• Juans getting so Skinny I'm Jealous!


    I think the hardest part for me is that I’m bigger then Juan. I know it shouldn’t matter, but it’s really upsetting, and uncomfortable knowing that I am bigger then my dude. Like, I think thats why growing up I was always attracted to big tall guys.. because I was like, you know what, I feel small around you… I feel like I’m not this huge chick… it’s nice having that feeling – and it sucks when you don’t have it anymore.. I mean don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything in the world about Juan or being with him, but sometimes I wish I didn’t feel like I’m crushing him when I hug him, or I wish that I could let him pick me up, but because I’m too heavy, I’m worried that he will drop me or that he will be like SHITTTTT Andrea… I can’t pick you up… it’s that kind of stuff that’s super uncomfortable. It messes with me – I mean not to be all TMI or anything, but it even effects things like my intimacy, I get discouraged. It SUCKS. And of course…


    I’m super jealous of how easy it is for Juan to drop pounds… he just doesn’t have to eat as much, or go on a WALK a day, or do some Wii FIT, and then he’s down 40lbs in like a month…. stupid boys…. why aren’t girls made like boys.. Why don’t we have the same ability to drop the pounds… and I feel bad because yeah, I’m so happy for him, but I’M SO JEALOUS! I wish it was as easy for me as it was for him…. I try.. I really do, and I also try to make it not bother me, but shit, WHO WANTS TO BE BIGGER THAN THEIR MAN!!!?!?!?!?!!

    Can I also say I think it’s funny that all I’m asking for for Christmas is workout clothes?!?! haha… I mean that’s funny… me? workout clothes? and sneakers? all that crap? too funny… anyways…

    I got an email from SparkPeople yesterday about a great workout to PREVENT THE HOLIDAY POUNDS… It’s the 12 workouts of Christmas! You can do the circuit in your home, you don’t need weights or anything, these are strength and plyo exercises that will kick your ASS! Enjoy!

  • Old pictures, VGD shopping and just Tuesday.

    You know what’s the worst? Days when you are just in the gym working out and you are like ugh I’m over this. Or ugh I can’t get thru this workout or even worse, when you are lying in bed at 4:45am and you are just like what am I doing. Is this even all worth it? I have days like that. I have days where I have a hard time convincing myself that I just need to push thru and that I’ve already come so far that giving up is not an option….. But…… It’s the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with the best metabolism or the best self control when it comes to eating so I can’t give up. This has to be my life. The minute I stop working out for like a week ill be done.

    You know what’s hilarious tho? I was Christmas shopping this weekend online and I was trying to pick out some new underwears. Well, I was on aerie.com because I love their crap, and what do I find when I go to browse the different undies to pick out? A WHOLE LOT OF VGD (otherwise known as the vagina gap divide) hahaha. Like seriously, want to hurt my self esteem even more?!? Instead of just having a picture of the pattern or the undies flat, you have to have EVERY SINGLE UNDIE ON A CHICK?!? I get it, Victoria’s Secret does that but they also only show one on the left side then show the rest of the patterns, but nope. Here I literally had to zoom in on chicks goods to make sure I liked the pattern or not! Like oh hey, let me see if I want the penguins or the bunnies, but I can’t tell what they look like so I have to zoom extra close to check it out. Like really? Arie.com I think you should check out what your doing, because 12 year old boys might be coming to your site for the wrong reasons….. Definitely not to pick out Christmas gifts for their mothers…. But moms if you get a ton of undies from arie, you’ll know why your sons were on this site hahaha. OK UPDATE… they took off the bodies HAHAHA – they must have seen it coming… I have a screen shot on my laptop to prove I’m not nuts! hahahahaha

    Anyways, another thing today. I was looking back at some old photos and man did I get depressed… I mean SERIOUSLY is this what I looked like? This is a hard thing to look at… I knew I was letting myself go, but shit, ugh…. You know, you totally look different when you are looking at yourself in the mirror, or when you are taking a photo and you long arm it to get rid of your triple chins – but when you look at photos that are taken by other people (that I WOULD NEVER POST ON FACEBOOK) you really realize what you look like.. and SHIT, I need to get moving… GET MOVING, this is NOT ok I look horrible…. and I felt horrible… grrrrrrr… now I’m depressed, happy Tuesday to me!

    Before I go, I found this AWESOME Turkey, Apple + Swiss quesadilla today from Dashing Dish… I’m not one for funky foods, but this is DELISH!


    1 Low carb/ high fiber wrap or tortilla 1
    1/4 cup (2 oz) Shredded turkey (or turkey deli meat or shredded chicken)
    2 Ultra thin swiss cheese slices or ¼ cup mozzarella or low fat cheese of choice
    1/2 Small green apple, sliced very thin (or apple of choice)
    2 tbs Cranberry sauce or low sugar raspberry jelly
    1 I like La Tortilla wraps. They are high in fiber and protein, and low in carbs and calories!
    Nutrition Breakdown

    1 Serving
    242 Calories
    9 g Fat
    30 g Carbohydrate
    13 g Fiber
    6 g Sugar
    24 g Protein
    7 WWP+*
    *Weight Watchers Points per serving


    Warm a medium skillet over medium heat, and spray with non-stick cooking spray.
    Place everything on ½ of the tortilla, fold in tortilla in half, and place on warmed skillet. When one side of the tortilla starts to brown, (about 1-2 minutes), flip and cook on other side until other side begins to brown and cheese melts (about 1-2 minutes). Remove from heat.
    Cut tortilla into three wedges and serve warm with additional cranberry sauce or raspberry jelly if desired!

