Why I love food, and why that's OK.

So there have been a lot of changes going on in my life recently. Like a big one, that is, me, myself, Andrea, has gotten a full-time corporate 9-5 to keep T2T a float. We are totally transparent here, and yes, we have employees, and YES they are full-time at T2T, but sometimes not everyone can be full-time! So alas, I have succumb to corporate America for a little while.

tumblr_mu7lirwxiB1qgy1g1o1_500THAT BEING SAID, there are a ton of things that I realize go on in people’s lives now that I’m around so many humans all the time! Doing T2T full-time, we had an office, but our office was in an office full of men, and they don’t really care about their figures haha. And yes, I was always around you amazing ladies, but virtually, not in real life. I walk down these halls and hear so many things about “diets” and “Ugh I don’t look good” or “omg you’ve gotten so skinny”… And it’s funny to me how much we talk about ourselves and our appearances and ESPECIALLY what we are eating.

tumblr_nvutd08uzv1tewpdno1_1280So many people are on different diets, or watching every ounce of food that goes in their mouth… and I’m over here making a roast beef sandwich. Countless times have I been in the break room preparing my lunch and someone has come in and commented about how they are so hungry and how they wish they could eat this or that…. WHY DON’T YOU??? Why do you have to wish?!!?! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!!

I get it, being healthy is a tricky thing to do, but I really hate that we deprive ourselves so much. If we are good about staying active and working out, and good about making sure that we aren’t eating like SO MUCH FOOD at each meal, and we are mixing in the super-healthy with the maybe-a-little-bit-more-indulgent, we should be good to go!!!! I understand, if you fall off the wagon and start eating McDonald’s for every meal, maybe that’s not the best decision, but I feel like you’ll be aware of that. You will start to feel sick and sluggish and unhealthy… but every once and a while won’t kill you.

tumblr_m70nojn0nB1r0byljo1_500Next time I’m in the break room, all I want to do when someone says, “omg that looks so good but I can’t eat it because I’ve ate all my calories for the day” I might say, “just do it, love your body, keep working towards being healthy, but dammit, eat a roast beef sandwich with me!”.

I used to be one of these women. I used to care so much about every single thing that I’m eating, but I stopped putting so much pressure on myself, trust me, I put enough pressure on myself already, and I started remembering that we have to live this life, and we can’t be grumpy everyday because we are missing out on foods we love! IT’S TIME WE LOVE OUR BODY AND GET RID OF THESE SILLY BODY SHAMING THINGS WE TELL OURSELVES!!

Ok, rant over. Back to my bacon popcorn.
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