• When I try to diet. #whatshouldwecallme

  • Day (let's just say 8): To SHOP or not to SHOP that is the question….

    Dudes, this is the WORST part about losing weight. What do I do about fall?!?!?! Do I get clothes my size for the upcoming fall? Do I wait, WHAT DO I DO?!

    First off – TARGET, you need to make your dresses longer. They are cute, affordable and best of all, I can fit into your dresses, but shit, I’m sure, if my ass hangs out at work one more day, I am going to get fired. Young professionals wear your dresses too, not just teenie boppers, so help me out a little and make that awesome greenish cap sleeve lacy dress that I love so much, a few inches longer!

    (this dress in this photo below, excuse my flicking off, I was flicking off my cousin when I took the pic to show her the dress haha, nothing personal against you, world) ((also, it doesn’t look that short here because I’m kind of bending over a little and making it longer, but from the back, totally short. rant over)) (((also this dress is super cute without wearing a sweater, but the arms, THE ARMS, you will quickly learn that I hate my arms and I DO NOT show them!)))

    Anyways, back to my question. What do I do? Sure, right now, there are only a few stores that I love and have clothes that I can fit into, and they are great. But, do I buy fall clothes on their sites, or wait till I drop some LBs and then get my fall wardrobe? It’s really hard… some awesome stores are coming out with some super cute fall stuff… like GAP for instance. They have some awesome stuff right now and of COURSE they keep sending me coupons in my email… don’t you KNOW I’m saving for a wedding? Jeez! I want to buy ALL OF THESE!!!! But, yeah, they wouldn’t look good on me!!

    What should I do? Wait? The other thing is that ASOS – has some super cute plus size clothes.. i could buy some of theirs for the fall till I drop – take a look:

    I just don’t know… I’m seriously about to buy all these outfits… (well not really because clothes money = wedding money now. HAHAHA)

    Super cute, cannot wait to buy any of these!!!!!!

  • Day??? I lost count. And I hate CRANK.

    Ahhhhhh so as most of you know I started this new workout program this week with my old trainer, and pretty bad ass chick if you ask me, Evie. This is her to the left. She’s mean as SHIT. But she gets the job done. Anyways…. let me tell you, I’m only 2 days in, and I feel like SHIT… SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT. Let’s see how many times I can fit SHIT into the post. But the good kind of shit. The sore kind of shit. Not that, ugh I can’t do this, SHIT, but the damn, I’m so out of shape SHIT. But at the same time, I love feeling sore. It makes me feel like I’m actually doing something when I’m at the gym from like 7:30-9pm everyday…. UGH.

    So this crank program. It’s legit. It’s over at the new gym Evie works at called, Raise the Bar Strength and Conditioning. Now, I’m not going to lie, when I walked in there, I was like SHIT, I do NOT belong here… everyone was fit like no other… They had cut arms, 24 packs of abs, and here I walk in with big flabby arms and abs I haven’t seen in decades! I was super intimidated, let me tell you. But then I started meeting everyone and the good thing is, I didn’t feel judged. I felt like I belonged. Everyone is there for the same reason, to drop some LBS, get in shape, or just get more and more fit. I even wore a sleeveless shirt to my first class, and that’s HUGE. I always wear sleeves because I hate these flabby arms! The CRANK class consists of 4 workout classes a week working on weight lifting, either upper or lower body, and then 2 30 minute cardio sessions a week, and that’s IT. I thought, oh I’m taking this CRANK class I’m going to have to be in the gym like 9 times a week and I won’t have a life and all that SHIT, but nope.. it’s pretty simple.. well minus the work outs – dudes, yesterday we had to run suicides in the parking lot, I haven’t run suicides in ummmmm I don’t know 10 years since I played basketball? HAHAHA (“I do suicides on the tourrrr busssss, I do suicides on the private jet, you know what that mean, that I’m fly to death” – thanks kanye) it sucked. HAHAHAHA.

    Along with the workouts, Evie put together a meal plan for us. As you can see, we get to eat every 2 hours, but this will be my diet for the next 8 weeks… andddddd pretty sure I won’t be boozing it up. Oh well… no pain no gain right?!?!?! It’s pretty awesome… so I guess I am complaining but also pumped about all of this.. this is the first time I’ve wanted to work out daily… Let’s just hope this all works out because I’m sick of looking like I have a baby-on-board when I wear a maxi dress! HAHAHAH

    Here is one of the recipes that Evie gave us – it’s great, you should all try it esp before a workout!

    Chile Chicken & Basil

    1 lb Chicken breast
    2 Serrano Chiles
    1 tsp Light soy sauce
    2 cups fresh basil
    1 Tbsp fish sauce
    3 Garlic cloves

    Chop garlic and chilies finely, add a pinch of salt, use back of spoon to scrape, make into paste. Sauté` paste in oil add chopped chicken breast. Add soy sauce, fish sauce, cook until chicken is done. Add basil until wilted, season with black pepper. Enjoy with 1 cup brown rice.

    Ok, that’s it for now!
    Thanks for listening!!!!!!

  • Day 2: Dear Fat

    Thats all,

  • So what if I workout on Wii?

    So yeah, you can judge all you want, but Juan and I are living proof that workouts on Wii DO WORK! If you don’t have time, or don’t want to go to a gym because you don’t want to be around all the skinny people when you work out (thats totally how i feel), then grab one of these awesome games and DO IT AT HOME. It’s better then doing nothing!

    This recent article I read, What’s the best workout? Video games vs. the gym talks about some awesome games for Wii and Kinect. I wish I had Kinect, but I don’t, so I stick with Jillian Michaels on my DVD player and then these games for wii!