  • What I was thankful for over the weekend….

    This is me trying to look like I’ve lost weight – maybe you can see the difference, I really hate taking pictures of myself! HAHAHA

    Well, Thanksgiving is over, and I’m sad. Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays… not only because of the food, but because you really sit down and think about everything you have in your life, and your family, and your friends… and it’s just such a happy, cheerful weekend. This year I hosted, and shit, I am not doing that for a long time. Can I tell you how stressful it is the last 15 minutes before dinner?!?!? Getting the potatoes smashed, the rolls in and out of the over, the corn ready, not over flowing the gravy… and all at the same time thinking I shouldn’t be eating this food. I shouldn’t be putting this pound of butter in my belly… I kept thinking about what Brian said… even one meal can set you back… and then even that got to me – did you know that basically up until Sunday I thought that if I ever saw Brian (the owner of the gym, my bootcamp trainer and just a good dude) out like in public that I couldn’t eat or drink anything bad because he would be mad at me…. finally, on Sunday I found out that he wouldn’t judge me which makes me feel a little bit better because I know I’m not perfect (yet……) and I still make mistakes, I still go out and drink with my friends, and I still every once and a while eat something I shouldn’t eat…. but now I know if I see him out, I don’t have to worry about if he is going to judge me or not and that makes me feel so much better…. I know he’s not a judger, but he’s a super motivator, and just so fit and in shape and knows SOOOO much about nutrition and what should be putting into your body, that I just automatically thought that….

    Anyways, back to the point. Even one meal can set you back. While I was eating, and trying not to over indulge, I just kept saying, what if I gain all my weight back… what if this starts a trend, what if I go back to my old ways… what if this meal turns into fast food the next and then pizza the day after that and I stop eating healthy…. well clearly I’m paranoid, because I know eating the DELICIOUS food I made for thanksgiving (thanks Evie for all the help) wouldn’t make me gain back my 26 pounds… it’s Monday, I’m back on track and back on the eating healthy wagon… I mean yeah, did I eat leftovers? yes. of course, tasted just as good as the day before… yeah, did I eat pie on Sunday? yes… that shit is money and I’m not throwing it away…. yeah, did I drink too much Friday night? OF COURSE. (but at least I was out with gym friends so I didn’t feel as bad)… I enjoyed my holiday weekend, and you know what, I think that’s ok. I’m not going to sit here and complain this week if I didn’t drop my pound I should have dropped this week, I’m going to sit and think about the good food I ate, and the fun times I had with my friends… that’s all.

    So I found myself over this weekend tearing up, like A LOT. I’m a huge sap, and reading things like people are thankful for their friends or family and knowing I’m one of them, I just get so happy. I was sad I didn’t have my whole family together like usual, but what are you going to do you know? I had some amazing family at my house, a great friend, and we all just enjoyed each others company… but I really do sit and think about life, and what life would be without the people in my life… i think about where my world would be right now without my family… and how much we all support each other and really do love each other… i think about where I would be without my friends… my friends are my freaking life. I have some amazing friends that I know with a drop of a hat if I needed ANYTHING they would be there… and I just think about what I have in life. I think people forget that they should be thankful for things like a roof over their head, and food on the table instead of the gucci purse or chanel earrings or their BMW and think about the fact that a lot of people don’t even have a god damn roof over their heads…. the holidays are the time to give back, to remember what is important, and just be an amazing person and be full of happiness… I’m also so SO SO SOOOOO incredibly thankful for all of you… all of you guys who read this shit, who motivate me, who push me in the gym, who give me help when I ask for it, who support me when things suck and who congratulate me when things are good… I honestly wouldn’t be this far along in all of this if it wasn’t for you… .and I know I say it a lot, but youguys are amazing, and I couldn’t think of where I would be today if I hadn’t started all this (probably back on my couch with a bag of chips…. OOOOO CHIPS… YUMMM, I want some chips NOW! hahahah). So thanks everyone, thanks for being my family, my friends, and my motivators… you’ll never know what it means to me. And let me just say… I’m so thankful for my most amazing fiance EVER… he’s supported me through all this, and wouldn’t love me less no matter what size I am… he deals with my ups and downs, and without him, I honestly would be no where in life…..

    SO IT’S MONDAY again… and it’s time to get back on the wagon, and back to eating healthy… less butter, more protein…. and just thinking about the fact that I can over indulge in 362 days…. I’m counting, I know. HAHAHA

  • Eating healthy for thanksgiving?!? PSSSHH HELL NO!

    Can I just say… let’s be honest… I mean come on… right?

    IT’S THANKSGIVING?!?!?!?! WHY SHOULD ANYONE (unless that is your lifestyle, but im talking about people on diets) HAVE TO GIVE UP THANKSGIVING?!!?! I get it, don’t indulge, but SHIT, it’s ONE TIME A YEAR. It’s not like Thanksgiving falls on the first Sunday of every month (but that would be pretty freaking sweet if it did).. it’s 1 of 365 days… ONE.

