Serious girl crush Tuesday… Hannah Simone, I love you!

LESSSSSBIIIIHONEST… Cece from New Girl, totally smokin… and yeah, I don’t swing that way, but if I was a dude…. I would be knocking down her door! 🙂 hahaha… SO I see on instagram sometimes, Girl Crush Tuesday??? Who knows, the teens are doing it – so I thought I would talk about this great article I read about Cece the other day… (Hannah Simone).

hannahsimoneIf you don’t know who she is, she’s the hottie in the blue dress to the left. Yes, I am going to keep talking as if I am a dude and I love her HAHAHA…. I want to look like her – I want curves and I want to rock a blue gala dress and show them off!!! Anyways, she was recently interviewed and she came out and said, “Curvy is just a polite way of saying fat. And I’m not,” “Curvy and voluptuous—that one also got dragged through the mud, that poor word. It really just means a woman with breasts. [But] I’m confident with my body.”

Simone, who has occasionally been called “curvy,” “shapely” and “curvaceous” (but more often “sexy” and “stunning”) in articles and blogs, is not the first to object to being referred to with euphemisms for “fat.” Says the article… and I LOVE THIS. Because you know what, first of all, she isn’t even close to being obese or overweight or even fat for that matter, and second of all, she’s got boobs, and curves, and isn’t some twig like most other hollywood actresses these days… she honestly looks like she could benchpress the shit out of you. That being said, this is the PROBLEM with the world… If people are judging her, or making digs, or just saying things to her like she’s curvy, shapely and voluptuous, that’s just wrong. Why is it that people think that the perfect size for a body has to be a 0, no chest and an itty bitty waist? Why not a size 8, with some boobies, and a booty?!?!? Why can’t that “rap guys girlfriend” be the perfect size anymore? (oh how I love baby got back…)

The article goes on to say this:

Later, the actor reportedly said, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.”

Such terms have been exceedingly popular lately, being used to call out celebs like Kate Upton, Lena Dunham, Christina Aguilera, Kate Winslet and Lady Gaga for not fitting the super-skinny Hollywood mold. While the descriptions have sometimes been congratulatory, employed to thank women for being real-looking role models to young women everywhere, they’re more often underhanded compliments—or even straight-up put-downs—used to undermine a not-quite-skinny-enough beauty.

“Have we gotten so riven by self-hatred in this country that even Kate Upton’s body can still be subjected to this nastiest and most personal of public critiques?” asked Jezebel in a July post that took the website SkinnyGossip to task for calling Upton fat. “Upton is basically the epitome of curvy, blonde beauty as it’s valued in the U.S. today. Hers is a look that ticks every box.…She’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, she’s been in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, she’s been the face of Guess…Her body is ‘perfect’ — by every conventional standard. If Kate f—ing Upton’s thighs are not immune from public dissection, then who is?”

Still, it’s refreshing to see celebrity women with bodies that resemble our own and our best friends’ way more than those of a runway model—and therefore hard, sometimes, for media types (yes, even us) not to mention.

I agree… being able to watch a TV show, movie, or even a concert where the main female act isn’t a runway model or a size 0, let’s you relate more, and honestly for me, it doesn’t make me feel like I’ve got to be some stick… it makes me feel like you know what, she’s got a waist, so can I… It’s sad that hollywood is all about making stories out of the way people look, and the size they are, and if they gain/lose weight…. (well MINUS JESSICA SIMPSON BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT HER) but why can’t hollywood stop talking about these chicks the way they do, and just call them normal?

I found this great article yesterday too about CrossFit and how ANYONE can do it – and I’m going to write about that tomorrow, but for now, this morning I did some fun cooking… I went ahead and while I was cooking my breakfast sandwich, I made some for the rest of the week! Here’s the info!


photo 1What you will need: 

4 Turkey Sausage Patties or 8 Turkey Bacon Slices
4 Organic Cheese Slices (or Rice Cheese)
1 Egg – 3 Egg Whites
4 Van’s Whole Grains English Muffins OR 4 Glutino Gluten Free English Muffins 

(and a mug that has Mickey Mouse reminding you that you make someone smile out there.. .HAHA I NEED ALL THE GOOD COMPLIMENTS I CAN GET EVEN IF ITS FROM A MUG! hahaha) and DUDES these gluten free muffins look like donuts, they are HUGE compared to the other muffins…. so you might want to shave some of that excess muffin off!

So since I’m trying to ween myself off of gluten, this morning I did half and half, I did 2 sandwiches with the gluten free muffins and 2 sandwiches with the van’s!

Ok so step one – and I did this all in 10 minutes so it was nice and easy.

photo 3Step 1:
Whip out your pan, grease it up (PAM) and then throw in the 4 sausages…

Step 2: 
While they are heating up, scramble your 3 egg whites and 1 egg, also, have your muffins defrosting in the microwave.

photo 4Step 3: 
Get out a baking sheet – throw the muffins on the sheet, cut in half, put the cheese on one side. Now I like to fold my cheese corners in, because I don’t like when they stick out and then when you microwave them they are all sorts of gooey down the sides and stuff, so stuff that cheese in! HAHAHA (and don’t forget to throw your dog a small piece of cheese hahahaha)

Step 4: 
Take your cooked sausages off, throw your eggs in. The pan will be hot from the sausage cooking, so the eggs will cook pretty quick.

photo 1Step 5: 
Once the eggs are done, take a glass, a cookie cutter, whatever you want, to make a circle, cut out 4 circles from the pan, and then throw it on the muffin.

photo 3Step 6:
Wrap those suckers up and then BAM you’ve got breakfast for this morning, and for the rest of the week! Pretty neat!!!

So I ate the gluten free one this morning, it wasn’t bad at all – but I can already feel the withdrawal happening… how horrible is that! haha

Alright, time to work, time to cook and time to let my dog bailey play because she looks sad that she didn’t get to eat any breakfast sandwiches this morning! hahahah

photo 5

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