Jessica Simpson Ranting again.. and I pushed myself to hit another goal, and am proud of myself :)

A long time ago…. (sorry about this Brianna, I know how much you love JSimp)… I talked, rather, got quite agressive about the way I feel about Jessica Simpson’s getting paid to lose weight for weight watchers and not being able to do it – read the full post here. In that post I basically talked about how I think it’s a cop out that you can’t even lose weight when you are getting a couple millie to do so… Shit, weight watchers, give me a call, you want me to lose weight fo a few million, I will do whatever you want, short of sticking a needle in my butt!

So then…. after this article, a few months later we find out, oh Jessica, she’s PREGNANT again! Hahahaha how convenient right? First, couldn’t lose the weight quick enough to fulfill her contract with weight watchers (unlike missss jhud) so hey, I’m going to get knocked up again. It’s so absolutely hilarious to me that that happened…. I was watching some commercials maybe it was during the superbowl, but you’ve got JHud and JSimp walking down the street and JSimp has this black outfit where the waist area sticks out (i don’t know what that fashion is called haha), and you can tell, she’s hiding something… (probably her baby bump yes)…. Where am I going with all this? CELEBRITIES THAT GET PAID TO LOSE WEIGHT AND CAN’T DO IT AND THEN THERE ARE COVERS WRITTEN ABOUT THEM SHOULD GET KICKED! Oh hey, pay me a million dollars, how about give a normal person that money… how about that?

Anyways, this blog came up in my feed the other day, where she goes “For the better part of a year now, since Weight Watchers decided to pay her millions of dollars to become their spokesperson, Jessica Simpson has been telling us that she doesn’t have that body. That she doesn’t look like a model. That she has curves. And, most importantly, that she’s not only ok with her meat, she also has no desire to mold her meat to fit someone else’s standard.” SO THEN WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO BE A SPOKES PERSON FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS… JUST FREAKING BE HAPPY ABOUT YOUR BODY AND QUIT COMPLAINING WHEN PEOPLE SAY STUFF TO YOU ABOUT IT.. JUST BE YOU LADY, JUST BE YOU! The article was talking about how there were photos taken of here that was definitely misrepresented (aka photoshop killers) making her skinnier than she really is, and yeah of course, people want you to look your best, but don’t sell a clothing line for a size 0 when you are rocking size 16……. also in the photos you can tell her legs are like completely toned and perfect haha – it’s hilarious the link to the article is here.. the blogger continues to go on to say: “None of it is her own. Those legs are definitely not her own. Which means she’s telling us that her own legs are INFERIOR to the legs that you see in the ad. Because…they’re thicker? Thicker = Inferior? F-ck you. F-ck you to all the assholes who retouch that which is perfectly fine but an even bigger f-ck you to Jessica Simpson for suggesting that the kind of body that sells weight loss plans is not the kind of body that can sell clothing…” honestly, it’s true. Don’t make a statement saying you are ok with who you are and then get completely retouched and be ok with it! COME ON JESSICA, BE OK WITH THE JIGGLE! EMBRACE THE JIGGLE! I DO! (well for now… but I’m not taking photos pretending to be super skinny hahahaha).

Well besides all this jessica simpson stuff, I have some exciting news… Yes, I might not have been losing a ton of weight recently, but you know what I have been gaining? MUSCLE??? MUSCLES!!!!!! WOOOHOOO.. Last night at crossfit, I deadlifted 300 pounds… now, you might not even think that this means anything… but when I lifted more weight than half of the guys in the gym that night, I was pretty excited… I might not be able to run a mile yet, or even do a pull up – but I’m growing, and I can deadlift….. My official weight was 255 in the 8 rounds, but then Brian just said, keep going, and I did 285 then I did 300… and BAM! I was just so excited I never thought in a MILLION YEARS i could ever be this strong.. I had my trainers there cheering me on, and I just felt great. For once I felt like I could do this, I can keep working hard, losing weight and getting strong… I was so excited!!! Check out the video HAHA of me doing it – I was kind of excited…. “SHIT BALLS” hahahaha… that’s apparently how I start to talk myself into lift that much weight… THE OTHER great thing, is I’m finally fitting into my hoodie from high school – I know it’s trivial, but I didn’t even notice the other day when I started wearing it again… hey, I fit into this from high school… I’m GETTING THERE…. Now if I can only get back to my birth weight HAHAHA 7lb’s 6ounces  HAHAHAHAH… Maybe I will be smaller by my wedding, I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO!!!!!

photo (19)Alright, I need to really get some work done, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking lately, but working for myself now takes a lot of time and work and I feel like I don’t have time to blog anymore… but anyways…. I’m here, and I’m here for anyone that wants to chat about their struggles!



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