    I know, if you want to be healthy, be healthy… but for me… I’m not going to substitute my potatoes for cauliflower, I’m not going to have gluten free rolls, I’m not going to have a TOFURKEY, I’m DEF not having healthy stuffing, and I’m loading that bird up with BUTTAAAA. Yeah baby… And on top of ALL of this, I am NOT NOT NOT 1,000,000,000% not making my pies healthy in any way.. for numerous reasons… 1) my uncle would probably murder me the minute he bit into his chocolate pie made with vegan/gluten free crust… 2) my sittoo would be ashamed if I made her apple pie with Truvia and 3) I think the pilgrams would probably cry knowing that I turned their huge fattening feast into a light, fluffy diet friendly snack. I’m doing it for the pilgrams ok!!!! FOR THE PILGRAMS! And ummmmm, have you had reduced fat crescent rolls??? EXACTLY, WHO EATS THAT??!?!!

    The point of this post is that I’m not watching what I eat tomorrow.. and yes trainers, you can kick my ass for it, but shit, I know you will be eating pumpkin pie Brian…. so if you are going to eat it, I’m going to eat it! 😉

    Ok ok ok, i know some of you aren’t as bad as me – so here are some great tips for making your thanksgiving “healthier” if you want to offend the pilgrams! (these aren’t even that great, but they are a start!)


    5. Dark turkey meat (4 0z) with jellied cranberry sauce (1/2-inch slice) :
    410 calories, 10 g fat, (4 g satured), 320 mg sodium

    Dark meat is about twice as fatty as white meat. Homemade cranberry sauce cuts the sugar by a considerable amount.

    Turkey breast (4 oz) with homemade cranberry sauce (2 Tbsp)
    195 calories, 4 g fat, 265 mg sodium

    4. Stuffing (1/2 cup) :
    175 calories, 14 g fat, (6 g saturated), 420 mg sodium

    Stuffing is nothing more than a pile of croutons moistened with fat and loaded with sodium. Double this number if it was cooked inside the bird. A fresh grean bean casserole with sautéed onions is a much healthier alternative—just make sure you ditch the cream of mushroom soup.

    Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. Download the Cook This, Not That! iPhone app and have hundreds of easy and delicious recipes at your fingertips.

    Green bean casserole (1/2)

    100 calories, 6 g fat (1 g saturated), 300 mg sodium

    3. Candied sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping:
    250 calories, 8 g fat (5 g saturated) , 270 mg sodium

    Sweet potatoes lose their nutritional edge once they’re covered in marshmallows. Mashed potatoes with low-fat milk and a light dollop of butter is the best way to eat your spuds.

    Mashed potatoes (1/2) cup with turkey gravy (1/4 cup)
    140 calories, 7 g fat (2 g saturated), 340 mg sodium


    2. Cornbread with butter:
    190 calories, 9 g fat (4 g saturated), 360 mg sodium

    Sweeter, saltier, and fatter than a regular roll. With a regular roll, a small pat of butter helps lower the glycemic index of the roll, meaning the carbs will have less of an effect on blood sugar.

    Want to receive the latest nutritional information and weight-loss tips directly from the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health? Follow @DaveZinczenko on Twitter!

    Dinner roll with butter

    130 calories, 5 g fat (2 g saturated), 210 mg sodium

    1. Pecan pie (1 medium slice, 1/6 pie):
    450 calories, 21 g fat (4 g saturated), 70 g sugars

    The healthy fat from the pecans is not enough to justify the extra load of corn syrup calories. In the pantheon of pies, pumpkin ranks among one of the lower-calorie slices.

    Click here for all of today’s nutrition, health, and fitness news!

    Pumpkin pie with low-fat whipped cream (1 medium slice, 1/6 pie)
    335 calories, 15 g fat (6.5 g saturated), 38 g sugars

  • The Results Are In…And I Never Want to See That Number Again

    Well where do I begin? I have a lot of thoughts running through my head right this moment and since last night. So I said I would finally just man up and look at my actual numbers from when I started working out and now….. I didn’t want to in fear that I would be discouraged. Welp, I was right. No matter how hard I tried last night after looking at the numbers, no matter how happy I should have been that I was losing weight, I was still so upset. And this is why…….

    At the beginning of this I didn’t think I was as big as I really was. And I’m not going to say the number because I’m honestly ashamed. Like how could I have gotten to that point. How could I have let myself go like that. Seeing that number made me want to cry. And it did. And I should have been tearing up in the pure fact that I’ve lost a total of 26 pounds and around 20 inches… I should be happy. But that freaking number. That number that shouldn’t define you but sometimes you can’t help feeling that it does….. That number was so high.

    I felt so bad because last night when I was talking about it with my trainers they were so happy and proud of me but all I could think of was wow I cannot believe that. I cannot believe I was that high and still pretty high. I’m at least 20 pounds larger then I thought which means 20 more pounds to add to the goal weight loss chart. Granted I do have a lot of muscle and damn they are getting bigger, and I know I KNOW ill never be a size 4 and I probably will never have the vagina gap divide because my thighs are so muscular haha but sometimes, we get upset about that. Sometimes you have to be happy about the fact that you have had significant progress and you are working towards a better place and that’s what I preach but sometime I need to be upset about it too. I need to be upset about the fact that I’m still a really big girl, and it will be a while till I’m not.

