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  • Customer of the Month! SARA!

    So this is the 2nd month of highlighting some of our awesome customers, because YOU guys are why we are here and successful… and your stories, no matter what they are, are important, and they should be shared with all of you because maybe they are going through something that relates to you!!! How do our customers of the month get picked??!?! Well, actually it’s random. We email you, say hey, want a free shirt, and do you want to talk on our blog, and that’s it!!! So, look out for an email from us, and now, check out this awesome story from Sara!!! 🙂

    before_afterMy Journey to Being Awesome:

    Through exercise, healthy eating, sheer determination, and a crap ton of motivation, I said goodbye to unwanted pounds and hello to a healthier, happier and fuller way of life!

    My name is Sara and there was a time when I gave myself every excuse in the book for being a overweight. I had always been active, playing many sports since I was a kid, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t in the best of shape. So, after over a year of a friend trying to convince me to try her cool crazy gym, I caved and went to a friends & family day. That day I fell in love…with CrossFit. I lost about 30 pounds over a 6 month period, but I soon plateaued. Makes sense since I ate whatever I freakin’ wanted. I convinced myself that since I work out…like hard core, so it’s ok…it kinda balances out, right?

    Well, I soon became discouraged and unmotivated. This isn’t working. I stepped on the scale and saw it teetering very close to the 250 mark and decided that’s enough. How did I let myself get to this point? I was so disappointed in myself. I needed to change what I was putting into my body. I needed to stop making excuses and start working on me!

    I went through my cupboards and fridge and began boxing up basically every bit of sugary and carb-loaded goodness I had. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I did not want to set myself up for failure. I knew my weaknesses. I also knew my strengths, so I set my goal weight: 150 pounds. I made a deal with myself that I would not give up and I would not make excuses. In addition, to motivate myself even more, I decided that when I reached my goal I would reward myself with a red velvet cupcake and personalized pair of CrossFit Nanos.

    The first week was the hardest, but I saw results! I was consistently losing about 1-3 pounds per week. There were temptations, I’m not going to lie, but I wanted so desperately to reach my goal and show the world how awesome I could be! No excuses, just be awesome!

    Fast forward to today: I am 99 pounds lighter! My outlook on life has completely changed! My attitude has greatly improved, my energy level has skyrocketed, and I am overall…just happier! I did it! I didn’t do it alone though. I had many people, near and far, in my corner backing me up. I relied on these people who cheered me on, lifted me up, held me accountable, didn’t let me down, and motivated the crap out of me. I wouldn’t be where I am or the person I am without them. They say you should live without regrets, but I will admit that I have one regret: I regret that I didn’t do this sooner. I wasted so many years not living them to their greatest potential! I don’t want others to do the same, so my new goal is to spread the motivation! I will be in your corner cheering you on and motivating the crap out of you!

    Believe in yourself! You can Be Awesome!

    No Excuses! Just Be Awesome!

    STFUandBeAwesome3unnamed (11)unnamed (12)
  • Day 6 of our Tribute to Mothers

    Ok back at the Tribute to Mothers since our website is finally working!!!! The facebook posts, and the actual blog posts for these women have been amazing, so let’s not forget to remind them one more time, how awesome of mothers they are!!!

    With it being Mothers Day week, we thought it would be amazing to highlight 7 Mothers that are not only staying healthy for themselves, but also teaching a healthy lifestyle to their children… Day 6 is Nicole Lewis, she’s been a fan of T2T for a long time, and hearing her story, is just awesome… You’re doing an amazing job staying positive and showing your kids what it means to be healthy, so for that, I thank you! 🙂

    Each of these mothers for are in the running to win a treatment at a spa by their homes, so let them know how inspirational they are!!!!

