A public service announcement: I'm only human, and get out of my life, fake friends.


I’ve got a lot to say today hahaha – I’M SO FREAKING SICK OF PEOPLE being mad at me because I choose the gym over going out. Dudes, I don’t want to be your friend then if you can’t support me and trying to lose weight. Also – in the great words of Mr.Chow from Hangover… suck on thessssseeeeee chinese NUTS.

Yes, ok, sure, this weekend, what did I do? Go OUT. But you know what – it was 60 degrees, St. Patty’s day, and I hadn’t gone out in a long time… ALSO the people I went out with were the best, so I wasn’t going to pass that up… SO yes, I still go out, but not as hard or as often as I used to. Back in the day, I would be the one people would call if they wanted to throw back a 12 rack on a Tuesday afternoon – well HOW DO YOU THINK I GOT SO DAMN FAT! Yeah, drinking almost everyday and eating fried CHEESE will do that to you… But listen, I was having fun, didn’t care about what I looked like, or felt like, I’m pretty sure I could have had a heart attack at the ripe age of 25 hahahaha, but it’s different now! IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT SO SUPPORT IT OR GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY LIFE! (sorry for the cursing but it’s true HAHA). If you can’t support me for trying to better myself, then what are you doing here? I would ask the same thing if I still partying my ass off – hahaha if you didn’t like me partying, then get the hell out, this is the same thing, I’m just doing something HEALTHY!

out on friday night for betsy and katie's surprise bday party!!! see I can even have fun 2 nights in a row!!!

out on friday night for betsy and katie’s surprise bday party!!! see I can even have fun 2 nights in a row!!!

Dudes, like I FREAKING LOVE working out – its my new obsession, and I’m sorry if my new obsession isn’t going out and doing hard core drinking olympics for 16 hours in a day…… I’m so sorry to DISAPPOINT YOU. OH SHIT, let me get off topic here for a minute…. THAT WORD. I SWEAR TO YOU, that DAMN word, DISAPPOINTED, DISAPPOINTMENT, DISAPPOINT-ANYTHING, is the worst WORST word in the english language… It’s honestly worst then the SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY word… and we ALL know how bad that word is. I heard it twice on Friday and I was ready to throw bows… Hey, it’s a great word to get me to kill a workout though hahahaha – but no, seriously… I don’t know where that word is EVER a good word to be used… My father used to say it to me all the time – I’m disappointed in your grades, I’m disappointed in how you did in tonights basketball game, I’m disappointed that you are still eating shit, I’m disappointed you don’t have your life together, I’m disappointed that you haven’t lost weight yet…. Yeah… daddy issues much? I know. Anyways… that word, it’s just the biggest stab in gut word anyone can say. They could even be complimenting you, saying something like “omg did you an amazing job today doing whatever it is you are doing, but I’m disappointed that you didn’t do it faster.” anything.. honestly. anything… so with me, tell me your mad, tell me you think i could have done better, tell me that you want to punch me in the face, but don’t use that word around me unless you want an insta-cry.

photo (27)

and then again out saturday night!

Anyways, back to this weekend. It was funny because at one point I was having a conversation with Jenny about how I was OK with where I am at now, I’m ok with the loss of 40lbs, and my results, and that I’m 100% committed to my gym, and my team, but its the diet… it’s the diet that’s the hardest part… and I was convinced in talking to Jenny, that you know what, I don’t even care anymore about losing weight.. It’s all about being healthy and happy and getting that workout in… and I was ok, i was still going to eat healthy but I wasn’t going to go to the extreme and cut out the dairy, the booze, the gluten.. i wasn’t going to do it – I wasn’t going to torture myself (that’s my idea of a serious torture right there)…… but then as I was sitting there and I started talking to Brian… I was like you know what, no, I’m not content yet… I still want to drop more pounds, I still want to work out, and I still want to eat right… but man, it’s so hard. I just love me some milk and cheese and some damn BREAD! hahaha. but that goes back to, how bad do you want it? Right?

photo (26)As i was drunk on saturday night (yes, I’ll say it, I was drunk… but I’m HUMAN, and sometimes, going out and having a good time isn’t the end of the world) I just sat there thinking about where I could be in 6 months… and how I shouldn’t give up, or stay consistent… I need to get my diet right. and I need your HELP! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET MY DIET RIGHT WITH THESE AMAZING WAFFLES IN THE AISLE OF WEGMANS??!?!!? COMEEEE ON MAN!


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  • Mia

    I know how this feels. I lost a lot of “friends” when I started training for my half Ironman. I’m fully expecting to lose the rest of the “dead weight” friends as soon as I start working on the full ironman. In season, my training sessions take between 6-10 hours on the weekends. That eliminates ALL drinking and staying out late. Though I’m in off season right now, I realized I was pouring a lot of my time and energy into building up other people – pep talks, taking “emergency” phone calls, texting constantly…and then I realized all of it was their drama and my energy just wasn’t worth it. I told one friend I was trying to be a little more selfish lately – she responded with “good, i’m glad, you need to do what is right for you.” Another friend, when I declined an invitation that would have taken up an entire weekend with the same reason, she said, “well, I’m selfish too, and I think you should do this for me.” End of that friendship.

    The reality is that you need to what is right for you first. If that is being at the gym and focusing on diet, etc. then surround yourself with people who support you in that.

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