    It’s all making sense why Juan dropped me on my head! IM HUGE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    For now I have to just keep moving. Like Ashley said last night when I was venting to her about how I felt like shit knowing what I know now “You have to live in the now an focus on how far you’ve come.” And “I’m sure Jessica Simpson gets on the scale.” Haha. Give me a few million dollars and ill step on the scale too!

    I thought I would have something for you guys to take away from this blog but I don’t at the moment. Wait maybe I do. DON’T GIVE UP. I’m not going to, I’m not going to let that number define me and neither should anyone else.

    Last night I killed it on the calorie burning


    And also don’t forget this great picture. It’s a great way to not think about the scale in a negative way


  • The Vagina Gap Divide

    Well, what a week it has been. This morning I skipped early morning bootcamp because I am trying to play House MD and figure out what’s going on with my head. Maybe if any of you reading this have a clue, chime in. Here is my problem:

    2 weeks ago Juan and I were just being dorks joking around in the kitchen and I was talking about how I lost weight but not enough for him to pick me up etc. So clearly he challenged that theory. He’s like ok, let’s try it, jump into my arms and wrap your legs around me… k. one, two, three, jump…. wellllllll it all went downhill from there. I jumped, he caught, but apparently what I didn’t do is wrap my arms around his neck…. well that meant I fell, and hard, right onto my back and onto my head on our hardwood floor. Yeahhhhh, so that was fun. It hurt, a lot, but i didn’t think anything of it… over the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing really weird things going on with my head.. and I’m not stranger to headaches, etc. But since I’ve been working out, I’ve been better so I was like, why the HELL am I getting these random headaches. The formula was always the same, I woke up, worked out (head was fine) got to work and finally the headache’s started. At first I thought, ok, it’s just my eyes, I sit in front of a computer all day, its probably that. So I wore my glasses… that didn’t work. Then I thought ok it’s because I’m not eating enough…. ate a little more to try to prove that theory wrong… that didn’t work… and then this friday it was just so bad. I couldn’t focus at work, I couldn’t do anything because my head just hurt so bad. And it kept hurting even into the night to the point where it felt like my whole head was swollen. I even woke up Saturday and it still hurt… I took some IB Profin that morning (which I had been doing and it hadn’t helped) and that finally calmed it down and Saturday was ok…. but yeah… so anyways.. this morning I’m trying to figure out if working out flares up some sort of type of mild-concussion or whip lash, (by not working out this morning and seeing if my head hurts then I will know) and then working out this evening and if it starts then, then I know. Anyways… my aunt also said it could be something like that or it could be something worse. SO I am going to get in, get a MRI and check it out, but my head has been so off and it’s so annoying… working out and feeling lightheaded, and having horrible headaches during the day, and just feeling like my head is going to freaking explode=NOT FUN.

    Ok so now that I got that off my chest… the topic for todays post… YES I WANT A DAMN VAGINA GAP DIVIDE!

    What is a Vagina gap divide you say? hahahaha, well, urban dictionary defines it as this:

    The open space created between a thin or fit woman’s upper thighs when she stands straight up with her feet close together. Considered a reliable indicator of a low body fat to weight ratio for women. More voluptuous women do not have a crotch gap due to the flesh of their thighs closing the gap. Often associated with the term “cameltoe“.

    Can I just tell you, a) I want my thighs to fit into jeans, and b) I want there to be a gap so it looks like I’m skinny! I’m sorry, but you know that you have muscular legs, and skinny legs when you have a gap in between your two thighs and they don’t touch when you walk! I JUST WANT THAT – look here’s a pic of me trying to have one! hahahaha – so yeah, maybe one of my goals is to have a VGD hahahaha, but it’s a good goal to have! All of you people that have them, I’m jealous.


    WITH THE VG GAP – Granted I wouldn’t look like a retard, but I clearly have to move my legs apart to make it look like I have one HAHAHA

    What else happened this weekend, yeah, I’m still waiting on getting my weight – I decided I’m just going to have to go ahead and release those numbers… I didn’t want to do it, but I have to face my fear. I’m talking about everything else, I might as well say how much I really weight right? Ashley asked me if I had weighed in yet because she says I’m her motivation and that’s just awesome – I didn’t think I could be anyones motivation, so yeah… let me get weighed and be on top of that. Gotta get skinny, only a few more weeks till wedding dress shopping!!!!! Oh, ONE MORE THING… Dude, it’s TRUE. WHEN YOU LOSE WEIGHT YOU LOSE YOUR BOOBS! Why is it that your GOOD assets go down before your bad assets! Why can’t my belly be gone instead of my boobs! I MEAN JEEZ! This is not cool, just saying.

    I think the coolest thing is having people say that you look great when you see them. Although when you put yourself out like I am through this blog I am worried that they are only saying that to make me feel better but hopefully that’s not true and people really do see a difference! I saw some people this weekend that I hadn’t seen in a while and the first thing they said was hey, have you lost weight you look great… secretly I’m wondering if they have been reading this, but hopefully they are just seeing a change. hahah…

    To avoid NOT having “The Vagina Gap Divide” please stay away from THESE!


