Guest Blog! "An Open Letter to my Plateau"

So, we have been growing our community of awesome people, and I am proud to announce the start of our guest blogging!!! OUR VERY FIRST BLOG, comes from the AMAZING, HEATHER!!!! I love her post, and think it’s SO on point and HILARIOUS, because frankly, plateau’s SUCK!! Here’s a little bit about Heather, and then I am going to let her take it away! 🙂

I’m a 30 year old lawyer/quilter/obsessive reader, married, have a dog named Zee, live in West Virginia (#dontjudge) and for most of the first 28.83 years of my life I was seriously overweight. My journey began on January 3, 2013.

10543644_10100701294522025_4610218387807241284_nAn Open Letter to My Plateau:

I was warned you’d arrive. My husband (also my trainer) told me to expect you. You were mentioned the first workout and each week thereafter (sometimes multiple times a week), but I pushed you out of my mind and ignored my husband (uhhhh, never done that before. Ever. I swear. Uh-huh.). Surely you weren’t coming for me. I HAD OVER 100 POUNDS TO LOSE! You don’t happen to people with my kind of weight to lose – you happen to skinny people who think they need to lose ten pounds (and who usually make such declarations after eating Chipotle). So I ignored you. If I had learned nothing else during all of those years of being overweight, it was how to quiet unpleasant thoughts – I now used those skills on suppressing thoughts of you.

I worked out a lot – frankly, I rocked it. My elliptical, who I named Eli (#seewhatididthere?!), and I began a serious relationship. I spent less time thinking about you and more time thinking about eating healthy and how the hell I was going to get through the next workout (why did they keep getting harder?!). I lost 90 pounds in 10 months. My goal was 100 pounds in a year and I was going to hit it. NOTHING COULD STOP ME.

And then you arrived, and I was stunned. You are an unwelcome houseguest. You are the credit card bill after a trip to the outlets. I cried. I was pissed. The scale was stuck at 180 pounds. Was it broken? I checked the batteries. I researched new scales. I tested them at the stores. The numbers wouldn’t move for me. I made my husband get on the scale just to make sure the digital numbers would give a different result. I weighed the dog. How could I make you leave? I wasn’t going to stop eating pretzels. That’s just stupid.

And then I had a medical complication. Did you know that losing weight quickly can give you gallstones?! THANK YOU MEDICAL DOCTORS OF THE WORLD WHO NEVER TOLD ME THAT. Out of every doctor who told me I needed to lose weight (read: all of them), you think that one of them could have mentioned it. So now, instead of focusing on you, I had to focus on getting my gallbladder out.

I couldn’t work out for a few weeks and you used that time to spread out and unpack. My goal was now far from my mind. I decided that if you were going to stick around for a while we may as well be friends. The scale had stayed at 180 for so long, I began to rely on you. We moved. I went to picnics. I ate the most delicious burgers and french fries and potato salad. I drank lots of wine. I began working out again, but not as hard – but you, my dear plateau, you would keep me right where I was supposed to be. UNTIL YOU DIDN’T. One day you were there – and then in the middle of the night you packed up and left. WTF?! The scale was up to 190. Ok ok, maybe you left a week or two before and I was so comfortable in my minimal workouts and weekend picnics that I didn’t notice. Again I was crushed. Pissed. I relied on you and you left me.

So you know what I did? I doubled down. The old me would have wallowed and ate more burgers. Not anymore. I found people who want to push me further in my workouts. I found a Community of Awesome. I forced myself to run. We started Friday night workout parties. And slowly I’m getting back to where I was when we were first introduced – but this time I’m not worried. This time I’m not focused on you or the scale. This time I’m just focused on ME.

So next time you visit, come on in. Bring pretzels.



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  • Holly

    I know the feeling. I had gastric bypass 2 1/2 years ago. a year ago I hit 175lbs and that was it. no matter what i did, i stayed 175lbs. So then i started crossfit about 5 months ago. I have steadly increased the amount I workout by at least double fold. I also have to eat all the time now because im hungry all the time. I crossfit 5 days a week. I have more stamina. I have way more muscle. I look better naked which is saying a lot because i lost 170 lbs. thats a LOT of skin i’ve got left on me. guess what? im STILL 175lbs.

    but im learning how to not care about that number. its hard. Im learning how to care about the number i put on the bar. the number i put on the white board. the numbers i put in my WOD book. but that number on the scale. I broke up with that bitch.

    thanks for sharing!

    • Heather

      Thanks Maribeth! the short version is that my husband is a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor and he trained me. and it was really effing hard. I also counted calories. I’ll save the full story in all its glory details for another blog post as word on the street is that I’ll be back as a contributing blogger 🙂 Thanks again for reading!

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