Andrea's Favorite Things!!! MARCH!

FullSizeRender (9)Alright ladies!!!!! Now, I am no where close to being OPRAH, but if she can have her list of favorite things and give them away, so can I….. well, minus the fact that when I googled Oprah’s favorite things, the first thing that popped up was a $700 pair of gold beats by dre… sorry, love you guys, but that’s too rich for my blood! hahaha..

SO each month, I am going to let you guys know about a cool thing that I love, and then one of YOU will win one!!! So, for our month of March, my favorite thing is…… VEGGETTI!!!!! (omg the name, I mean really, couldn’t they have came up with a better, non-vag-like name?!?!! hahaha)

Yes, so, I was told about this badass thing when my cousin, Sam, got it and made spaghetti and meat balls for her husband… she said it was amazing and we had to try… so what did I do? TRY. I should probably make a video of me trying, because I am hilarious when it comes to cooking, as in, I’m horrible at it haha) but really all you have to do is throw in anything you want to turn into a noodle-like shape, and saute it, and BAM – done and done – (a little hint, don’t boil like noodles, it doesn’t turn out well hahaha). This is really the only way I will eat squash!!!!!

SO YES, one lucky person is going to win one!!!!!!!! And check out our pinterest board for some fun recipes to make with the Veggetti!!! LETS GET COOKING!

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