    6. FAT OFFENDER #6: A BURGER : Ruby Tuesday Triple Prime Bacon Cheddar Burger

    1,333 calories, 101 g fat, 1,892 mg sodium

    New rule: The more syllables in a menu item’s name, the more fat there’s likely to be in the dish. Less than 3 percent of the beef produced in this country earns the USDA’s “prime” rating, and that’s not a bad thing. Prime beef, as it turns out, is the fattiest beef you can sink your teeth into. If you really want a burger, you’re better off heading elsewhere. Not one of Ruby’s has fewer than 700 calories. Go with the Plain Grilled Top Sirloin and earn all the beefy protein without the superfluous calories.

    Plain Grilled Top Sirloin

    290 calories, 12 g fat, 420 mg sodium

    5. FAT OFFENDER #5: A STEAK: Chili’s Flame-Grilled Ribeye with broccoli and mashed potatoes
    1,460 calories, 106 g fat (44 g saturated), 3,700 mg sodium

    For a healthy diet, the USDA recommends you cap your daily saturated fat intake at 20 grams. This meal more than doubles that, and it’s only 12 ounces of meat. Sure, ribeye is a notoriously fatty cut, but it’s primarily the bath of butter that pushes this steak’s fat count to such unhealthy heights. Switch to the Guiltless Grill Classic Sirloin and save an astounding 1,090 calories.

    Guiltless Grill Classic Sirloin with steamed veggies

    370 calories, 9 g fat (4 g saturated), 3,680 mg sodium

    4. FAT OFFENDER #4: MEXICAN FOOD: Chili’s Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla
    1,650 calories, 107 g fat (39 g saturated), 3,450 mg sodium

    Traditional Mexican food is big on seasoning and light on cheese, but with this quesadilla, Chili’s takes a different approach. Trying to appease palates primed for indulgence, the restaurant layers on the fat in four ways: cheese, ranch, bacon, and sour cream. Go with the Margarita Grilled Chicken and you’ll cut the overall fat content by more than 80 percent.

    Margarita Grilled Chicken

    550 calories, 14 g fat (4 g saturated), 1,870 mg sodium

    3. FAT OFFENDER #3: A ‘HEALTHY’ SALAD: IHOP Chicken and Spinach Salad
    1,600 calories, 118 g fat (32 g saturated), 2,340 mg sodium

    Chicken? Good. Spinach? Good. IHOP’s Chicken and Spinach Salad—downright deplorable. You’ll need to i-hop for four hours to burn it off. This salad is exactly what makes restaurant food so questionable and potentially unhealthy. The name makes it sound like a paragon of nutritious eating, yet the numbers reveal it to be just the opposite. The chicken here is actually fried chicken, and the spinach is little more than a small bed for bacon and cheddar cheese. You could snarf down six pancake short stacks and still take in less fat. Save yourself the waistline damage and opt for the Simple & Fit Simply Chicken Sandwich instead.

    Simply Chicken Sandwich with fresh fruit, side salad, and reduced-fat Italian dressing
    565 calories, 12.5 g fat (3.5 g saturated), 1,085 mg sodium

    2. FAT OFFENDER #2: ‘HEALTHY’ FISH: Applebee’s New England Fish & Chips

    1,930 calories, 138 g fat (24 g saturated), 3,180 mg sodium

    The American Heart Association recommends eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids at least twice a week. By doing so, you lower your risk of such chronic diseases as heart disease and cancer. But if you prepare fish by deep frying it in a tub of bubbling fat—like Applebee’s does with this artery-clogging monstrosity—you reverse all those benefits. Opt for Applebee’s Garlic Herb Salmon instead. It offers 109 fewer grams of fat, nearly two-thirds fewer calories, and a heap of flavor that will still leave you satiated.

    Applebee’s Garlic Herb Salmon

    690 calories, 29 g fat (8 g saturated), 1,460 mg sodium

    1. FAT OFFENDER #1: PASTA: Cheesecake Factory Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken
    2,300 calories, 103 g saturated fat, 1,517 mg sodium

    Cheesecake Factory prefers to keep its nutritional stats hidden, but a law in California forced it to reveal saturated fat. Total fat is still a mystery, but this meal breaks through the 100-gram ceiling on saturated fat alone! The culprits here are the oversized portion and the thick, fat-riddled alfredo sauce. The typical restaurant recipe for this sauce relies on some combination of cream, butter, oil, and cheese, and there’s no reason to believe that Cheesecake’s version strays from the norm. Unfortunately, the chain offers no single pasta dish with fewer than 1,100 calories, so keep yourself safe by sticking to the new Skinnylicious menu.

  • T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-SHIRTS!

    Why do I see t-shirts, Andrea? Well, I’ve decided to start a line of inspirational, funny, motivational t’s and tanks along with writing my horrible blog… I started getting sick of the usual ‘Just Do It’ Nike shirts at Dicks, so I decided to find some inspirational saying and get them on some shirts so that when you are wearing them you really feel like you can REALLY DO IT! This is a new thing for me, so be patient. I am going to get every order out as fast as possible, answer questions, and make sure that I’m doing everything the right way. Also, right now, since I don’t have all of them in stock, you will see that they are all on the models that these shirts come on, once I get orders going, I am going to photograph them on REAL people, so you can see what they REALLY look like (esp on me, a size L-XL!)

    Other than that, I hope you enjoy my horrible blog, and really like my shirts, and I hope that in everything I post, or sell, I can inspire someone to get up and get going so that we can all be around forever!!!

