• January HashTag Movement – #IBEATGYMTIMIDATION

    2657535973bf851da2092e739ec55368First of all, what are these monthly hashtag movements/projects? Well, we wanted to find a way to really get involved with everyone in different ways each month, so this is our way of doing so. Having a topic makes it fun to interact with one another and spread the word on how we are bettering ourselves. So during each month we are going to have lots of awesome giveaways pertaining to that movement, videos from professionals giving you tips for free, etc etc. So just a fun way to stay engaged and give the community more of what it needs!



    I mean let’s face it, Gymtimidation apparently was SOOOOO last year… but really, it’s not. It’s a real thing, and we are bringing it back, but we are bringing it back because we are BEATING IT!

    This is me the first time I worked out at a new BOX - see, it wasn't that bad.

    This is me the first time I worked out at a new BOX – see, it wasn’t that bad.

    I remember the first time I ever stepped foot in a CrossFit gym, it’s funny because it’s the first time I stepped foot into a CrossFit gym but it’s also every time I step into a new one, I get so scared. Will people like me? Will I make a fool out of myself? These people are amazing, I’m new, I’m not good enough, just go home!!!! Those are the thoughts that go through my head. Same thing when I go for a swim. I’m broken, I need to swim, but for some reason, when there are people in the pool, I’m shy, I’m timid, I’ll be going too slow, I’ll be in there way, why am I here?!? GO HOME!!!

    Gymtimidation isn’t just a bazillion people in a gym, it’s anything. It’s the way you feel when you walk into a new activity. It’s the way you feel when you try something new, whether there’s 40 people in the room or 4, it’s the feeling that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t strong enough, you’re going to make a fool out of yourself, and you just want to hide.

    But WE HAVE TO BEAT IT. We have to show the gym, that we don’t care about our surroundings, we are MAKING OURSELVES HEALTHY, so LETS GO IN AND WORKOUT AND BE HEALTHY!!!

    bad workout 2I had a little bit of Gymtimidation tonight when I went to Hot Yoga for the first time in a long time. I was like….. “UGH these women are so good at yoga, I’m going to suck, I need to hide in the back, why me, why am I here?!?!” But everyone goes through that. It’s like your first day of a new school, will people like me? But again, it doesn’t matter because they are there for the same reason you are, to get better, and they don’t care about ME, they care about themselves… SO next time you walk into a gym, and you’re worried, FORGET ABOUT IT and REMIND YOURSELF #IBEATGYMTIMIDATION!!



  • Starting 2016 off horribly unhealthy.


    SCREW the unhealthy me – it’s time for a better, healthier ANDREA!

    Well, it’s 2016, we’ve let it settle in over the last few days, and let me tell you, these last few days the only thing that’s been settling in is the fact that I’m SUPER UNHEALTHY… How do I know? Well, the first glaring thing is that I wake up after 8 hours of sleep and I’m already tired! Or the fact that I get winded going up the stairs… yeah, that ones bad. (and as I sit here writing this, I’ve yawned about 10 times, and contemplated hoping in my bed for a nap)

    tumblr_nysx5dGJRe1re4hf4o1_500I’ve been so torn these last few months between working out and not working out, and it’s all because of my back. I workout, and then I will sit there and cry from the pain, but I’m not just crying from the pain, I’m crying from the fact that I can’t do something I loved so much anymore. And unfortunately the thing i loved so much, was also one of the big things keeping me healthy. I think it’s time to go see a surgeon, but again, I’m torn. Surgery might not be the way to go and I know if I go down that route I won’t be working out for a really long time, but the pain is so bad. Sure, I can’t get out of bed in the morning without feeling pain, I can’t put clothes on without feeling pain, I can’t sneeze without feeling pain, but I don’t care about that, I just want to WORKOUT!

    And of course, on top of that, the things going in my mouth have not been good enough… and when I can’t workout, I shouldn’t be eating what I’m eating.



    I miss being healthy, I miss that feeling of my body not wanting to just shut down all the time, and I can’t wait to fix that starting tomorrow. This is my vow that no matter what, working out or not, surgery or not, I will make myself healthy again, and I will make sure my body doesn’t hate me anymore, because right now, my body is saying, whyyyyyy are you doing this to me!