    FullSizeRender (21)I feel weird entering this for myself. But, heck, who doesn’t NEED a Spa Day?? I grew up having no self confidence in myself due to a dad that always tore me down & compared me to my much skinner & smarter sister. I can not remember a time that I did not compare my body to every other girl/woman until I finally started to see just how much of an impact doing so has on our children. So, instead of trying to get skinny or starve myself to be a certain weight, I decided it was time to learn to accept my body as my own & learn to be healthy & strong. I want my daughter & my son to have a healthy image of their bodies & who they are. And to respect others for the same & not put anyone down! We all have struggled in this life & need support to get through, not to tear each other down for our body shapes & ‘imperfections’. I also want to inspire other women to stop giving themselves & other women such a hard time! Lift each other up & encourage one another to rock what we’ve got! I love fitness & mix it up a lot. I have found what works for MY body, not anyone else’s. It is amazing to feel healthy & fit. That’s how I want my kiddos to feel.

  • Day 2 of our Tribute to Mothers…

    Ok day 2 of our Tribute to Mothers — day one was amazing, and the things people were saying about Jeanie were just amazing.. you can read her post here.

    With it being Mothers Day week, we thought it would be amazing to highlight 7 Mothers that are not only staying healthy for themselves, but also teaching a healthy lifestyle to their children… Day 2 is Adrienne Brimmer, nominated by Amber Canady! Read her story below, it’s just great!

    Each of these mothers for the next 7 days are in the running to win a treatment at a spa by their homes, so let them know how inspirational they are!!!!

    PhotoGrid_1430166475210Hi Awesome Team,

    I want to tell you about my friend Adrienne Brimmer. I grew up with Adrienne. We played soccer together throughout our entire childhood. Two years ago, Adrienne welcomed her son Eli to the world.

    Adrienne has always been an athlete. I always admired her passion when we played soccer. After having Eli, Adrienne wanted to be healthy for not only  herself but her new son.  For the past year, Adrienne has once again committed to her healthy lifestyle. She joined me at Gymology Tulsa and has been doing great. I remember one time last year I didn’t think I could do any more sprints (because let’s face it…running sucks). Adrienne was right be my side counting each sprint to the finish. She pushes me everyday.

    Since January, Adrienne has lost 25 pounds, competed in her first Crossfit competition, and has inspired so many of us at the gym. When many of us are finishing a WOD and we can’t do much more it is so nice to hear Adrienne’s voice pushing us through the finish line.  I’m so proud to call her my sister and friend. I hope one day, when I’m a mom, I can stay as committed to living a healthy life as Adrienne has done. She’s definitely a Mom in Beast Mode!


    Amber D. Canady

    Adrienne, you really are amazing. Not only do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle for your sweet son, but you are motivating everyone around you… You ARE such an amazing person, and for that, thank you!

  • Day 1 of our Tribute to Mothers…..

    So, with it being Mothers Day week, we thought it would be amazing to highlight 7 Mothers that are not only staying healthy for themselves, but also teaching a healthy lifestyle to their children… Today is day 1, and we are highlighting Jeanie DeVincenzo! Each of these mothers for the next 7 days are in the running to win a treatment at a spa by their homes, so let them know how inspirational they are!!!!

    6tag_240415-205423From Jeanie: I have been on my recent and final fitness journey to become my best self for 18 months….But even before that at close to my highest weight I wanted to make a change and challenge myself…so I signed up for a sprint TRIathalon…..This August will mark my 6th year.

    Through all the races I have done, I have tried to lead by example for my Three children, 12, 11,9.  I teach them that no matter what your challenges…with #hardwork #dedication #determination ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE .

    My conversations never revolve around my weight loss, but about my fitness achievements…lifting more, running faster, challenging myself day in and day out at the gym.  I wake up ever morning at 4:45am to get my workouts in and will continue to show my family how clean eating and hard work can lead to becoming ones best self!

    My children are my biggest cheerleaders, aside from my husband. I am overjoyed they ask to do some workouts with mommy and want to enter local 5k’s  #leadingbyexample #changingourfamilies

    You rock Jeanie!! Anyone that is so dedicated to their own health along with the health of others is a rock star in my book!!! You’re doing an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see how you do this year in your 6th sprint tri!!! (and I probably should learn some tricks, I want to do a sprint tri too!!)