  • Oh Jessica Simpson.

    Ahhh so this morning I have a lot of things on my mind. First is this magazine article I read about Jessica Simpson just before I started writing. The cover reads as follows……

    “Bullied for my weight, my diet struggle”. Ok so that got my attention. I have mixed feelings towards Jessica Simpson anyways but here’s what I really think…… You signed a 4 million dollar contact with weight watchers and you needed an excuse to explain why you didn’t lose the weight as fast as j-HUD. Honestly yeah it might sound bitchy of me to say but it’s what I think. Here’s the other F’ed up thing….. The article talks about how she was constantly criticized for being fat…. Do you know what size she was at the time of these statements?!? A SIZE 4. A FREAKING SIZE FOUR ARE YOU KIDDING ME. If I’m a size 16 I must be a god damn whale! Shut the front door. Size 4. Anyways. She was making comments at the time like “what do you want from me I’m not a super model” well honey you’re only 2 sizes off, where I have about 18 sizes to go. Really you are being called big for being a size 4, something is wrong with society then because that’s messed up. Anyways. She gained the weight that she’s currently taking off from when she was preggers. Here’s the other thing, she admitted to over indulging during that time. To me that’s a cop out. She knew she was going to have this WW deal once she had the baby so she thought hey, why not have ribs. She would have never gained all that weight if she would have just ate healthy while she was pregs. It’s your ow fault honey. If you know you are prone to gain weight and be “criticized” why would you do that to yourself. AND ON TOP OF THAT I think weight watchers is a big piece of shit because gaining weight from having a baby and losing those pounds is way different then just being bigger like JHud and wanting to make a life change. Sorry but I think that’s kind is bullshit. Anyways. Wow for some reason I’m angry. She’s losing the weight because she’s being paid to do so, beingpaid to be a size 2. And the complaining that people are “making fun of her” well sweetheart stop eating ribs and French fries and basically tubs of lard just because you can because your pregnant, and then shut up!

    Sure it might seem like I’m bullying her or making fun of her too but I’m bothered. I think it’s a cop out. She’s getting paid to drop baby weight and being paid to write a story about being bullied when its much harder for real people to lose weight and real people get bullied in real life on the reg for being overweight but do they write articles about them? No. Deal with it Simpson. I’m sure you wipe your ass with dollar bills from all the money you make from your awesome hand bags but I don’t want to hear about your million dollar weight struggles. Try losing weight with no money behind it where you actually have to PAY SOMEONE to help you and then write an article.

    Anyways. I wanted to talk about other stuff today but this clearly took me on a tangent haha.

    For now. Im drinking my protein shake wishing I had some ribs, and dreaming of the days when someone can pay me to be a real motivator instead of these stars. I haven’t seen My favorite actress in the whole entire world, Melissa McCarthy come out with any articles about her weight except for ones where she embraces it. By the way I love the shit out of her. I’m trying so hard to figure out how to be as hilarious as she is haha so I can be in the bridesmaids sequel. I wonder if Juan will move to Hollywood so i can peruse my dream of being in some movies?!?! Hahahha.

    Ok well that’s it for now.


    So after my bitching session last week, complaining about how I wanted to give up, I just said shut up Andrea… you’ve got this.. and moved on. So, back to bootcamp this morning, and boy was it a killer, if you don’t know what burpee’s are, you must learn, and you should try to do at least 10, and then maybe try 100 because we did WAY more then 100 today (the cards workout is not even a joke, it’s a bitch, a big big ass kicking bitch)…. Yeah, I’m badass I know. But the more burpees you do in a day, the more you can probably eat.. Brian burned over 1200 calories on this morning, which is how many calories I’m supposed to be eating in a day! Sheesh….

    Anyways, I’m still waiting on weighing myself, I just really really REALLY don’t want to. I just really don’t. I like thinking I’m getting smaller, and then eventually in like 20 weeks ill get on the scale and say, wow yeah I’m so skinny now hahaha… Why can’t scales just read “you’ve lost weight this week” or “you’ve gained weight this week, nice try, work harder next week” instead of telling you your actual weight? I need to invent that, someone write that down! 
    We put up our christmas decorations Sunday and I realized a fun new way to track if I am getting smaller or not… it’s called the, “Can we fit into a full size tupperware” method. Step 1) Get into a tupperware, preferably the standard storage bin size. Step 2) try to get in as small of a ball as possible. Step 3) have someone close it on you. Try this at the beginning of your weight loss, 8 weeks in and 16 weeks in, and see if there’s any difference! WORKS LIKE A CHARM! HAHAHA. I’m almost there… take a look: 

     See, I’m almost there. HAHAHA. Come a few more weeks we will be able to close that container and I will feel like I’ve accomplished something! HAHAHAHA. So funny.

    No but really. This is weird, I totally know. But I was walking into the bathroom this morning to change at work and I stopped and I looked in the mirror, and I said damn, I am swimming in this shirt, I’m actually looking smaller these days. (this is the weird part) I had HAD to document this for my own sake HAHA… I literally went back to my desk, grabbed my phone and snapped a pic. Because I was proud of myself. HAHA. I was actually feeling good for a minute. It felt nice to be swimming in my shirt. (still didn’t feel awesome when we were doing jacks this morning my my flab was bouncing all over, but maybe soon that won’t be a problem).