    SO I just got back from the grocery store, I’m getting ready to prep my food, and I am EFFING READY TO TAKE BACK MY LIFE AND BE EFFING HEALTHY!!!!!!! I’ll be blogging a lot more, and I’ll be making sure you’ve got me if you need me.. feel free to just email me if you need some help in 2016 getting back on track!!! (andrea@thick-to-thin.com)


  • Foodie Friday | Banana Smoothie Muffins

    TGIFF…Thank goodness it’s Foodie Friday!

    Let’s talk breakfast. Breakfast has been long touted as the “most important meal of the day,” but how many of us ACTUALLY eat breakfast? (No, your coffee doesn’t count.)

    Personally, I have never been a regular breakfast eater – unless it is Sunday pancakes and bacon and eggs and toast and fruit and more pancakes. On the regs, I just have never started my day with a “real” breakfast. As someone who works out in the morning, I am one of those who DEFINITELY cannot eat anything substantial and attempt to do anything that resembles exercise *insert queasy green emoji here. I am always on the lookout for an “on the go” option that isn’t a McSomething or other. So when I came across these Banana Smoothie Muffins on PopSugar, I knew it was a must try!



    3 ripe bananas
    2 cups packed baby spinach
    8 strawberries
    1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
    3/4 cup sugar
    1 egg
    1/4 cup canola oil
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/8 teaspoon salt

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Puree the bananas, spinach, and strawberries in a blender. In a medium-size bowl, combine the flour, sugar, egg, oil, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. Pour the smoothie mixture into the bowl and mix well. Put paper or silicone muffin cups in a muffin pan. Spoon the batter, filling each cup about three quarters full. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Allow muffins to cool on a rack and enjoy!

    I will start by saying I got WAY more than 14 muffins (which was stated in the original recipe) out of this mix. Not complaining at all because that just means you get more results from your work – but just a note! I filled the muffin cups almost all of the way instead of the suggested 3/4 full and was pleased with the outcome.

    Lookswise, they look like normal run of the mill muffins. You can see the freckles of spinach, but you would NEVER know there is spinach in these when you take your first bite. They are fluffy, spongy, banana-y, and tasted great accompanied by a nice cup of tea. Most important, they didn’t have that oh-my-gosh-i-just-ate-a-buffet-for-breakfast-and-now-all-i-want-to-is-sleep feeling. I think I could get in a breakfast flow with these yummy bites!

    DSC_0525 (1)
    So whether it’s a change up of your smoothie routine, adding some light flair to start your day, enjoyed as a midday snack, or a post dinner treat yo self, I give these a high five! Tell us what YOU think in the comments!

  • Foodie Friday | Chicken Salad

    I can’t believe it….Less than one week to go before we hit Thanksgiving, also known as “we will be having turkey in some fashion for about five days after.” Where did 2015 go!? Well, that’s another story. Back to the point…I love me some leftovers, but I also like to change it up a bit. Add some flair to the mix. Creativity is key!56748028 We have an awesome team up from Primal Kitchen this week so in honor of the giveaway, this being my newest obsession, AND finding yummy, healthy ways to add fun to leftovers, we are bringing you our twist on a favorite – Chicken Salad! (Since we are pregaming, I opted to use a rotisserie chicken and save the turkey for next week.)


    2 cups chopped rotisserie chicken (skin removed)
    ½ cup diced celery (optional)
    ½ cup Primal Kitchen Mayo
    2 tablespoons mustard (both yellow and Dijon work – depends on what your taste buds are feeling at the moment)
    1 tsp granulated garlic
    Pinch of paprika
    Pepper to taste


    Combine ingredients in large bowl. Serve it up.

    Really. That’s it. I mean, I GUESS you could clean up or do some dishes but ehhhhh, there’s food to enjoy!

    My favorite ways to eat chicken salad include on a roll, on a leaf of fresh romaine lettuce, or straight out of the bowl. I opted to leave out the celery out of this particular batch and used the lettuce for the crunch factor. Also, because of the delicious hint of avocado taste in the mayo made me crave some, I opted to top mine with fresh avocado slices.


    And so yeah….we mentioned some giveaway awesomeness, right? To get in on the Thick2Thin/Primal Kitchen giveaway for a chance to win the awesome prize pack, visit Instagram at @thick2thin_apparel and @primalkitchenfoods for more details. Happy Eating – and Entering!

