I probably shouldn't be a hater towards Lululemon…. but this is why I am.

9851692905539378_A8yDztr0_cAlright, I am about to go off on a tangent that may or may not really piss people off, including some of my friends….

There are very few apparel companies I dislike as much as this one I am writing about in this post. Like, I really like Nike and UA and their workout stuff, and it actually fits me, and true to size, but it’s super expensive…. so I try not to buy it (all the time…. unless it’s on sale), but I don’t dislike them…. They are big companies and CAN charge 70$ for a zip-up because people WILL pay it. But this company….. ugh this company…. my dislike of them runs deep and it just got even deeper with the most recent article that was released.

So Lululemon you’re all over the news this morning…. you aren’t my favorite… Don’t you think, if you have a workout apparel company, that your apparel should try to accommodate all sizes? Not just small sizes, and also – not charging 98$ for pants??? That’s one of the biggest reasons why I don’t like this company, but to have the owner go off and say that the reason the new pants that they just released aren’t working are actually because, “Frankly some women’s bodies just don’t actually work for it,” and  “They don’t work for some women’s bodies,” he continued. “It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how they much they use it.” so basically saying anyone with a strong, athletic ass, will NOT fit into these pants and that it’s OUR fault for having strong, big, asses…. not theirs for creating a product that only fits perfectly on 5% of the female population…. So folks, it’s not the pants, it’s your ass. Stop working out, stop having thighs that touch, or just stop working out in general, because their pants aren’t for people who ACTUALLY workout…. right?

Like how do I even know what my actual size is these days???? If I wear a size L in Nike pants, I would need a size XXXXL in lululemon pants, and oh,  by the way, they def don’t carry anything over a size 12 and their pants are 100$ anyways, so I would have to take a loan and probably lose another 80lbs to get fully dressed in Lululemon athletic apparel anyways….

I mean I get it. Lululemon is a posh brand. People wear it for the name… I mean it’s like the Abercrombie or Jcrew (small sizes and expensive in the pocketbook) for workout clothes, I get it, and sure, maybe their stuff is sooo amazing and worth the million dollars it costs for a few yards of fabric… I get it, everyone has their own reasons for owning their clothing, but to be a fitness apparel company, and  to A) say it’s US and our ATHLETIC PARTS that is the reason we can’t fit into your clothes, you have got to be smoking something because your company is supposed to be supporting women who are working out and working on a better lifestyle… and then B) to not really be able to cater to anyone that isn’t already in really great shape or just built smaller (which again, I’m not hating on anyone that already is there… I’m just sticking up for people who aren’t yet!), you should probably look at your mission statement….

photo (68)

this is me wearing tight clothes! They make me feel GOOD about myself, and guess what, they actually FIT me… we should all feel good about ourselves. And not have to pay a pretty penny for that feeling.

That brings me to this, people think that if you are even over a certain size, you should not be wearing yoga pants or tight clothes period.. and I say to hell with you. If you want to rock something comfy, either in public or at the gym, then rock it girl…. but those pants that we want to rock so bad, should fit us, no matter what size, and they shouldn’t break the bank to buy them. I know I try hard to look good in yoga pants lol, but it’s hard for me because of my big muscular legs and my big booty, but TO HELL WITH IT, there are a ton of companies out there that fit me, and that encourage me to keep up the good work, not shoot me down and tell me that if I have a big booty I shouldn’t be wearing their apparel. I mean don’t even get me started on their tops – I can’t even fit my left arm in an 12 in that store… REALLY MOTIVATES ME TO LOSE WEIGHT YOU KNOW?!?!?! Eff that. It makes me want to go down the road to Georgetown Cupcakes and shove a dozen cupcakes in the mouth. Companies like Target and Old Navy have yoga pants that work, and fit for all sizes.. I mean you can literally get a size XXXXL from old navy if you want… because everyone should be able to fit into clothes they want to wear, and for a reasonable price I might add.

If you are a bigger girl like me, trying to lose weight, no matter what size you are, you are going to need workout apparel that fits you, you aren’t going to wear a skirt or jeans to the gym are you? So why not make clothes for everyone…. I know, some of my tanks don’t fit ever single person yet, but I’m working on that… I don’t have millions of dollars to create my own clothes yet, but you can bet your asses when I do, my tanks will come in any freaking size you want… They will fit EVERYONE.

So, this healthy, strong assed, girl…. will not be shopping lululemon… because I’m strong, healthy, have big muscular legs and arms, and cannot fit in your clothes, and should not have to apologize for not being the 5% of women who can fit into your clothing!

Check out Old Navy – and check out what they have to offer, I think they have great stuff, and it’s good quality!

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5 replies on “I probably shouldn't be a hater towards Lululemon…. but this is why I am.

  • Janet

    My problem with Old Navy is the shirt sleeves are all so short! I hate my upper arms, and I want shirts with sleeves that cover the “ugly” part of my arm. They don’t have to be long sleeves, they don’t have to be 3/4 sleeves. They can even be above the elbow. Just don’t end them right in the middle of my hanging skin. Ugh.

  • Morgan

    I love this post and completely agree! As I was reading it, I was thinking I should comment and suggest Old Navy performance wear. My sister who is on her own “getting healthy” journey turned me on to their compression pants and sports bras and I love both! I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon wearing Old Navy pants and sports bra and am pleased to say, both did their job-the pants didn’t slide down, my biggest pet peeve when running, and my “girls” didn’t move either! Cheers to Old Navy for making active wear in sizes up to XXL! Part of the fun of working out is to have cute workout gear to boost spirits while at the gym! I’m glad Old Navy is making this an option for people of all sizes!

  • Melissa

    I am no expert at workout clothes. I’ve never tried on UA or Nike except for one pair of I’ll fitting bike/booty shorts from Nike. They never fit “right”. I usually wear Old Navy because its cheap & I find it fits cheap. The compression stuff wears out & yoga pants are not made for a good crossfit workout. They don’t wick away sweat & they eventually sag from wear & wash. I cannot afford Lulu but one day I will buy some Lulu’s because they work better. My coach at CF has been doing CF for 5 years plus weightlifting, her legs are big & her thighs rub together because of the muscle built & she wears Lulu & swears by them because they don’t ride up or shift, they work & she’s never complained that they wear out. And they make you butt look amazing even if it isn’t amazing yet. Sucks they don’t make bigger sizes, but for me it’s a goal to reach.

  • Ann Grismore

    I could not agree with you more. The ONE time I went to a Lululemon store with my niece, who was age 13 and size 2-4 at the time, the ladies working there were awful. While they pushed on her many expensive options (we went in looking for work out clothes she could wear to track practice) they told me when I asked about yoga pieces, “Well, for someone your size, maybe you should come back in the winter when our clothes have a more generous cut.” REALLY? I was speechless! I’m a 14/16 now after losing 120lbs and that’s what they have to tell me? I buy ALL of my work out clothes from Old Navy and even pieces I’ve had for 2-3 years are still going strong (except I have shrunk out of them). My husband bought me an outfit from Nike and I like it a lot and it fits well but it’s more money than I usually spend on 2 pieces. I will not purchase from Lululemon ever.

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