    I’ve got 33 days till I have to be in front of my mom and my friends in a wedding dress, and I’m shit scared. I really really hate shopping, let alone shopping with people watching me. Honestly, and this might sound horrible, but you know when you go wedding dress shopping and you see these shows where the mom cries and is just like wow my daughter is so beautiful, I want my mom to be like that. She’s already said that she’s going to cry, but I want her to cry because I want her to say, damn, andrea is beautiful.. and I know, I know, I am beautiful no matter what size, but it would be awesome if I was beautiful because I was smaller than I am now.  I would feel more comfortable about the whole wedding dress experience if I was… blah… only a few more weeks, I can do it.. the other thing I’m scared about is finding a dress I really want to try, but not even being able to fit my left thigh in the thing.  Some dresses are just so small, and I’m just scared I won’t fit into anything! All I want, is to be able to fit, and zip, into one dress, just one. That’s all I ask wedding dress gods, let me fit into one! 🙂

    Since I feel like I want to give something back to the people reading this blog, I read the other day about the 7 salads you should never EVER eat, and it’s funny because you think you are eating something healthy, but it’s SHIT. Read below, and watch out next time you’re ordering a salad you think is good for you!!!!!!!!!

    BY THE WAY, I started a facebook page so I could share more info and stuff on the page instead of doing it on my own personal page, so go ahead and like me if you want, if not, that’s ok too, but I’ll be sad. BAHAHAH https://www.facebook.com/fromthicktothin


    7. #7: WORST BUFFALO-STYLE SALAD: Friendly’s Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Salad
    1,180 calories, 95 g fat (19 g saturated), 2,090 mg sodium
    Don’t be fooled by the lettuce—it’s simply a foil for the hunks of deep-fried meat, oily wing sauce, cheese, and cream-based blue cheese dressing. This salad is, in fact, more damaging than the hot wings that inspired it. (It has 66 percent more calories than a full order of Applebee’s wings!) Instead, opt for the tuna melt and salad combo, the sole menu option to keep both calories and sodium in check.

    Half Tuna Supermelt and side salad with Italian dressing
    450 calories, 25 g fat (5 g saturated), 1,190 mg sodium

    6. #6: WORST TEX-MEX SALAD: Baja Fresh Steak Tostada Salad
    1,230 calories, 63 g fat (17 g saturated, 2 g trans), 2,380 mg sodium

    Props to Baja Fresh for introducing lower-calorie entrées like Bare Burritos and Baja Ensaladas, but that doesn’t excuse the more nefarious offerings like the 2,000-calorie nachos and this fat-drenched salad that comes served in a deep-fried tortilla receptacle. Don’t let the novelty suck you in. There’s still nothing better than the Original Baja Tacos paired with a side of fiber-rich beans.

    Original Baja Steak Tacos (2) with Pinto Beans
    632 calories, 17 g fat (4 g saturated), 972 mg sodium

    5. #5: WORST CLASSIC SALAD: Outback Steakhouse Aussie Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad with Honey Mustard
    1,288 calories, 98 g fat (32 g saturated, 2.2 g trans), 2,096 mg sodium
    Cobb might as well stand for “Corrupted by Oil, Bread & Bacon.” These iconic salads’ toppings include croutons, cheese, bacon, and an oft-fried protein, and they tend to be topped with heavier dressings. In the case of Outback, this salad contains more fat than 64 ounces—that’s four pounds—of the chain’s Victoria Filet. The Shrimp Caesar is the lightest salad on the menu, and it comes with 25 grams of lean protein.
    Shrimp Caesar Salad
    554 calories, 39 g fat (11 g saturated), 1,382 mg sodium

    4. #4: WORST CRUSTED SALAD: Applebee’s Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad
    1,360 calories, 80 g fat (17 g saturated, 1 g trans), 2,6
    40 mg sodium

    Nuts can be a great salad topping, but because they’re calorie-dense, they should be applied judiciously. Applebee’s does not adhere to this advice. With this salad, the chain adds both crushed nuts and sugar-coated pecans. In addition, it adds deep-fried chicken and fat-heavy bleu cheese dressing. The total damage is more than a full day’s recommended fat intake and 117 grams of carbohydrates. You’d have to be nuts to eat that.
    Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad (with chicken)
    620 calories, 31 g fat (9 g saturated, 0.5 g trans), 1,610 mg sodium

    3. #3: WORST “HEALTHY” SALAD: California Pizza Kitchen Moroccan Chicken Salad (full)
    1,370 calories, 12 g saturated fat, 1,040 mg sodium
    At 116 grams, this salad has more carbohydrates than most of the pasta dishes on the menu. Then there’s the saturated fat. With the exception of the Sicilian or the Meat Cravers, you could eat half of any thin crust pizza on the menu and take in the same amount or less. Try the new Quinoa and Arugula Salad instead. Despite being a seed, quinoa supplies the same amino acids as meat, making it an excellent vegetarian source of protein.
    Quinoa and Arugula Salad
    607 calories, 5 g saturated fat, 872 mg sodium

    2. #2: WORST SPINACH SALAD: IHOP Chicken & Spinach Salad
    1,530 calories, 111 g fat (30 g saturated, 2 g trans), 2,400 mg sodium

