Ok so yes…. this is the day we have ALLLL BEEEEN WAITING FOR! Freaking FREE DONUT DAY AT DUNKIN DONUTS!!!! 🙂

    Contrary to what my blog might say, and what my cousin Sam might say, GET OUT AND GET YOUR DAMN DONUT. No matter what size you are, big, small, skinny, chubby, WHO CARES, if it’s FREE you better be putting it in your mouttttthhhhh!!! (that’s what she said.) 
    Anyways, thanks to Sarah for pointing this out, and telling us that she got it “to give it away” but then ate it (you knew you were going to do that!!!) Now I can tell the WORLD (or all 20 of you that might read my blog) THAT IT’S FREE DONUT DAY! FAT KIDS UNITE!!!!
    Ok enough, no more donuts after Sunday…. better hurry home and get me a chocolate frosted donut! 🙂 
    Free donut kid OUT!

    PS. Don’t let this be you today. YOU should not be ashamed for eating a free DONUT today…