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unnamedWhen Andrea asked me to write a blog for July, I was honored beyond belief but as I sat in front of my computer trying to type…..tumbleweeds……what do I have to write about that would interest people???  Then it hit me….so here goes!!!

I know that we all have said or been told “don’t judge a book by its cover” but how many of us actually do it??  I know that I do more often than I would like to admit and I’ve been on the other end as well.  When I first started my fitness journey many years ago (damn this fit thing takes a long time!) I fell in love immediately (even though I weighed 275 lbs and people thought I was nuts).  I knew my calling was to help other people find their passion in health and fitness.  But as I got started I was overweight and becoming a trainer, the looks and comments I got were very hurtful to say the least, how was I going to help others when I couldn’t help myself, that must be the laziest trainer out there……I wasn’t doing it for their approval, I was doing it to help others but it still hurt.  Even after the weight started coming off and I was working my tail off I was never quite like the other trainers/class instructors…..I got passed over for jobs because “I did not take enough care of myself” –seriously I was told that!!!  Anyway fast forward a few years to moving to NYC…..if it wasn’t hard enough to be a trainer in small town USA, now move to NYC, the land of beautiful people LOL.

unnamed-2The next few years were hard on me mentally, emotionally and physically.  I took my health from one extreme to another ( I was determined the only way to be successful in this biz was to fit the “mold”), well that didn’t end well at all!!!  I actually finished a client one day and went to the ladies room where I overheard her say to her friend “ugh, why did they give me the fat trainer?”  REALLY??  I was a size 4 at that time!!!!  I started falling out of love with fitness and becoming one unhappy lady!  Finally one more move and I found my happy at the gym again.  I have a great job, an amazing training partner and am happier than I have been in a long time.  BUT the judgement still comes to my BFF and I…..we are both not small and neither of us look like we “belong” in a weight room, but we love to see people’s faces when we leave the room!!!!  We go in kick butt and work to improve ourselves and not live up to anyone else’s goals except ours!!!  People never expect two 5 foot tall chicas to toss around the weights or hit the bags quite like we do (its actually kind of fun when new instructors say ladies grab 5lbs and we grab 20 LOL).  Anyway I’m rambling!  I have since pushed myself to reach new levels of fitness from marathons to kettlebell competitions and everything in between.  I am helping people reach their goals everyday whether in person or on line, I love getting messages from people that follow me saying that I motivated them to get their workout in because of my journey.  My BFF and I push each other and don’t care what others think (they can kiss my big fat cellulite filled a**).  I can’t say that the judgements still don’t hurt, but ain’t no one got time for that……we are too busy racking up medals in kettlebell sport!!!!

unnamed-3The point of this story is to really emphasize to you, before you make that rash judgement think about what that person has been through to get there… goodness, I went from being almost 300lbs to being a gold medal athlete, with my sights set on making Team USA in the next 2 years!!!!  Also for those of you who feel the effects of judgement……well, as in the words of Taylor Swift….Shake it off!!!!  You are so much better than that!!!  You are strong!!!  You are an athlete!!!  Most importantly you are you!!! And that is what you need to stay true to…..if I had listened to my naysers years ago I would not be where I am today.  I have taken control of my life and am happy with who I am, I am not the skinniest, I am not the strongest but I am my strongest and my HEALTHIEST!!!!!

Have a FIT day!!!
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