  • 21 Day NOURISH Clean Eating program…. Time to get this crap outta my body!

    tumblr_mjn3xdksTu1s60yhoo1_500So, I’ve been having a hard time with my eating again, it’s always the hardest part.. seriously… I can go to the gym no problem, but my eating is like way off, and they do say, “you can’t outrun a donut” woops, jk wrong saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” and you know I hate that word diet, but you know what I mean. Anyways, I think for me, I need people doing it with me because then I know other people are working on being healthy too and we can go through something together…

    So I was talking to my nutritionist friend Danielle, (we did the google hangout Q&A with her a few weeks ago where she fielded questions from awesome people… Anyways, i was talking to her about my problems with trying to get over this hump of getting my eating clean again and she told me that she was about to do her 21-day nourish clean eating program, and I think I’m going to sign up… I asked her more questions, and just decided to copy and paste our FB convo so you guys could get the info I was looking for too – does anyone want to do it with me?!?!?! The cool thing was about this, and I don’t think we talked about it below, but it focuses on taking certain foods out of your eating but in phases, to see if certain foods are actually holding you back from being at a healthy weight.

    Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.44.11 PM

    Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.24.00 PM

    Andrea: SOOOO Danielle – hi how are you?!?! hahaha – what is this nourish, 21 days of clean eating all about?

    Danielle: haha
    i am stressed and what to run away
    well…Nourish 21 days of clean eating is first and foremost about figuring out which foods work for your body and which don’t.
    we do that by eliminating common irritants and still to a clean diet

    A: I’m just as stressed and want to run away too – maybe we can run away together!

    D: so the idea behind “Nourish” is learning how to Nourish your unique body and then also how to incorporate this clean eating way of eating into your life. So first we Remove, then we Replace, then we Repair and then we Rebalance
    let’s do it!
    where should we go?

    A: ahhh so this is very catered to yourself, instead of a group of people? – I know a lot of people get worried about these kinds of things because what works for everyone else might not work for them.
    ahhhh somewhere warm please with a beach (and pina coladas) except i don’t think we are allowed to have them when we are nourishing our body. lol

    D: no we aren’t
    but you can have a green pina colada smoothie
    haha…yes it’s very much catered to you….everyone is doing the same thing but learning about themselves in the process

    199364531571A: ok – so how does it work? How do you cater it to each person

    D: sorry…well you follow the path you want to take (there are 3 options) and then as you work through the process you are gathering information about how you feel, etc. I am there to answer questions and give support on the FB page as you need it. Questions like should I feel this way? Is this food okay to eat? etc…so I am not really catering to you, per say, but everyone is learning something about their diet/body as they go.
    does that make sene

    A: ahhh yes i get it

    D: theres a protocol to follow and things to do everyday for self care and to optimize digestion and detox; I also rec supplements. Everyone does a symptoms pre-questionnaire at the start and then again when done to really see the changes…I also provide a ton of recipes and a detailed guidebook of what to eat and what not. And inside the membership site will be modules explaining everything along the way plus how-to videos of me doing stuff in my kitchen

    00c09179a235205330ce29b9bb599a80A: do you think it really helps people to do this, so they really get an idea on how their body works and what foods might actually be a problem for them

    D: oh yes. Take a look at my testimonials — it’s pretty amazing what people say:
    that is the rebalance part…I teach you step by step how to add the foods we took out back into your diet so you can tell right away if there is a problem

    A: i like this quote from Mary “Danielle took the time to get to know me, my food likes and dislikes. She tailored my meal plan to my schedule, foods that I like, and even opened my eyes to some new foods.” It’s really nice knowing that you’ll help each and every person

    D: but it’s also about what we are adding in, too — the Repair part is about eating clean and eliminating toxins
    oh no, that was not for this program LOL
    that was a private client

    A: ohhhhh lol

    D: LOL

    A: well now you’re going to have to be everyones BFF’s!!! hahaha jk jk

    D: i don’t work with people privately during the program but I am can give very detailed and customized advice/help via the FB page
    usually everyone has the same questions ya know?

