Tank of the Month Club

Alright, we know that subscriptions are all the rage these days, so I mean come on… wouldn’t you want a tank sent to you each month so you could rock something fresh at the gym without having to go to the store, or come here, to buy a new one?

Here’s the deal!!! These tanks in TANK of the MONTH club (but YOU can pick a flowy tank, a tight tank OR A TSHIRT!), will be EXCLUSIVE to the club…. you won’t find them in the store (unless, a few months down the road, they are super cool and we release them)! So, IF YOU, want something that no one else has (besides, DUH all your T2T BFF’s) then join the club! The club will be sent out on the first of each month, so you will get it probably the 4th or 5th. With your $21.00 a month subscription you are getting $3.00 off our tanks, 3×12=36 which in the end gives you a free tank and a half!. So that’s it. $21.00 a month (plus $5.00 shipping)!!!! How neat!!!! When signing up, please let us know if you want CrossFit tanks or not, because we will have 2 designs each month. We will only be allowing returns, if you absolutely HATE your product… Also, cancel at any time. No need to keep paying for something you don’t want to be involved in anymore!!! and PS – your bag will include some other goodies, like recipes and playlists and workouts…. so why not!?!?!?


How can I not sign up for the greatest club on the universe??

From Michelle:

“My first purchase ever from T2T was the “Mom In Beast mode” hoodie. I loved it so much that when I saw the ad for the tank of the month club ….dude I was ALL IN. And I have loved every shirt so much! It is fun to see what each month holds as far as shirts and I love sportin my shirts at CrossFit! Thanks Andrea for the great products and the great customer service! You are amazeballs!”

From Yvonne:

“The customer service has been amazing especially in part to Andrea and her wonderful follow up! Plus Canadians make sure to get in touch with Thick 2 Thin as they can help you out with that shipping fee for us in the great white north! Love my T2T tanks!”

From Katie:

“I absolutely love these tanks! I wear the 2X, and they fit the same from the first day to the last, meaning they don’t shrink in the wash! I had bought a couple from somewhere else and they lasted one wear. It is hard to find well made (and inspiring!) workout shirts my size and Thick to Thin delivers. I love being a member of the Tank of the Month Club, and I do obsesses over when they will get to my doorstep. Delivery is fast and you can’t beat the price.”

Tank of the Month Club SUBSCRIPTION FAQ

  • How does Tank of the Month work?
  • For $21, you’ll receive a unique tank/tee once a month. Orders placed after the 15th of the Month will not be included in the following month.
  • Is there a fee to join?
  • No, there’s no membership fee.
  • What is the cancelation policy?
  • You can cancel at any time. No cancellation fees.
  • Which apparel is available for tank of the month?
  • Flowy Tank (XS-XXL) also, we have the ability to print on another tank that goes up to 4xl (please email us for details heretohelp@thick-to-thin.com)
  • Burnout Tank (S-XXL)
  • Unisex T-shirt (XS-5X)
  • Can I skip this month?
  • Yes! You can skip as many months as you’d like. 
  • Can you combine Tank of the Month with other promotion/discount codes?
  • You cannot combine Tank of the Month with any promotional offer.
  • What is your return policy?
  • We want you to love your Tank of the Month as much as we loved making them. But, if for any reason you want to exchange it, send us an email at heretohelp@thick-to-thin.com.
  • Is Tank of the Month available outside the US?
  • Yes! Please contact us with International Shipping prices.
  • What is your shipping method?
  • $5 Standard Shipping (USPS) takes 7-10 business days within US.
  • When are the cut-off days for subscription to get the current months design?
  • We process TOMC on the last day of each month, so that we can ship out on the 1st. Anyone signing up between the 1st and the 15th will get that months TOMC. You will be charged on that day for that month. Then, you will be charged on the last day of the month for next months. Ex: If you sign up on April 10th, your TOMC will be printed on the 15th (that’s the 2nd date we print everything) and shipped your shirt on the 15th for the month of April, then, on April 30th, you will be charged for May, and on May1st you will get the May design. If you sign up for TOMC after the 15th of the month, we will change your charge date to the 31st and you will NOT get April, but you will be charged on the 30th for May.