I am body positive…. TV?

Ok so I have taken a huge break from blogging, half of it is because I’m so busy, but half of it is also because sometimes I just feel like when I type my thoughts, they don’t make sense… So I wanted to start a little series on YouTube where I talked everyday about something in the world of being body positive. It’s a struggle, a balance between not putting yourself down in your head, and lifting yourself up, and I talk about that in these short little 3-5 minute videos…. So I invite you to watch HAHA (no I’m not vain) and join in the convo with me!

I will still be blogging about other things in my life that I feel I need to rant about, but in the meantime, you can expect a new video everyday!

A daily look into the tribes and tribulations of practicing body positivity. I am body positive is fun, contradictory, but most of all it’s the thoughts in my head that I want to say out loud. They could be good, they could be bad, but whatever they are, they are real.


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