    A: yeah – totally get it!
    It’s like a community, and I think people really like that because there’s other people doing it with them, that can really relate

    D: totally, the community part is huge
    and people really expand their horizons in the kitchen
    they also just feel so good…not relying on coffee and fast food to get through the day

    A: right! wait… no coffee???
    what’s going to happen if I am a really picky eater? That’s my biggest problem.. I usually have to tell people what I do like instead of what I don’t like, I’m that bad. How do you deal with people like that?
    (deal with… hahaha aka deal with me!)

    D: well you have to be willing to expand your horizons and try new things for one
    i have only had a few people who just couldn’t do it but they had very juvenile palattes
    you might be surprised how much you will eat
    and yes no coffee…but you can have green tea

    A: I mean I have a pretty juvenile palatte – hahaha but ill try

    D: laughing

    11101863_10100118496693992_1608945741_nA: great i just got this epic mug for tea – check it out – sorry for the vulgerness lol

    D: for someone like you I would suggest just keeping it basic…
    making a list of what you will eat and choosing the recipes that include those foods
    love that!

    A: ok perfect – how much is it going to cost??

    D: $127 but with the coupon NEWYOU you get $30 off. It would be $97

    A: omg – totally worth it
    i know a lot of people try different things and throw money here and there for things to work…. but this is NOT a lot of money compared to what most companies charge.

    D: totally
    I never wanted it to be out of reach

    A: what would be the one thing you would want to tell people that ask “why should i do this, give me one good reason i should give you my money”

    D: just want people to eat better LOL

    A: hahaha RIGHT?!?!

    D: I would say that you know what your current diet can do for you, so why not try something different?

    A: I had this horrible conversation with someone yesterday, so many mixed messages with what so many people have told her… I was just like oh man…. just eat better, just eat better. Stop listening to all these “get skinny fast” people…

    D: totally — there is no quick fix that is for sure. It’s getting to know your body and what it needs to function at it’s very best. Weight loss or gain is just a side effect of how you eat…seems simple but not at the same time…

    A: Agree – ok – well this was good – I really liked learning about it – and I am personally excited to start it because I need to get back on the wagon and I’ve had so many problems losing weight recently, I want to find out exactly what the problem is and this might be the way!

    D: a big part of weight loss is good digestion….that is a huge premise of the program

    A: I def need that – my poops need to be regular again hahahaha

    D: ha!
    do you need anything else from me about the program?

    A: nope, just where to sign up lol

    D: well that’s easy:

    A: alright.. thanks Danielle! I am excited to get going!

    D: You’re welcome!!!

  • But first, let me take a selfie! And, let's talk about that selfie.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.25.59 AMOk so, I started writing this post a few weeks ago, when I realized that not only did I get tons of props for taking awesome selfies, but everyone always wanted to know my tips. And I wrote this post, and I thought, this is going to be a hilarious post about selfies… THEN, Ashley posted this on FB (the post on the left) and I really started thinking (even though at the bottom of the post I had said, that no matter how improved the selfies are that you are perfect just the way you are) about how seriously, we do EVERYTHING to try to make our photos look better, and for what?? If we don’t look like that in real life, why do we feel the need to post fake photos of ourselves? Yes, do I think that a good selfie might make you feel better, might make you see something you’ve never noticed before… and yes, do I think that for me, personally, the improved selfie game has made ME feel like the “fake” photo I’m seeing in my enhanced selfies might not be the real me, but it makes me feel better about myself.. HOW WEIRD IS THAT… how weird is it that something that’s fixed and changed and enhanced could make us feel better about ourselves? It’s weird, and it’s not right, because the person in the “fixed” selfies isn’t who we see in real life, because the person we see in real life is actually better than the fake one. But we are OBSESSED with trying to make photos look better of ourselves, because that’s what’s out there, those are the memories we have for life, and those photos will be there forever. But they should be of US, not of the enhanced version of ourselves.

