A big before and after improvement photo….

I really contemplated posting this picture…. most of the reason is because who really wants to show their naked chub to the world? I keep singing to myself, shake what your mama gave ya… but instead, shake what mcdonalds gave yaaaaa…

photo (21)

This is from november till yesterday (11/12-3/13) through the holidays and everything…. I made it through

Last night when I was having Jenny take photos of me, I was like, man oh man I don’t even think I see a difference… I really don’t. But then I put these two together, and I see it, I finally see it…. and you know what, fuck it, I don’t love what I look like, and I would never wear a 2 piece bathing suit, but guess what world, you can see me in this light… I mean this blog is all about being real and showing who I am right? So here you go people… this is me, I’m down, I’m strong, and I’ve got about 1/3rd of myself gone… Now please, if you have anything negative to say, don’t tell me, tell someone else. My trainer said I should wait till I have a more drastic change just in case people have some negative things to say about me, but I want to show progress… seeing this photo made me happy again, made me think, you know what, I AM DOING THIS, and I’m getting there…. My way. My way is working, not your way, not their way… but MY WAY… and everyBODY is different (haha get it, haha ashley) everyone is different and everyone is going to have a different way of losing their weight and everyone is going to have something to say about the way you do it – i do CROSSFIT. I work my ass off, and I see the results. That’s my way.

So, from the bottom of my heart, this blog, you guys reading this, you have got me to where I am today… and my friends that have supported me and Juan of course… I mean you love me for me, and you want me to succeed…. so for that, I thank you, more than anything… to my trainers, thanks for pushing me, for my mentors, I couldn’t have done this much already without you… I’m just tearing up because I never thought I could be down (and if you don’t think that’s a lot of weight loss, well F you because to me it’s huge.)…. And I’m sorry you have to see my unattractive body, but seeing this with me wearing clothes, you can’t tell a difference… I’m sorry it’s gross, but you know what, to me, I’m so happy. It’s important to me to see the way I look, and the difference I’ve made and how far I have come.. so I’m sorry if you don’t like the photo, LEAVE THE BLOG THEN DUH!

Now, it’s just about keeping it off and keep going…. Seeing this makes me think, wow I can do this…

So thanks, thanks for motivating me, thanks for keeping with me, and you know what… thanks for just everything.

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