    This is the improved version. IHOP’s previous effort at this same salad had 1,600 calories. Call it progress? We don’t either. Despite being 70 calories lighter, this plate still manages to fit in more calories than 5 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers, not to mention a day’s worth of sodium. And athough this salad is by far the worst of IHOP’s greens, the others are far from ideal: With the single exception of the Chicken Caesar Salad—ordered without chicken, that is—none of the chain’s dinner salads fall below 1,000 calories. You’d do better to play it safe and order off the Simple & Fit menu.
    Simple & Fit Grilled Balsamic-Glazed Chicken (served with a salad)
    440 calories, 22 g fat (3.5 g saturated), 940 mg sodium

    1. #1: WORST SALAD IN AMERICA: Cheesecake Factory Santa Fe Chicken Salad
    1,720 calories, 17 g saturated fat, 2,636 mg sodium

    Tex-Mex salad iterations are rarely light, what with all the sour cream, guacamole, and creamy dressings. But wait—this salad can’t claim any of those usual culprits! The only two potentially troublesome toppings are cheese and tortilla strips, but how much damage could they possibly do? Well, based on these numbers—and the fact that their inclusion appears to be the main difference between the Santa Fe and the Skinnylicious salad below—a lot. Order accordingly.
    Skinnylicious Spicy Chicken Salad
    440 calories, 1 g saturated fat, 771 mg sodium

  • F-THIS. I want to give up.

    What a FREAKING week it has been. I don’t know why, but man, this has just been the week from hell. Do you ever have those? I mean honestly, I have them a lot.. but this week was just blah.

    So. Yes. F-THIS. I want to give up… that’s what I’m thinking and that’s what I was thinking allllllll ALLLLLLLL night last night. Let me tell you why…

    Losing weight is HARD. It’s like, let’s completely change your whole lifestyle overnight so drastically that sometimes you just can’t fucking handle it. And then of COURSE you just want to see results and when you don’t see results you are like WTF?!?!? Why am I doing all this shit and not seeing any GD results??!?!?! Yeah, of course, these changes are for the better and you feel better, and you have more energy, and you are starting to get healthier, but at the same time you feel like if you ever “cheat” by eating something non-healthy, or if you miss a workout, all the work you have done is going to just disappear. I think like that all the time. So of course, these past 13 weeks I have been like, you can’t miss a workout, you can’t eat shitty, you can’t do these things because the minute you do that, you will revert everything you have worked for. Of course I think all these negative things. Of course I just can’t see the positive from all of this stuff, of COURSE all I want to do is eat a hamburger… but that’s where it clicked.

    Last night, after not working out yesterday, and thinking about not being able to workout today, I was thinking to myself, this is IT. I’m done. Why am I doing all of this stuff, why am I trying to better myself? It’s hard, and I don’t like the challenge and I want to eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, get my life back instead of working out…… And of course, what do I do? We order a cheese burger from Gordon Biersch and a chicken sandwich (split it of course) and as I’m eating this, I’m like wow, I feel like shit. This does NOT taste good… What am I doing to myself. (I love Juan for not judging me for eating a cheeseburger by the way, he knows how hard this is for me and he pushes but yet isn’t rude and mean about it and it’s great). Anyways… after we eat that, we go to the Gap, I wanted to see what they had in season for the winter and I needed a new hat haha. Well, as we are there and I’m trying things on, I’m like wow, wait, hold the PHONE, am I really REALLY REALLLLLLLY actually fitting into these clothes that are HERE IN THE STORE ACTUALLY ON THE RACK?!?! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING??? Yeah, of course, I know I’ve been dropping sizes and inches, but for the FIRST TIME in a REALLY long time, I felt really good. I didn’t have to say, oh that shirt is really nice, what’s the style number because I have to go online and fucking order it in an XXL because I’m fat and can’t fit into it… same with dresses or pants… but nope, not this time, I was able to walk out of the store with a WHOLE outfit without having to order ANYTHING online. AHHHH I FELT SO GOOD. And I realized, this is what it’s all about.

    It’s those moments, where you are feeling weak, and for me, I eat my feelings, but those are the times you have to sit back and really look at how far you have come and keep telling yourself over and over again that this isn’t a sprint… it’s NOT. It takes time, and as discouraged as you feel, you are better then where you were yesterday. Yesterday I was a size 18 and XXL for tops, today I’m a size 14-16 and a L or XL for tops… yeah, it might not seem a lot to most people, but for me that’s huge. This whole thing is huge. IT’S HARD, it’s discouraging, it’s miserable…. but I HAVE to keep with it, HAVE HAVE HAVE… there is no giving up. This will take time, this will take effort and there’s no more feeling sorry for myself…

    Monday is the start of another week, and although I can’t control if I have to stay late at work, I can control my schedule to make SURE I am at boot camp in the morning, eating healthy, and staying positive. I CAN DO IT. From THICK TO THIN BABY.

    Ok anyways, I feel like if I proof-read this post it’s not going to make any sense, so I’m sorry for that, but hopefully you get my point today. I’m not giving up, no matter how much I want to, I’m not.

    And by the way, eating like shit makes me feel like shit now. And I LOVE IT. I never want to go back to the way I used to eat… Eat Clean, TRAIN DIRTY.

    Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend and let me leave you on this note,