it is haha.

    I can’t wait to lose all this weight because it really does suck working out and having this keg there. It’s annoying and obnoxious and makes it difficult to do the workouts. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. If only I could magically have 60 pounds of this shit disappear, that would be the life. And these frustrating things just make me want to eat!!!!!!!!!! I always turn to food for comfort and now I can’t do that. I don’t know maybe it’s hormones but shit I’m sitting here like tearing up because I’m so angry at this damn keg and how it holds me back! Ok enough for today, I need to take a nap so I don’t eat the whole bag of almonds in my bag hahaha.