    dont-let-the-bullshit-of-today-convince-you-that-are-not-beautiful10 years ago, ok maybe hmmm, 15 years ago, there wasn’t as much pressure to be who we should be instead of who we are, there wasn’t social media, and there wasn’t 2 cameras on our phones (one is OBVIOUSLY the selfie camera), there weren’t selfie sticks and surprisingly we were OK with who we are…. And we need to keep it that way! If we are HEALTHY and HAPPY and working on loving ourselves then we don’t need to enhance our selfies… So, as much as they might make us feel better about ourselves, we need to remember how awesome we are just the way we are.



    Anyways, that’s my rant – but I’m still going to post the tricks of the trade for improving your selfie game, but at the end of all of this, just never ever forget, you are just perfect in your own skin! But before we get into the tips – here’s my SELFIE. The picture of me, without any filters, angels, nothing… just literally woke up and took a selfie. And BAM that’s me. (and as embarrassing as it is, as you go through these photos, you’ll see how “enhanced” I clearly am…) Just love me for me, and not my good selfie game.. ok!?!?!


    Silly posts are fun, so, without further ado… 10 TIPS TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’VE GOT A BANGING SELFIE GAME!

    1. really big sunglasses and or glasses – at any point in the day you’ll not only find me with my giant warby parker glasses, but you’ll also find me with about 10 pairs of sunglasses that are bigger than my head. we don’t want any small sun glasses here, the big ones make my face look smaller! haha


    2. this is more of a photo tip in general, but if you are worried about group photos and where to stand to make you look the best, haha, the MIDDLE! Always the middle! For me, it’s the place where I look the best! Step aside ladies, I gotta get in that middle! Andrea sandwich!!!


    3. blush – i can’t tell you how much I love me some blush – accentuate those cheek bones and call it a day – I’m telling you, your selfie will thank you! haha


    4. ok so you’ll notice in pretty much all my selfies, I open my mouth like the “oh emmm gee I’m so surprised” face… when in actuality I’m opening the jaw line to make my face look skinnier hahaha – the fish face is bad, and this is just as bad! but…. it works. (the picture on the left is us practicing the OMG face haha)


    5. up high angle, but make it SEEEEEEM like you are at a normal angle!! the higher the phone, the better your face looks lol – you would never guess but my camera in this picture is basically up in the ceiling hahahaha


    6. the long arm. the longer, the better – whoever told you long arms weren’t awesome was WRONG… don’t you know that the long arm makes for seriously the best selifies EVER!!! I mean, literally everytime I take pictures with my friends they are like, Andrea, you do it, you’ve got the longest arms!


    7. FILTERS, filters and more filters. Chrome is your new best friend. They instantly get rid of blemishes and make you look tan! hahahahha


    8. accessories. I know, it sounds weird, but hats, hoods, glasses, sunglasses, headbands, etc. stuff always adds to a good selfie!!! even in this picture I am looking like a lunatic, but hey, the hood makes it look like I’ve got some awesome hair going on under there!!!!!


    9. always pick your good side… especially with friends. i don’t know how many times i take one freaking picture before it’s just right – sometimes your good side doesn’t work, but most of the time, it works for everyone!


    10. and last but not least, the bigger the hair, the better… see, I was even having stellar selfie game back in the day, circa 1989! the bigger the hair, the better the picture… hahaha I’m pretty sure not only is my hair just as big these days, but so are my eyebrows!!!!!!!!! (and man oh man, those puffy shoulders are making a comeback!)


    Ok so that was fun, but always remember that no matter how improved the selfies are that your face is perfect just the way it is…. so never forget that!!!!!! 

  • Andrea's Favorite Things!!! MARCH!

    FullSizeRender (9)Alright ladies!!!!! Now, I am no where close to being OPRAH, but if she can have her list of favorite things and give them away, so can I….. well, minus the fact that when I googled Oprah’s favorite things, the first thing that popped up was a $700 pair of gold beats by dre… sorry, love you guys, but that’s too rich for my blood! hahaha..