    From the article: But do they work? 
    A recent study carried out at Southeastern Louisiana University says they do — when played at intermediate and higher levels. They looked at the exercise benefits of Wii Fit’s hula and step games on everyday women. When the games were played at an intermediate level, the energy expended was equivalent to a brisk walking pace of 3.5 miles per hour. Playing the hula game at an intermediate level also helped shed up to almost five calories per minute. “The key finding is that it is a viable means of exercise,” says co-author Dr. Robert Kraemer, Professor of Exercise Physiology at the university. He points out it’s just one way of keeping fit, and that mixing up your exercise patterns is often a good approach.

    The other article I read talked about a bunch of awesome games for different video game consoles.

    I’m telling you, if you don’t like working out at the gym, like me, because I feel like I’m being judged, walk daily, and do these workouts… then when you are skinny and feel comfortable going into the gym, GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM!!!

    Enough for now.

  • Day 1: Not. Ready.

    Alright, today… is Day 1. Day one of starting Weight Watchers again from being off it while on vacation, and day 1 of JILLIAN MICHAELS 30 day SHRED! I know, I know… it’s not working out at the gym, but I have honestly found that if I explode out of the gates and just feel like I have to be dieting and working out full fledge at the beginning I A) Stress the F out like no other, B) always feel like shit because I go from probably an unhealthy 2200 calorie diet a day to a 1200 calorie diet a day and that makes me miserable to begin with. So working out at home, shreding for 20 minutes a day is a good way to start out this marathon… you’re right, this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. That’s also why I think it’s ok to start out slow and ease into it. It’s not like I’m going to drop 100lbs over night people! Who do I look like?!?! But if I can do it in a year, then I can start by focusing on my diet first, then move into the heavy workouts! (ps. my amazing Sittoo, loving and caring as she is, doesn’t think I can drop 80lbs by my wedding, psssshhhh, I’m going to prove her wrong!).

    So of course, in prior tradition of starting an awesome diet, I clearly went out this weekend and ate my face off. Friday night started with dinner and dessert at Texas de Brazil (ALL THE MEAT YOU CAN EAT) – but that was mainly because we go there once a year for my birthday because we are cheap and get the “one dinner free for your birthday” coupon. Shit, at $48 a pop, any money you can NOT spend at that place, the better. Dinner alone WITH a free meal was $150 and we only had 1 glass of wine each, coffee, cappuccino, and dessert. I mean come on! Anyways, for those who don’t even know what TDB is, it’s only the most AMAZING place for meat eaters in the world. It’s Fogo de Chao, minus a few celebs, and a few hundred dollars for dinner. It’s awesome, but its HORRIBLE for you. The meat is def loaded with oils and salts, and the sides, even though there are salads and sushi’s, I go for the potatoes au gratin and rice. Clearly, not the best option for a healthy meal!

    Damn, this makes me hungry looking at it again. ugh. 
    Then, clearly, Saturday was dinner at Gordon Biersch, which again, not super healthy, but not the end of the world. But to top it all off, was Sunday and mine and Joanna’s decision to go to Outback for a late lunch and beers. Welp, I clearly ate too much and felt like shit afterwords, but omg was it worth it. From now on, NO MORE SHITTY FOOD. No more french fries, no more ranch dressing, I gotta fit into a hot dress, and I’m not going to accomplish that going out outback and getting cheese fries! haha
    (super ashamed to show this photo, but I’ve gotta be honest)

    Now that this weekend is over and I’m sitting at my desk, I just keep thinking about how happy and skinny I will be when this is all over, and it makes me realize that I can do this. WOOHOOO. 
    Happy day 1 – See ya later double chins!!!!! 
    Tata for now, 

  • Ummm Donut Hole Breakfast Skewers WHAT?!?!?!?!?

    SINCE I’m not starting till Monday, it has come to my attention that this AMAZING breakfast exists.. and i MAY or MAY NOT be eating this, this weekend. OOOPS!!


  • I'm Engaged – AKA time to get SURRRIOUS!!!!!

    Alright friends… as all of you know, a big event happened in my life a few weeks ago… Juan popped the question and we are now engaged!! YAYYYYYY… yay… so happy – so super happy for a number of reasons… 1) Because I get to marry my best friend 2) because I finally get to plan the wedding I’ve been planning on pinterest for years 3) did I mention I get to marry my best friend? 4) all the other sappy things that go along with the commitment of putting a ring on it… but you know the WORST thing about getting engaged??? I finally have to get my ass in gear, get serious, and finally put fruit back on the major food groups pyramid and take pizza OFF! BOOOOOO!

    Let’s face it. I have one seriously hot bridal party… and I don’t want be the fat bride around all my super hot bridesmaids… I don’t want to look like this: (where my arms are ummmmm 5 times the size of Jo’s). hahaha

    I want to look skinny and beautiful like THIS:
    So MONDAY, (notice how I didn’t say today) starts my journey to honestly, no excuses, being skinny. Can I just tell you, I have no excuses. I have 2 gym memberships, I just bought a living social for 40$ for a month of classes at LA Boxing, AND I have a wonderful trainer friend that is starting her bootcamp that she wants me to take… really, there are no excuses. 
    But till Monday, I am going to enjoy myself and my pizza, and my fatty foods because not only am I going to commit myself to Juan for the rest of my life, I am going to commit myself to get skinny till my wedding (and keep it off till I die! hahaha). 
    So wish me luck, and obviously, I will blogging all about it along the way.. the good, the bad, the ugly. 
    But for now, read this awesome article on 6 foods that will keep you skinny – you will be surprised what foods are in there!!!