    Big thanks to Primal Kitchen for supplying the mayo for this Foodie Friday!

  • We are officially 3! (and phew, we are still here!)


    WOW – we’ve come a long way from that! 🙂

    Well, every year on November 17th and 18th, I frantically look back on Facebook and take a tour down memory lane…. And I cry. LOL. Yes I’m crying… It’s officially been 3 years since I started selling these tanks, and although this has been a rollercoaster of time, I wouldn’t change anything for the world. This company was meant to be here, this company was meant to make a difference, and this company is going to keep doing it until I die probably haha. Maybe after that, my kids will take it over, and I will have hopefully taught them all the things that you have taught me. I’ve grown a LOT over the last three years, and sure, they say small business will do that to you, but I’m not talking about growing in my business experience, I’m talking about growing as a human being.

    IMG_6331You guys have been through the biggest times in my life with me…. Making sure I stayed on track to get healthy for my wedding day. Having our back when Marshawn Lynch tried to go after us to take down Mom in Beast Mode. Listening to me rant on our blog (and even sometimes thinking it’s funny). Calming my nerves when I decided to do my first CrossFit competition. Believing in me when I told you I would be your voice, and I would make a change, and I would build a community where women could feel like they were really involved instead of just another customer. I’ve told you guys time over time, this company isn’t about making money, it’s about bringing together women who have like minded thoughts and support them and humor them and just be an awesome big girl gang!!!!

    I want more then anything in this world for you all to know that this company is 100% for you, and we are giving all we’ve got to bring you exactly what you want and need out of the apparel industry. We want you to KNOW that there’s a company out there that really truly is doing that. I started this because I needed that. I didn’t feel comfortable, and so I made sure that I would try to make a change. And yes, it’s really really hard to do what we are doing, and I get depressed on multiple occasions, and get upset that I’m not doing it quickly enough, but we are moving, we are going as quickly as we can. And I wouldn’t trade anything for these last three years… Well, maybe some of this depression HAHA, but you know, that’s what therapy’s for!

    Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, for sticking with us, sticking with me, believing in us, and being part of our girl gang!

    Cheers, and here’s to 3 more years!


    Here’s just a short list of the things we’ve accomplished over the last 3 years:

    • We fought back against Marshawn Lynch
    • Daymond John called
    • We auditioned for Shark Tank
    • I’ve become an athlete again and participated in a bunch of CrossFit competitions (YEAH RIGHT I KNOW ME!!!!)
    • We raised over 30,000 to start producing our own clothing
    • We become best friends with over 6,000 women (some of them don’t talk to us anymore, but we get it, we all grow out of friendships!)
    • We got office space!
    • We grew from 1 to 4 back to 1 then up to 3 again
    • We launched a podcast no one listened to! (hey, you’ve got to try it at least once, there are a LOT of successful podcasts out there haha)
    • I learned to actually love my body. (WOAH RIGHT?!?!)
    • We’ve met so many amazing women
    • I drastically changed my mindset from wanting to be something society has told me I should be, to someone I actually love.
    • We’ve sold to over 30 countries
    • We’ve expanded into Australia
    • We’ve made some awesome videos
    • We’ve had some awesome photoshoots
    • We had our first Crunch and Brunch in NYC!
    • Did I mention that I actually love the body I have???? That’s seriously, a HUGE THING
    • I spoke to a bunch of amazing college kids about Starting Something That Matters
  • I am body positive…. TV?

    Ok so I have taken a huge break from blogging, half of it is because I’m so busy, but half of it is also because sometimes I just feel like when I type my thoughts, they don’t make sense… So I wanted to start a little series on YouTube where I talked everyday about something in the world of being body positive. It’s a struggle, a balance between not putting yourself down in your head, and lifting yourself up, and I talk about that in these short little 3-5 minute videos…. So I invite you to watch HAHA (no I’m not vain) and join in the convo with me!

    I will still be blogging about other things in my life that I feel I need to rant about, but in the meantime, you can expect a new video everyday!

    A daily look into the tribes and tribulations of practicing body positivity. I am body positive is fun, contradictory, but most of all it’s the thoughts in my head that I want to say out loud. They could be good, they could be bad, but whatever they are, they are real.