    SO each month, I am going to let you guys know about a cool thing that I love, and then one of YOU will win one!!! So, for our month of March, my favorite thing is…… VEGGETTI!!!!! (omg the name, I mean really, couldn’t they have came up with a better, non-vag-like name?!?!! hahaha)

    Yes, so, I was told about this badass thing when my cousin, Sam, got it and made spaghetti and meat balls for her husband… she said it was amazing and we had to try… so what did I do? TRY. I should probably make a video of me trying, because I am hilarious when it comes to cooking, as in, I’m horrible at it haha) but really all you have to do is throw in anything you want to turn into a noodle-like shape, and saute it, and BAM – done and done – (a little hint, don’t boil like noodles, it doesn’t turn out well hahaha). This is really the only way I will eat squash!!!!!

    SO YES, one lucky person is going to win one!!!!!!!! And check out our pinterest board for some fun recipes to make with the Veggetti!!! LETS GET COOKING!

    Follow From Thick to Thin’s board ANDREA’S FAVORITE THINGS – giveaways! on Pinterest.

  • 17 days, 10 at the gym, 5 burgers, (1 donut), 8 beers… But getting there.

    This is me, happy to workout haha

    This is me, happy to workout haha

    It’s been about 17 days since I posted about my pants not fitting… well, they still don’t fit, but that’s besides the point. What has happened in these last 17 days? Well, a whole hell of a lot, that’s what. Number 1, for 12 of those days well, more like 16 of those days and a few cheat meals, I’ve actually ate pretty clean. I would say 12 strict days, and 5 with a cheat meal or two… like burgers and fries cheat meals and a donut… oh a donut, have you guys ever had colossal donuts from Shoppers in VA? Probably not, and that’s a good thing hahaha these things are donut heaven in your mouth (ok I need to shut up or after this blog post I’m going to go get a donut).. I know, it’s bad, but hey, it happens. I’ve had about 8 beers, 2 of which were Tuesday… (how can you NOT celebrate the irish?!?!) but overall, I’m feeling much better, and what’s the common denominator for all of this? I’M BACK IN THE GYM. Yes, that’s right… back. Back at a box, ehhh still with a broken back, but working on it.

    It’s crazy to me how much better I feel when I workout everyday. BUT THE FEELING OF FEELING STRONG IS MY DRUG, and I LOVE THAT DRUG!. You wouldn’t think that it would matter, but it really REALLY does. And it proves to me that athletic depression actually is a “thing”. I wasn’t working out, I wasn’t letting out my endorphins, and I was MISERABLE. Now, I’m working out, I’m releasing those bad boys, and I’m a lot less stressed and much happier. Who knew that one little hour of my life would drastically change my mood? Sure, am I going through a lot of life stuff right now, yes, but am I still making it to the gym all the time? YES. And is that improving how I’m handling all the shitting things in my life right now? Yes…..

    this is me after every workout with my back!

    this is me after every workout with my back!

    Crazy how that happens. I was never the girl who wanted to workout, I was never the girl who ENJOYED working out, but it’s funny how much I’ve changed over the last 2 years. My aunt said to me the other night, “Andrea, I wish I really ENJOYED working out like you do, it would make things so much easier” and she’s right. When I was off for the 6 months and doing nothing, I didn’t even think about swimming, and it was because I didn’t enjoy it. But with CrossFit, even broken still, I enjoy it, and that’s 90% of the battle!

    So here’s a few things that start happening when you start working out, and in turn, it’s going to make you become OBSESSED!

    1. Once you’ve gone to the gym for a while, your ability to carry lots of bags of groceries at once drastically increases.


    2. Your level of new found energy knows no boundaries


    3. Your CLOTHES don’t fit anymore (well in my case, they clearly still do, and some of them still are too small hahaha)


    4. You actually LIKE eating healthy food, in fact, you might even crave it.


    And on cheat days, you don’t feel as guilty because you know you’ll make it up hard core at the gym.


