Anyone got some Xanax? HA! At least I worked out in Vegas!

I got to spend time with my best friend lisa out there too! we went to the hoooooover dam! That damn DAM!

I got to spend time with my best friend lisa out there too! we went to the hoooooover dam! That damn DAM!

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote…. But holy crap has a lot happened in the past few days. First of all, let me just say, I’m officially down over 50lbs (HOLLER!! going from thick2thin), and I’ve never felt better, WELL MINUS THE FACT THAT I JUST KILLED MY LIVER IN VEGAS…. (we will come back to that later).. but WOW, under 50lbs, I can’t believe I did that hahaha – It was funny because while I was out in vegas I visited this CrossFit gym, Las Vegas CrossFit, and we had to do a weighted run around the building with a 45lb sandbag, and I was just DYING doing that, and then I thought to myself, omg this is basically just me running myself, back in November…. like WTF. WOW. Really???? And all I had to do was workout everyday and eat healthy??? HAHA NO PROBLEM!!!!! (if it was only that easy right??!?!).

419687_460368720717559_2117483604_n (1)So in Vegas, I mean, obviously, I wasn’t perfect.. but I tried to stick to my food plan as best as possible…. but you know what, I had to throw back, and it worked out ok, because I totally danced all night, and I burned off all of those calories!!!!! (hahaha that counts right?) I will say that I 100% never had a hangover bad… (so if you take anything away from this blog post, it should be that, if you eat healthy and treat your body right, you WON’T GET HANGOVERS HAHAHAHA.. just kidding) and I didn’t feel like crap like I used to when I went to vegas. It overall was a great weekend… there’s only one thing….

BEING IN VEGAS WITH ALL THESE HOT CHICKS MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT. HAHAHA. YEP. SHIT. COMPLETELY SHIT. Now, I know, who am I needing to impress? No one, right? I know I’m the cute chubby girl, but, when you are sitting at the pool, or walking around a casino, or SHIT, out at a club, and you see the HOTTEST women you’ve LEGIT ever seen in your life…. you are like wow. OK, now that 50lbs needs to be turned into 150lbs and I need to get implants and whiten my teeth, and be fake tan ALL THE TIME…… hahaha I don’t really think that, I’m happy with who I am, and I will NEVER look like that, but it makes you think in your head, why am I not that hot? For me at least, that’s how I felt… and I know it’s bad to feel that way, because I’m way happier with who I am as a person, but HOLY SHIT, perfect bodies, can rock really REALLY cute bathing suits, that’s all I want! hahaha… It’s funny, because my self esteem really went down the tubes watching all these girls around me. Being here in DC I don’t see people like that EVERYDAY, and especially walking around in bikini’s or freaking skanky dresses, so for me, I feel GREAT with how I look…. but man, I see that, and I’m just like wow… where’s the nearest box of oreo’s, I need to drown myself in my sorrows HAHA. Weight loss is SO HARD, and being dedicated IS SO HARD, and just keeping that positive mind set, is SO HARD…. it’s like every little thing can be a positive influence or a negative influence, and when it’s a negative one, it’s a BIG negative influence that might set you back.. I just have to remember to stay strong, I am beautiful, and I never EVER want to look like those fake women over in vegas haha!

This was our big night out! Short dress.. I know!!!! But I had to rock it!

This was our big night out! Short dress.. I know!!!! But I had to rock it!

Getting home, I was incredibly stressed out… Thankfully, while I was gone, my amazing fiance held down the fort, got your shirts out, and was just AMAZING… But I got home and I was just like how am I supposed to balance all of this crap? Life, relationships, weight loss, work, these tank tops……. WEIGHT LOSS. I mean come on, I need to put this shit first, but how do I make all the time for it? I feel GUILTY everyday going to the gym for an hour… I feel like I could be fulfilling orders, or designing something for one of my clients, or spending time with friends or Juan… but instead, I choose to workout. Why should I feel guilty? AND WHY ISN’T THERE MORE TIME FOR IT? Why am I not just ridiculously rich and have all the time in the world to workout, be healthy, and enjoy that part of life? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE everything else I’m doing, but holy CRAP…. I work for about 18 hours a day, workout for an hour a day, that leaves me 5 hours to hang out with juan and sleep HAHAHA.. SO AWESOME RIGHT? Love it…. I could just take out the weight loss part, gain all my weight back, and be tired and miserable all the time (but I’m not going to let that happen!)

I’m back on point this week, gluten free and dairy free again… got that wedding coming up, and I still have 50lbs to go. It’s serious hard core time now! Maybe I’ll start working out twice a day… OH AND the TOUGH MUDDER is a week and a half away…. talk about FREAKED OUT. Hopefully I make it through….

Ok for now, I’m giving you guys some awesome smoothie recipes that I found on pinterest this week. I’m going to make alllllll of them (but using almond milk instead of real milk) WE SHOULD ALL DRINK MORE SMOOTHIES… LESS BOOZE, MORE SMOOTHIES!!!!!!




  • 1 Cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 4 Strawberries
  • 1 Container of Lemon Chobani
  • 1 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tsp of lemon zest (use a fine grater and grate the outside of the lemon peel)
  • 7-10 ice cubes (more ice the thicker it will be) You can always add more as you go until desired consistency is reached.

*If you want a strong lemony –>(spell-check did not high lite that, it is a word.) flavor add a little bit more.

Toss all ingredients into blender and combine until smooth.

SunriseSmoothie_01Sunrise Smoothie

1 cup organic frozen mixed berries
1 frozen banana
1 orange, peeled and segmented
4 – 6oz Vanilla Greek Yogurt (I used a 5.3oz container of Vanilla Oikos)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender then blend until smooth.






“Hawaiian Tropic” Smoothie

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup unsweetened Almond Milk
1 medium banana, frozen
10 almonds
1 tsp. coconut extract
1.5 scoops vanilla protein powder
2-4 ice cubes (use more or less depending upon desired thickness)

How to Prepare:
1. Put water, almond milk, banana, almonds, coconut extract, and protein powder into blender. Blend approx. 30 seconds or until mixture is smooth.
2. Add ice to blender. Blend/Whip on high speed for an add’l 20 seconds or until mixture is smooth and fluffy. Add ice until you have reached your desired thickness.
3. Now comes the easy part…pour it in a glass and drink it up (or down depending upon how you look at it)!! Enjoy!!!

Per serving (serves 1): 366 calories, 34 grams protein, 35.7 grams carbohydrates, 9.8 grams fat.


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