  • Foodie Friday | Shredded Chicken Burritos

    It’s slow cooker season!! Well, I don’t know about you, but it is always slow cooker season at my house because it is SO DAMN EASY to pop a meal in your slow cooker and have it do all of the work for you!


    This recipe for Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken has been a favorite of mine and was born from a moment years ago of “What the hell….I’ll throw some stuff in and see how it turns out” (aka I live alone and haven’t been to the grocery store and this is what I have kickin’ around the house). Once I tweaked it to my liking, I found that I could use the chicken for so many other things! Hope you are ready because here we go with Shredded Chicken Burritos:


    • 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    • 1 tsp black pepper
    • 2 tsp chopped onions (fresh or dried)
    • ½ clove garlic
    • 1 16oz jar of salsa (your choice – green, red, hot, mild. Totally depends on your style)

    Optional Toppings

    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Black Beans
    • Avocado


    Spray inside of slow cooker with non-stick spray. Place chicken breast in bottom of slow cooker and add pepper, onions, and garlic. Top with salsa. Set slow cooker to low for 4-6 hours or until chicken is tender. Remove chicken from slow cooker and place into a large bowl. Shred with fork (or using this awesome life hack shown here) until no large pieces remain. Serve as you like!


    I made this batch into awesome Shredded Chicken Burritos, but you can make it into a bowl, add it to soup, make Chicken Enchiladas….the list is endless!


    So if you are in the mood for a super easy, low prep, delicious tasting dinner (because who isn’t), look no further! Leave a comment and tell us what you think or how you served up your batch of awesome!

  • Customer Of The Month | Karen Dominguez


    Photo Credit – Amanda Kimsey/Crossfit Leesville

    In April 2014, I was 48 years old and diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. 7 months ago, I finished my last radiation treatment – the last phase of an almost year long battle that took me through 16 rounds of chemo, bilateral mastectomies with lymph node removal and 33 radiation treatments. It was the toughest year of my life!

    I am so thankful I am a Crossfitter and have an amazing box that surrounded me with love, support and never treated me like I was ill. I was able to scale my WODs and continue to be active during all of my treatment. Because I had all my lymph nodes removed on one side and radiation on that side, I had issues with my range of motion as well. I have to wear a sleeve with traveling and any exercise. My range of motion has gotten much better – almost 100%! I started swimming as rehab and used strokes where my arms stayed under water, which was a great compression for my arm. With massage and stretching exercises, my range of motion has gotten much better. I’m forcing myself to go slowly with overhead weighted movements, and I’m at the age I listen to my body.

    I’m a lifetime Weight Watchers member – still working on getting to my goal weight (this is a story all it’s own LOL). I’m back to Crossfit 3 times a week and loving every minute of it! I was doing CF a year before diagnosis and instead of seeing all this as a setback, I’m seeing it as a time to really focus on technique and I know I’m so much better at my movements now. I am a work in progress, but I know I am stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually because of my cancer journey. God is so Good!


    Karen’s mom and sister surprising her! We love this!!!  Photo Credit – Amanda Kimsey/Crossfit Leesville

    In addition to Karen being our TOTALLY BA Customer of the Month, she was also Crossfit Leesville’s Athlete of the Month AND just participated in Barbells for Boobs, with the event raising over $4000!! To see more amazing pics, check out Crossfit Leesville on Facebook!

    Thank you, Karen, for the honor of sharing your story with the T2T Community!

  • 3 years down, how many more to go?

    DSC_0002Well, we have been anxiously planning what we are going to do for our 3rd birthday party, and in that, I sit here this morning thinking about the last 3 years… and last years party, and just T2T in general.

    When you take the chances and start a business, everyone tells you, “well, you’ve got to make it past year 3 to know you’re successful”, and, they’re always asking, “hey, how long have you been around? oh, only 2 years, the worst is yet to come”! Well, to me, and I said this at the “Start Something That Matters” event that awesome super-star Morgan put on at Stevenson University a few weeks ago, but we didn’t have to wait 3 years to be successful, we just had to make a difference in ONE person’s life to be successful, and we did that. Monetarily, yes, year 3-5 is really where you are either going to sink or swim, but this has never been about money for me, it’s always been about making a difference, and that’s what I want you to remember and that’s what I want you to all know – I don’t want your money, I want your camaraderie! I want this amazing girl gang who is all about loving themselves and their bodies and loving what their bodies can do and loving the fact that we can all shop at the same store because no one is excluded!!!! That’s what I want – and a product that says just that.

