Thick to Thin is a clothing revolution. We are not about plus-size we are about EVERY SIZE. What started as one woman seeking a healthy lifestyle has sprouted into a huge community of thin bodies, thick bodies and everyone in-between.  We invite you to join us in declaring that #weareallathletes.

We are a community of disruptors who are fighting back against cookie-cutter sizes and a multi-billion dollar fitness fashion industry that excludes. Everyone, despite size or athletic ability deserves to feel confident in their clothing.


WE BELIEVE that people should not be singled out when choosing athletic apparel because of their size
WE BELIEVE that all women should be able to find affordable and functional athletic apparel, without sacrificing quality or comfort
WE BELIEVE that even though our paths may differ, we are all on a journey to leading healthy, active lives
WE BELIEVE that fitness looks different on everyone, and that every body is capable of achieving it
WE BELIEVE that #weareallathletes


WE PROMISE to create empowering, functional and affordable athletic apparel + accessories
WE PROMISE to keep things real, to tell our stories honestly but to also humor each other and remind ourselves that we are human
WE PROMISE to motivate women on an individual level and inspire them to discover how they can be athletes
WE PROMISE to create resources that facilitate tangible change in the athletic apparel and fitness industries
WE PROMISE to provide a forum for meaningful interaction, for community


You may know the feeling, you buy a fun new piece of workout gear and the next day it’s just a little bit easier to get out of bed and head to the gym, running trail or yoga mat.

Our founder Andrea went to the mall with a good friend one day seeking that exact feeling, fun fitness clothes to inspire. While her friend found several items Andrea was only able to cobble together an outfit from oversized clothes in the men’s department. Sure, there were plus size stores but they didn’t offer the inspiration Andrea was looking for, not to mention that just going into the plus size store can be pretty depressing. While she didn’t leave with much workout inspiration a spark had been lit – this had to be fixed. T2T was born.

Everybody should be able to buy clothing that inspires them to get healthy. And they shouldn’t have to go to a special plus-size store to do so. Or one that excludes their plus size friends – no longer should friends be split up while shopping!

Stay together! Stay with us! We want you to find workout clothing tailored for your style and body that will empower you to feel more confident, love your body and be able to take on any athletic challenge. Our selection of apparel ranges from fitted to flowy, soft to technical and everything in between. We make sure we’ve got something for EVERYbody, so go ahead, take a look around, and find something that fits YOU the way you want it to!