    5. For some reason, you get smarter. Either that, or you just feel like you know every single bit of gym/health related knowledge, even if you really don’t HAHA.
    “Listen guys, if you lift weights you’re going to lose more weight because your metabolic resting heart rate increases making it so that you burn more calories when you’re resting” See, I seemed smart, doubt that’s 100% right, but in my mind, it is, and I’m a genius.


    6. Every time you see a little bit of muscle definition you FREAK OUT, point it out, and show EVERYBODY.


    7. Clothes?!?! Who needs clothes anymore, you feel super comfortable in little to nothing, (even us big girls, hey I’ve got abs under this keg!!!) and you don’t care who sees!!!


    8. Your ability to walk up the stairs without getting winded, NAILED IT!


    9. Did someone say, I’m a morning person now??!?!


    10. Finally, a light bulb will go off in your head and you’ll be like, holy shit, I LOVE working out, it’s not a chore anymore, when’s the next class, sign me up… And from there on out, you’re done. You’re hooked, you’re like a kid in the candy store…. mmmm candy, did someone say candy?!?!?







  • Houston we have a problem, I don't fit in my jeans.

    IMG_0628Well, the final straw has landed on the camels back. Something happened yesterday when I was getting ready for an event. I had just taken a shower and I was getting ready to dry my hair, and I was looking in the mirror and my arms hurt, and my body didn’t feel good…. and what I was looking at was the body I wasn’t happy with 30-40lbs ago. I was happy then, and I was an athlete, and I was excited to eat healthy and go to the gym everyday and most of all, I felt AMAZING…..

    Now…. now what… this is what. I have to get off my ass and get moving again… Healthy Strong ME. Healthy Strong Andrea needs to get back. Sure, I’m still broken, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start working towards getting strong again. I like to make the excuse that so much shit is going on in my life and that’s why I cant stay on track but guess what Andrea, there will ALWAYS be shit going on in your life, it’s just how you choose to deal with sed shit!! When I was looking at myself in the mirror, my arms, my strong happy arms were gone… If you’ve followed me for a while you know my arms are my biggest problem, I often talk about how much I hate my chicken wings (obviously now, I am working towards not putting my body down, but LET’S FACE IT, I have damn chicken wings).. And they are back. They were gone, and now they are back. And let’s not forget about these jeans. My jeans. My happy, I’m healthy jeans, don’t fit anymore, and that sucks because they are just so damn cute haha.

    I miss my strong quads that can lift 230+ lbs on squat days, and I miss the soreness I felt and knowing I really am making myself better. SO, this is my intervention on myself. WHAT good am I if I’m not healthy… Courtney, my good friend was the first person I needed to complain to, and guess what, she’s right.. What are you going to do about it…

    I’m going to STOP complaining, STOP making excuses, and GET myself healthy… Stop making excuses for not putting clean healthy food in my mouth, and stop making excuses for not making it to the pool to work on cardio. SURE, I used to be happy in a bathing suit and now I hate the way I look, but OH WELL, hating the way I look in a piece of athletic wear isn’t going to stop me anymore from bettering myself…

    SO it’s time. It’s time to get back to being the best I can be.. And yes, I feel like CrossFit is amazing and maybe it’s just because the community at my box has kind of dissipated and it’s made me UN-motivated, but I don’t care anymore, that’s just another excuse. I used to blog all the time and share my story about how much it sucked and how hard it was getting back in shape, and I’m going to do that again, because it’s held me accountable. I need that again, I need you guys, I need to feel like I’m not alone! So, for whatever consolation it is, I’m back with you guys, and I want to help you as much as you guys can help me, so let’s make a pledge to get HEALTHY and say, see ya later excuses!!! Woot woot, it’s time for SHORTS me to be back!!!!! HEALTHY HAPPY ANDREA IS GETTING OFF HER HIGH HORSE AND GETTING HER SHIT TOGETHER!!!


    Me when I was happy wearing shorts… I have a few months to get there, but I will 🙂



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