    So yes, we are approaching year 3, and we are successful, we aren’t going under, and most of all, I want to celebrate with my girl gang…. which is all of you!!!! So if you can, please join us for our THIRD BIRTHDAY PARTY, where we will JUMP, have drinks and apps, and have an over-all good time and we can celebrate that our girl gang is growing and we are showing this world that T2T is making moves and making a difference!!!!!


    Everything about the event:

    Hi everyone!!! So for year 3 of Thick to Thin being around, we decided to have some fun!!! We will be hosting a 3 part birthday party, starting with a hour and a half trampoline park party suitable for the whole family! We will be JUMPING from 3-5pm and there will be drinks and snacks, and duh, GIVEAWAYS… but most of all, awesome people. THEN – we will be having a happy hour at Mike’s American Grill from 5:30-7:30pm, because who doesn’t love cocktails? With your ticket you get a free drink and free apps, and again, GIVEAWAYS, SWAG, and awesome PEOPLE!!!! THEN PART 3, the first 20 people that sign up, get to have an awesome insiders-only dinner with Andrea and her team… That and duh, you get a free tank. You’ll get to sit down, meet some amazing women, and literally ask us anything… you’ll be our T2T insiders, all while eating an amazing dinner*. (*we will not be paying for dinner, but you still get a free tank, and who knows, maybe free dessert?? lol)

    So come one, come all, come party with us, for all or parts, but either way, we would love to see you and give you some free stuff to celebrate our birthday!!!!! <3 <3

    Event 1 JUMP FOR JOY with the whole family!
    Saturday, December 5th 3pm-5pm
    Flight Trampoline Park
    7200 Fullerton Road, Springfield, Virginia 22150 | (703) 663-2440
    Link to Map
    *Also if you are bringing children, you need to purchase a ticket for each child 🙂 Thanks!

    IF YOU ARE COMING TO THIS PART, YOU NEED TO SIGN THE WAIVER ONCE YOU SIGN UP! https://flightspringfield.pfestore.com/waiver/

    Event 2 LET’S GET HAPPY : Happy Hour with T2T
    Saturday, December 5th 5:30pm-7:30pm
    Mike’s American Grill
    6210 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150
    Link to Map

    Event 3 STUFF YOUR FACE : A nice intimate dinner with team T2T
    Saturday, December 5th 8pm-Whenever!
    Mike’s American Grill
    6210 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150
    Link to Map

  • The Weekly Wrap Up | 05

    Welcome to THE WEEKLY WRAP-UP, where we’ll be sharing a list of our favorite finds from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy too, which means yeah, it’s the perfect way to get your weekend started.



    Hello by Adele | Nothing less than AH-MAZING ever comes from Adele and she delivers on that with the release of Hello. As Mic states, “Taking “Hello” as a song addressed to herself, these lines become about a woman looking to rediscover who she is after years of not knowing.” Just don’t listen to this at the gym unless you want to cry all the tears. Team T2T are HUGE Adele fans, so we cannot wait for this album release!


    It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown | This is brought to you by pure nostalgia! There is something about curling up with your Snuggie watching fun movies from your childhood.


    10 Things Every Person Should Know About Breast Cancer | Yahoo Health partnered with Bright Pink, an organization that aims to educate women on their breast and ovarian health, to share some must-know facts about breast cancer. Share it with your friends and family, and possibly save a life! We love Bright Pink and are proud sponsors of the Girls Gone RX Competition Series benefitting Bright Pink!


    Holiday Cheer White Sangria | Typically, sangria is a drink synonymous with summer splendor. However, the addition of apple cider and cranberries turns this summer sip into a crisp Fall treat. Anything else you would add?


    Primal Mayo | One word: omgthisissodeliciousiwanttoputmayooneverything. Ok, that MIGHT be more than one word, but trust that it is amazeballs. It has magic powers and can turn tuna or chicken salad into immediate awesomeness (some assembly required).

    Image VIA