I'm a Quitter – Week 2 Update

Holy sh*t you guys, I did it!

Five solid days of exercise, and five days of whole food meals. I slipped a little over the weekend, but overall I’m feeling great.

One of my huge roadblocks is getting the kids to eat the meals I cooked because they’d rather eat “kid food”. With a little ketchup and lies they actually ate what I made. I made mashed cauliflower for the first time and it was delicious. To get the kids to eat it, we called them mashed potatoes. A little lie never hurt anyone right? The pickiest of the two said they were the best potatoes she ever tried (minus french fires I’m sure).


So I originally wrote this on 8/22/16. Do you know what’s happened since then? I gained FIVE pounds. I’m not exactly sure what I can do to get my shit together, but I need to hurry up or I will be living in Lularoe and T2T leggings all winter long. Please tell me someone has the magic answer, because I need it!

Last month I found out that my testosterone level was elevated. My endo didn’t seem to think anything of it, so I went to see a GYN who had more information on PCOS. She started me on a new medication from my PCOS, which is reeking havoc with my hormones. I’m ready to feel “normal” again. Google elevated testosterone and you can understand all of the symptoms I’m going through. I am not one to blame a disorder on weight gain, but it’s definitely a roadblock.

In the meantime I really need to make an effort to get my shit together, put the wine down, and not eat an entire f*cking Pizza Hut pizza when I’m drinking. While I’d love to say my PCOS is making me gain weight (sound like anyone else), it’s not. My shitty choices and laziness are the reason why I’m sitting here in pants that are literally cutting off my circulation.

So my goal for this week is to make dinner 6/7 nights this week and work out 5/7 days. It’s a lofty goal, but I need to get it together. Check out our Meatless Monday post for tonight’s meal, which is already in the crockpot!

So for some much needed motivation we are going to check in with our Thick to Thin Athletes for the rest of the week! I’m so excited to share what these amazing women are up to!

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