I didn't WEAR TANK TOPS!!!!!

Shot 1_10403-editedHAHAHA… what is that all about you ask? Well – some of you know me, some of you don’t. And for the ones who do know me, I’m that girl that wears about 5 tank tops under every top I’m wearing… I even wear 5 tank tops under a tank top in the summer! Yeah, I’m that girl… I mean I REALLY HATE THE JIGGLE. So anyways…. This morning, not even thinking about it, I threw on a sweater and a pair of leggings to run to the store quick to pick up my breakfast food and whattttta you know? I didn’t have ANY TANK TOPS ON UNDER MY SWEATER and I felt GOOD! That’s a huge step for me HAHAHAHA… you would never think that not wearing a tank top under my clothes would be something that I was excited about, but honestly, it should have probably been one of my goals… I’m starting to get to a place where I feel like I can rock a shirt without a tank top (or 20) under it, and I LOVE IT! I mean, I’m not even kidding when I say I wear tank tops under dresses, under like suits, under bathing suits (ok that’s not true but I probably would if I could)….. you name it, I wear it with a tank. And they aren’t even cute tanks HAHAHA… they are just comfortable tanks. They are like my fat tummy security blanket…. you’ve got a security blanket, I’ve got a security wrap around my belly HAHAHA… it’s hilarious to me that I’m so obsessed with these damn tank tops and how i have to wear a million of them, and flying free without a tank top is like the end of the world for me…. I could literally go on and on and on about this… because it’s just my life, but I will stop now 🙂  (im pretty sure i only had like 4 on in the pic on the left (you can’t see but they are there HAHAHA))

YogaYou know what I thought a really neat idea would be?? When someone gets engaged and they want to SERIOUSLY lose weight (I mean I know people that get engaged and are just like gotta fit in that dress, which is totally fine) but I’m talking about people who need/want to lose like 50-100lbs (like me), you throw them a workout shower… so maybe this person needs motivation or encouragement or something, or maybe they won’t be having a traditional shower… so maybe instead of waiting till a month before the wedding, throw them a workout shower – so everyone gets them gifts like workout clothes, or sneakers, or makes them cute motivational things, gets them water bottles, I don’t know – stuff that would pertain to working out that would get that person in gear… and maybe it would motivate them more because they would feel like they just got a ton of gifts from people trying to help them to get motivated! My friend Tessa went to another friend of mine (and a big motivator of mines) Birthday party this weekend and she said everyone was getting her workout stuff! Because she’s on her own workout journey and everyone knew that… I think that is just so neat…. why not get them stuff the will use instead of plates and pots and pans!!!??? I don’t know, just a thought.

I just want to say, man I wish that you could hop on the scale and have lost like 2 pounds each day… wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that be a motivator? I need to figure out ways to get motivated… I won’t get on the scale, posting that picture of my progress def motivated me, but you know, what’s that thing that will just motivate me on a daily basis??? I don’t know.. but I need to figure it out…

stronger than your excusesOne more thing – someone suggested this shirt the other day and we just launched it on the website.. it’s great, because it’s true… You have to be stronger than your excuses… you can’t give up… You’ve gotta do everything in your power to not let the excuses win….

Ok so I know that some of the recipe’s I post might not be the healthiest of recipes, but for me, being able to find an alternative to something that is super UNHEALTHY works for me – so today, again, found this online – it’s talking about Creating the Perfect Milkshake… now I’m not saying, hey go have milkshakes everyday, they are good for you haha I’m just simply saying, maybe instead of having a crappy milkshake, make this instead…..



Rule #1: Build a Better Base

Most shakes start out with a high-fat, high-sugar base, either in the form of lackluster ice cream or the dreaded “dairy base,” an amalgam of strange sweeteners, thickeners, and stabilizers. You’ll save hundreds of calories simply by switching to frozen yogurt, or sticking with a reliable low-calorie ice cream brand, such as Breyers All Natural. More than that, you’ll have a milk shake that is every bit like a shake was in the 1950s, back when they were made with just ice cream and milk. (Today, places such as Baskin-Robbins use 50 ingredients in some of their most diabolical concoctions.)

Rule #2 : Master the mix

Milk shakes fail because most are made from 90 percent ice cream (or from an ice cream-like substance) concentrated in a drinkable form. Find other ways to stretch the shake and lighten the caloric load. Frozen fruit, 100 percent juice, ice, Greek yogurt: All will help you get more mileage out of your milk shake. Ultimately, you want no more than 1 cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt in your shake, and, to ensure the right consistency, no more than a half-cup of liquid. Also, it’s essential to have a strong blender. A weak one will melt the ice cream and make for a watery milk shake.

Rule #3: Skip the Sweeteners

Ice cream and frozen yogurt are sweet enough, so no need to grab for sugar or honey or anything else that will boost calories any higher than they already are. That also means go light on the cookies and cut out the candy bars. If there’s one thing all of the worst shakes  have in common, it’s the inclusion of nougat-laced candy bars and cream-filled cookies. Want a cookies and cream shake? Skip the Oreos and use cookies and cream ice cream instead. Three Oreos will cost you 140 calories, but an upgrade from vanilla to cookies and cream ice cream should run you no more than 30.


Rule #4: Sneak in Some Nutrition

just because it’s dessert doesn’t mean you can’t conjure up some benefits in that frosty glass. The easiest way is to turn to the frozen banana: Not only does it add natural sweetness and a serving of fruit, but the frozen fruit also gives the milk shake a rich, creamy body and will help you cut back from the total ice cream allotment. The texture of frozen mango and peach chunks both pair beautifully with ice cream and fro-yo as well. Even the smaller flavor add-ins can be relatively healthy. Peanut butter, fresh mint, and almonds all qualify.


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